Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Rotary Club - Year 6 Award

Today, representatives of the local Rotary presented awaards to the Year 6 children who have won the challenge they set when they presented dictionaries to the children last year.

House Captains 2018 - 2019

The 2018-19 House Captains were announced in assembly today
These new House Captains were welcomed in by those now moving up to High School.

Friday, 13 July 2018


Our amazing year 6 pupils delivered several fantastic performances of 'Dragon Days' at the Thomas Mills High School main hall stage this week.
The audience were thrilled and entertained by some awesome singing and acting, a real treat!
Well done to all the wonderful cast and crew and to everyone involved in creating this brilliant spectacle - Teachers, TA's, parents and everyone else who worked so hard!
There is a huge gallery of photos on the school website - please take a look.
(Thanks go to Molly Miller for the photography).

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Can we explore it? - Our school

Nursery have been thinking about the question Can we explore it? Today we went to explore our school while the children were out at the Year 6 performance. The children loved sitting at all the big tables and we left messages on the whiteboards in the classes we visited to say hello. We really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful artwork on display around the school too, and we even sneaked into the staff room. Shhh!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Year 6 Camp

We have just loaded 100 of the 500 photos from camp on the website gallery - do take a look!
Thank you to Lucy May Turner and Mr Byer for taking the photos.

Maths in Year 5

On Friday, both year 5 classes came together to complete a variety of maths challenges. Miss Whipps was impressed with the attitudes of the children, who all knuckled down and worked carefully together. Whilst having the freedom to choose the challenges they wished to complete, they were encouraged to extend themselves.

Year 5 Enrichment Day at TMHS

On Tuesday, year 5 visited Thomas Mill High School for their annual ‘Enrichment Day’. 
The day followed a ‘Harry Potter’ theme, with the children taking part in a variety of workshops to find out more about the mythical monsters of the four houses they were representing: Shavingmore, Givingmore, Blithering and Doublebluff. 
The children had a fantastic time making wands in the DT labs, completing orienteering tasks, performing scientific experiments, playing hand- ball, interviewing the monsters and composing a theme tune.  
A big thank you goes to Thomas Mills High School staff and students for making this possible.

Thursday, 5 July 2018


Week 4 - Class AB
What a busy morning we had at Forest School! We started with a new hiding game called 'Eagle Eyes', the children enjoyed finding different hiding places within the woodland and trying to get closer to the eagle without the eagle seeing. The children used a hand drill to drill holes in the tree cookies that they had cut last week and then enjoyed decorating and making them in to a pendant. Other on-going activities were enjoyed such as small and large den building, bug finding, playing in gloopy mud, reading stories, mud painting and making fantastic gourmet dishes in the mud kitchen. This week the children especially enjoyed making bash, bash pictures using leaves and flower petals.

Girls Kwik Cricket County Final

Well done to the year 5 girls who took part in the county finals on Tuesday.
The girls played well in blistering heat. Not once complaining, digging deep to keep motivated when the heat became overwhelming. We saw some great sportsmanship particularly when Isabella instigated a "well done" to the loosing team.
The girls organised themselves into successful pairings. Lucia and Georgie showed fantastic communication skills getting 4 runs out of 1 ball. Georgie delivered some super sixes which was a great boost to the team.
We saw some consistent bowling and great improvements from the less experienced players.
Congratulations on fielding particularly with stoping the ball from reaching the boundary, great throwing in from Martha.
The girls showed organisational skills and maturity especially considering the majority of their opponents were year sixes.
Big thank you to parents who helped on the day and to Mrs Hind who has been coaching the girls - great job!