Friday, 13 January 2017

Sound Engineer Visit

On Tuesday, Classes LC and RH had a visit from Matt Flack who is a sound engineer.  More recently he was in Peru and before that the jungle in Liberia.  He showed us pictures of some of his experiences and how he camped in the jungle.  He also had other sound engineers send us pictures of them doing their jobs in different places.  We tested out his mic and headphones.  We were so inspired by his visit that we became production crew filming in the jungle.  We then wrote adventure stories. Thank you Matt for coming to speak to us.


The production crew travelling down the river..

Foundation in action

Life has been busy in Foundation this week. Here are some photos of a few things we have been doing.

 … and it snowed! Hooray – the first snow some of us have ever seen. 

O2 Concert Rehearsal

We have 45 of our year 4, 5 & 6 children off to London on Monday to perform in the Young Voices Concert at the 02.
Mrs Mawson has been working the children really hard, with rehearsals all this week.
Good luck everyone - we know you'll shine!


Science Club

In Science club, year 5 made a pH indicator out of red cabbage. The cabbage was chopped up and soaked, allowing the pigment ‘anthocyanin’ to come out. We then tested various substances to see where they were acidic, alkaline or neutral.  


Children in year 5 have started their new ‘Stargazers’ topic. Today, children learnt about the different phases of the moon. We talked about how the amount of the Moon you could see from Earth was dependent on how much of it is illuminated by the sun.  To prove this, Miss. Whipps set up an experiment which involved the children pretending they were the Earth on a swivel chair. We shone a torch and held a melon in the position of the moon whilst swivelling carefully on the chair. The children had lots of fun and could clearly see what was happening from this simple experiment. 

Maths Investigation Class VW

Class VW had an exciting maths challenge to take part in. To help with their work on decimals and estimation, the children were required to spend a pretend budget. Miss. Whipps made it more interesting by putting the following restrictions in place: they could only purchase one of each item, no single item could exceed £25 and they had to have a least 15 items on their list. Miss. Whipps was very impressed with the methodical attitudes the children displayed towards their work.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

LH Share Session

LH welcomed many parents and grandparents to join our maths share session which was based around our topic this month “Land Ahoy!”  The children taught their parents how to use the QR codes on the tablets to work out some mathematical calculations and many parents enjoyed the challenge of the strategy games!  There was also measuring, constructing, problem solving and 'Treasure Hunt' games.  

Some of the comments left by parents included:-
"Such engaging activities for the children and parents"
"Warm and friendly classroom atmosphere"
"The children were very excited by the new theme" and
"He was very excited showing me around his class and the wall art.  Thumbs up!!"


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Maths Share Session in Class JC

The parents of Class JC joined us this afternoon for a Maths session! It was lots of fun - some played maths games and others followed a maths trail using a tablet to scan a QCR code ... which then displayed some maths sums ... that they then had to calculate ...  so they could use the answers to follow a key ... to colour in a picture!!! WOW!

Some of today's parents comments... 
"The Share Session was great fun, lots of engaging activities.  The children loved  scanning the codes with the tablets"
"I was impressed with the amount of activities and creative effort within the share session"
"I think the school has a great way of getting parents informed and involved in share sessions"

Friday, 6 January 2017

Epiphany ~ Reception Children

Towards the end of the school day today, our Reception children have visited every class around the school singing 'Star of Wonder, Star of Light' to everyone.. what a joyful way to finish the first week back.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Kindness Elves

The kindness Elves arrived in class AB today. The Elves brought a note saying that they wanted to hear lots of kind and helpful things the children have done. At break time a challenge, to make 3 people smile, appeared in the classroom. Everyone completed today's challenge and it made them feel happy. The Elves noticed that someone had held open the door for another class member. They also noticed someone being kind to someone else. Keep your eyes peeled for more Elf challenges...

Monday, 19 December 2016

RISK-IT week

Last week, we had a highly successful Risk-IT week  - one simple rule to follow when you are RISKing IT: “Use something ‘ICT’ you have not used before”.  Staff were encouraged to use this fantastic opportunity to try out a new tech-based tool to enhance teaching and learning, whatever subject they were teaching. The RiskIT campaign was adopted and adapted so that teachers were empowered, encouraged and supported in trying something different.

Year 6 understood the importance of triangulating research using a variety of spoof and real websites to glean and check appropriate information. In year 5, children rose to the challenge of presenting a “Mannequin Challenge” through video.  With the emphasis on the new curriculum in coding, Year 4 embarked on using online coding programs.  Upper KS2 and year 4 used graphic display programs.  Year 1 and 2 experimented with using QR codes to solve Christmas clues and Year 3 and the reception were successful in a variety of English and Maths activities on the tablets.  Reception also made their Christmas cards using Revelation Natural Art.  Nursery children were focusing their learning skills on using the mouse to click and drag.
Year 4 coding

 Early Years using the tablets

 Year 5 using 'Wordle'

  Christmas cards designed by Early Years using Revelation Natural Art

Year 6 Carols to Mill Meadow residents

Our Year 6 pupils sang Christmas Carols today to the residents at Mills Meadow Care Home ... a really lovely way to round off the term.  Their singing was very much appreciated by the residents and staff there.

Online Safety Poster Competition

Many congratulations go to Flora (JA) and Hayden (LC) who have won the online safety poster competition. Their posters are striking and really reinforce the message about staying safe online.

Hayden, winner of the Lower Key Stage 2 poster, included firm reminders about saying no, delete or finding an adult if anything inappropriate appears on your screen. 

Flora's striking poster for Upper Key Stage 2, showed a simple yet powerful messge about staying SMART.

The winning posters will be displayed in the computer suite and in various other key places around the school. They have both won a USB memory stick and a Christmas decoration which will remind them in years to come of their tremendous efforts.

Thank you to everyone else who entered the competition.  It was a difficult to choose the winning posters as there were some excellent entries.

Nursery Christmas Celebrations

We had an exciting day in Nursery today as we had our Christmas party and enjoyed lots of lovely food that our wonderful parents had brought in for us to share. We were very excited to have a special visitor too. Father Christmas came to see the girls and boys to give them a little gift! Thank you Father Christmas. We hope we'll see you again next year!

Eco Council Tree Planting

Our local Rotary Club have generously donated a number of hedging saplings and a lot of man-power to plant some protective hedging around the edge of the playground along College Road.  The Eco-Council donned their wellingtons today to help out.
A big thank you from us all here at school for this terrific donation and piece of work.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas Dinner

I think everyone agrees that yesterday's Christmas Dinner was fabulous and super tasty. Huge thanks go to Mrs Aldred and the kitchen team for their terrific cooking and expert timing, also a big thank you to the dinner ladies (and many of the other staff who pitched in).  Lastly, thank you to the House Captains who did a wonderful job of serving all the adult meals to the Governors and staff.
(Mrs Miller was so busy eating her delicious Christmas Dinner that she forgot to take any photos for the BLOG - so we staged one with the House Captains today!!)

Hamper Draw

Mrs Picton (plus reindeer antlers!) helped the classes to draw the winners for the Friends Christmas Hamper Raffle yesterday morning.  Families of 13 very happy children won a super hamper for Christmas!  Thank you to all the Friends who packed and wrapped these and to all the families who donated items and bought tickets. We'll let you know how much was raised in the new year.


Mr Mulrenan won the hamper in class PASB but very kindly said that it should be drawn again so that one of the families could win it - the class gave him a big cheer for this lovely gesture.