Monday, 6 December 2021

VWh and VWe Science - mould experiment

Over the last couple of weeks, both classes have been learning about microorganisms and have conducted an experiment. 

For this, we swabbed various areas and cultured on agar plates. Areas included under chairs, the bin, door handle, Miss. Whipps’ keyboard, door handles, etc. 

The children identified the independent, dependent and controlled variables and then had to hypothesise. We also constructed a null hypothesis, whereby stating there would be no statistical  relationship between the variables. 

We talked about the importance of maintaining a sterile environment when dealing with the samples, as well as disposing of the plates when the experiment has ceased. 

We will be spending time writing up our findings, evaluating the effectiveness of the method and seeing if any unintentional bias was introduced. Interestingly, the swab taken under a child’s chair is yielding the largest number of colonies so far, although this might change!

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Christmas Tree Celebration at St Michael's Church

The children in Class KVJA volunteered to decorate our school Christmas Tree as part of the annual event at St Michael's Church.

Families can go along and see all the trees decorated by local groups and organisations from this Saturday.

All at sea or over the moon!!

As part of the Movers and Shakers topic, Class LH continue to find out about significant people in history. 

This week we have compared Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong thinking about their journeys and how through the different eras, transport has changed.  We were also able to recap the facts about Ada Lovelace being so instrumental in first computer programming and coding and how Neil Armstrong would have used this skill with the computers which helped land Apollo 11 on the  moon in 1969. 

The challenge in science was to find out which material would be good for Christopher Columbus to use as a mop on his decks on his ships.  We tested 4 different fabrics; knitted dishcloth (Christopher Columbus’s string vest!), J-cloth, paper towel and kitchen roll. After a fair test using the same amount of water on the same size of fabrics, we decided that J-cloth was the best for Columbus to use and that the dishcloth was the worst – due to the holes in it.


 examining the paper towel

 testing the dishcloth

 using great team work 

 measuring the water careful

As part of our English discussion about different types of sentences, we thought about what Neil Armstrong would say when he landed on the moon and shared examples of these. 

·  Statement - Tabby noted, "The moon has so many rocks and is very dusty." and Viviana commented, "Neil Armstrong found a very special rock."

·  Command - Willow ordered, "Get out and put the flag on the moon." and Maddie shouted, "Get my helmet."

·  Question - Junior asked "Where is my helmet?" and Herbie questioned, "Why is it so dusty on the moon?"

·  Exclamation - Ivy exclaimed, "What a lot of rocks there are here!" and Oliver thought, "We finally made it on to the moon!"

We finished off by doing an analytical astronaut quiz to see whether we would make the grade as an astronaut!!  Mrs Hall was pleased to note that most of the class were able to – and wanted to – become astronauts!! Watch out NASA – there are some fabulous problem-solving, team players who are budding astronauts out there!!

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Class VWh Maths coordinates

This week, class VWh are learning about coordinates and are working in all 4 quadrants confidently this is trickier as the values of both x and y can be either positive or negative. 

We’ve been getting to grips with accurately drawing axes and plotting points in readiness to move onto translation and reflection later in the week. 

Monday, 29 November 2021

Christmas Hamper Draw

The Friends of Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's annual Christmas Hamper draw is back for 2021!

With the success of last year's draw, even though we are back at school we are using the same online raffle company to manage the ticket sales and draw, and again instead of individual class hampers we have combined all together to create 21 even bigger hampers than last year!
So there will be a whopping 21 winners across the school when the draw is made!

The draw will be on Thursday 16th December at 12:30pm so you have up until Thursday morning to buy your tickets!  

The link to purchase tickets is:

Remember that all the money raised goes to the Friends to allow them to fund things for the children like school trips, visiting productions, class donations for art and DT, and supports our recent and ongoing support of replacing the school IT suite, as well as wide range of other smaller projects throughout the school.

Many thanks and good luck from the Friends!

Christmas Tree

Some of our children from Class MV & AJ helped decorate our Christmas Tree in the reception area by the office today.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Fabulous Christmas Hampers


The Friends are delighted with the wonderful donations all our fabulous families made today to create the Christmas Hampers.  Thank you to everyone for your generosity.

The Friends have managed to create 21 beautiful hampers, stuffed with Christmas Goodies. 

Huge thanks go to the army of volunteer parents who came in to help sort, fill & wrap today.  
Watch the time-lapse video of them in action! 

To buy your tickets we will be sending out a separate link from the Friends & the draw for the hampers will take place on Thurs 16 December.
Winners will be notified directly from the raffle site & prizes to be collected from school by Fri 17 December.

Staff Vacancy


We are seeking an enthusiastic and flexible individual to join our friendly and supportive TA team at  our successful CEVAP school in Framlingham, working predominantly in KS2.

Candidates will demonstrate:

  • excellent communication skills
  • minimum GCSE level Maths and English skills
  • ability to work with children in whole class setting
  • ability to independently deliver interventions
  • knowledge of with the primary curriculum
  • ability to assist and support children on a 1:1 basis
  • willingness to take direction from class teacher, but able to use initiative when required.
  • previous experience preferred but not essential

In addition you should be passionate about children’s learning, have high expectations and be supportive of the Christian ethos of the school.

  • Salary:                                Grade 2 (£18,198 pro rata)
  • Job Term:                           Part time, Fixed Term to 31/8/2022
  • Hours:                                 Mon – Fri, 5.25hrs/day (26.25 hrs/wk), 38 wks/year
  • Required from:                   January 2022
  • Closing Date                       Friday 7 January 2022
  • Interview:                            Week commencing 17 January 2022

For further details please contact the school on 01728 723354.

Completed forms should be returned to

“This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment.”

Monday, 22 November 2021

The Big Sing

We were delighted to be successful in our application to sing at Snape Maltings as part of their Big Sing project on Friday.  Not only were we successful, but due to Covid Protocols, our pupils were especially selected to be the only school actually singing in the world famous concert hall!  

This was a huge compliment and an honour and our pupils in Classes VWe and VWh really enjoyed and relished this opportunity for music making in such an incredible and special venue.  

The day was led by professional musicians Naveen Arles and Charlotte Brosnan and was organised by Britten Pears Arts.  

The children were taught the songs at school, working with our specialist music teacher Mrs Johnson and received two workshop events run by vocalist specialists from Snape prior to the event. 

On Friday, these amazing 55 children were relayed out live across to the other participating schools in a communal singing session as part of this project and parents were also able to watch the live stream.  They were magnificent and we are extremely proud of how well they performed,

Here are some photos taken by the teachers at the event, and screen shots supplied by Mrs Hall (one of our parents who watched the live stream).

More details about the event can be found at

Friday, 12 November 2021

COP26 comes to SRH

Earlier on the week, class VWh conducted their own version  'COP26'. 

In pairs, the children looked at the speeches which had been delivered by various leaders, identifying the pledges their countries were making. 

We analysed speeches from LEDCs and MEDCs (less/ more economically developed countries) and talked about the impact wealthier countries potentially  have on poorer ones with fossil fuels extraction, etc. 

Each pair had to present the main points of their country's stance and seemed to enjoy the challenge. 

Children also studied speeches delivered by David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg for extra dimension. 

Climate change activists in Class LH!

This week Class LH have been finding out about the importance and significance of Greta Thunberg as part of the 'Movers and Shakers' topic. 

We started by sharing the book "Greta and the giants" and had a great discussion about how Greta wanted to do something to help save the planet. We shared her ideas about deforestation and the R's - reduce, recycle, repair and reuse.  We realised ourselves that the weather is changing around the world and we were more aware of more wild fires and severe floods. 

We talked about COP26 and what and who is involved and also why it is such an important meeting.  We all shared our ideas about how we would want to make changes in order to help save the Earth.  

Even small changes that we, here in Framlingham, make will have a huge impact such as:-

  • Pick up litter
  • Do not drop litter
  • Recycle carefully and correctly
  • Reduce pollution by walking more
  • Reduce the amount of food we buy to avoid wasting any
  • Reuse bottles, boxes, clothes for other things
  • Planting more plants for the bees
We designed posters to demonstrate these changes and how we need to help by doing things now




Lucas, Sebastian and Laycie

Gracie and Maddie

Viviana and Ella-Rose

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Remembrance in Class JT

Today, the children in JT have been learning about Remembrance Day. 

They have worked together to create a wonderful painting, made individual drawings, constructed Lego poppies and made poppies using peg boards. Furthermore, a display of poppies was created in the outside area.  

After a moving whole school service, the children reflected on the morning's events.