Friday, 18 October 2019

Year 6 Science- Shadows

Today, class VWh have been extending their understanding of shadow formation. They investigated how the size of shadows changes when an object moves further away from a light source. To conclude their learning in this unit, the children were given some reasoning contexts, having to back up their explanations with scientific theory. They  also
made their own puppet theatre to stage their own drama of the dispute between Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke over Newton's theory of light and colour. Hooke believed that the colours of the Visible Spectrum were produced because the glass was corrupted and tainted the ray of white light, whereas Newton argued the light separated into individual colours due to refraction.

Storytellers arrive in class LH

The children in Class LH used the storyteller's cloak to retell their own versions of Chicken Licken. There was some amazing vocabulary and a lot of detail used in the retelling.  Along with some great expression, it was lovely to see so many children having the confidence to read their own versions out load.  Well done to all those who read their own versions. 


Splendid Skies- Kite Flying

This term, as a part of our topic- Splendid Skies we have designed and made some kites to fly. This morning we took advantage of the windy weather and enjoyed flying our kites in the wind. During our topic, we have been learning about the different seasons and weather. Today's autumnal weather gave us a perfect opportunity to see how well the kites could fly and develop our learning. Thank you class KB for your enthusiasm, we had lots of fun!

End of Term Cake Stall

There appears to be a theme going on with the cakes and cookies for today's cake stall - come along straight after school to the playground pavilion to pick up a spooky treat -
including a Super Chocolate & Chilli Cake made by Layla...

Year 5 science

Class SC and JT spent the morning together yesterday investigating reversible and irreversible changes. We carried out an experiment making milk plastic using milk and white vinegar. It was so much fun and we learnt that this was an irreversible change.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

3 Reasons to vote for Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVA Primary School

We are on a Journey...

1. Over the years, we have enjoyed a long history of school sport supported by a multitude of staff, volunteers and local sporting organisations

2. To this day, we honour our sporting legacy by broadening the range of sports we offer and giving every child in Key Stage 2 the opportunity to represent their house in a variety of sports tournaments throughout the year.

3. As we look towards our future, our pupils drive and direct the intent and implementation of School Sport to ensure it remains embedded in the culture of our school.   

Please support our journey by voting for us using the link below BY THIS FRIDAY AT 5PM, Thank you. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Today's assembly was delivered by Mrs. Rose and focused on the concept of 'service'. She talked about how we serve the local community, giving various examples which included: Hour Community, Worry Tree Cafe, Memory group, members of the community visiting prisoners, people cooking lunch at Christmas, transporting people to hospital and many others. We were then reminded of the reasons why we might help- these included: benefitting us later/ now, making us feel happier, etc. Christians believe that Jesus demonstrated by example, as the Bible states: 'The generous will themselves be blessed for they share their food with the poor". It also says to "Love thy neighbour", thus reiterating the importance of sharing with those less fortunate. We were also told how Jesus healed and provided for the hungry. 
To conclude, Mrs. Rose showed a video about a child who received no gifts at Christmas. The honest reality for many people globally is that they will never experience the feeling of unwrapping a gift; there have been a number of studies which have found a number of positive physical emotions of receiving and giving gifts to others.
Enriching the lives of others is the best way to enrich our own. We wondered how we could serve our local community; acts such a litter picking are relatively straight forward which stand to benefit the environment and community. Donating to the local charity shop is another fantastic way of helping those in need, acting as a service to the local people. 

School Games Personal Challenge Event KVJA 2019

On Wednesday 16th November, thirty children from KVJA participated in a personal challenge event. The challengers included access to bats, balls, mats, timers, speed-bounce mat, balance beam, long-jump mat, vertical jump and skipping ropes. The children showed excellent understanding. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Reading Club News

We were lucky enough to have a surprise visitor at reading club last week.   
Audrey was one of the club’s founder members and, now that she is in Year 6,  was very happy to come and sit in the story-telling chair herself.  She brought with her some of her favourite books, and the children thoroughly enjoyed them.   
We all agreed that it would be lovely if Audrey could come again.

Year 6 Music

For the past 6 weeks, year 6 have been fortunate enough to receive class music lessons from Mrs. Johnson. As their topic is 'A Child's War', they've been practising different singing techniques which they've applied to a range of WW2 songs. The 'Kodaly' method utilises rhythm symbols and hand signs to improve musical literacy.  Also, the children have been been learning how to record music notation. 



A busy last week at Robin Wood for class CMRH. The children were engaged in free play during the morning, enjoying the mud kitchen, digging area, den building, playing 'Eagle eyes' and relaxing in the hammock. They also enjoyed investigating natural dyes creating their own bunting. We finished the morning by reflecting on the past six weeks at Forest School by creating a face with natural resources.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Open the Book

On Wednesday, we were treated to an assembly from 'Open the Book'. The team re-enacted the parable 'The Lost Son'. There was once a man with two sons. One day, the younger son approached his father with a sad request: he didn't want to wait to receive his money/ inheritance. The man gave his son the money and he departed, without even saying goodbye. Eventually, the money disappeared so he found a job where he looked after pigs. Meanwhile, the man longed for his son to return.
Ultimately, the man's dream came true and he returned, although he was poor and hungry. His son dropped to his knees and apologised for his actions. His father responded, reassuring him that he would always be his son. The Lost Son was hailed as the returning hero, much to the annoyance of the son who had remained at home. 
There were two key messages: it is never too late to seek forgiveness and a person has to be ready to return to their faith. Christians believe that God is available whenever they are ready. 

Friday, 11 October 2019

Harvest and investigating vegetables

In Nursery this half term we have been thinking about our food and where it comes from as we have been learning about Harvest. This week we investigated a range of vegetables. Some of us were surprised by what we saw when they were cut open. We used lots of different adjectives to describe them and made comparisons between them, spotting similarities and differences. The children learnt what a parsnip was and decided it looked like a white carrot. They also told me the sprout was like a baby cabbage and that the sweet potato and butternut squash were the same colour inside. We were excited to find seeds in the pumpkin and butternut squash too.

Hitcham's Head Chef Week Three

This week we were spoilt again. The children arrived and confidently and quietly got on with making their delicious dishes. Their knowledge was again excellent! The children knew their recipes well and understood what their dish should be like at each stage of the process. We were treated to a delicious Ratatouille with perfectly cooked pasta, an incredibly tasty Thai green curry and a scrummy Sizzling salmon with bean mash. The combinations of flavours in each dish were superb. Another tough one for our guest judges Malcom Knights, who kindly joined us from the Hitcham's Trust and Mrs Wade. Huge thanks to the children for cooking, the parents for supporting and encouraging them, and to our judges and staff for giving their time so generously. Well done!

Harvest Festival at St Michael's Church

Today our children celebrated the Harvest at St Michael's Church in Framlingham.

It was great to see so many parents join us in Church and there was a wonderful feel to our service.  The Church looked lovely and we are grateful to be able to use it for our Worship and for Revd Sanders to give the blessing.
We would like to thank all the families for their generosity with food items for the Waveney Food Bank. We also raised £93 from the collection which we will pass on to Water Aid.  These charities help local communities both at home & abroad.

Thank you to Mr Owen for these super photos of the children at Church.

Harvest with Nursery & Reception

Our youngest children held their own Harvest Service in school this morning, with the children adding their food offering to the harvest collection. They listened to stories and talked about sharing and sang Harvest songs.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Year 5 trip to Adastral Park

Classes SC and JT went to Adastral park for a crumble robot taster workshop. They learnt how to program the crumble robot to turn lights on and off, change the colours of the lights and get the robot to move following a black line. Throughout the day, they used their skills in problem solving and perseverance.

Girls Football Tournament 2019

On Wednesday 9th October 2019, seventeen girls represented the school in a girls football tournament. All of the girls played with great enthusiasm and a fantastic team spirit. We thank all of the parents who came to support and Mrs Berry for managing the A team. 

Please see more images on the High Suffolk Sports Instagram page:

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Our Children on BBC Look East News

Watch the BBC Look East Evening News from 8 October to see their report about Music teaching in our school and to see some of our children singing and being interviewed. 
We have created a Vimeo of the report - the quality is not brilliant as it was filmed off the TV!



This week the children experienced a campfire. We talked about fire safety and the fire triangle and then the children enjoyed toasting a marshmallow. Ongoing activities were accessed by the children during the morning.

We're on TV tonight!!

We have been filmed by BBC Look East today for a news article on how we teach music in our school.
Watch the Look East News tonight at 6.30pm to see Kevin Birch's report and to see some of our classes singing.