Monday, 8 January 2018

House STEM Challenge

Last Thursday, KS2 got together in their Houses to complete a STEM challenge. 
They were arranged into small groups and were tasked with building a tower out of 80 straws. They were given a roll of tape and a pair of scissors and given an objective: to build the tallest tower possible. The tower needed to be free- standing and they had to think about the relationship between base and height, etc. It was interesting to see the different ideas- some children constructed cubes, others used triangles and some used a combination.  
The children enjoyed working in mixed groups and the tallest towers from each house were put together and judged. 
A team from Bulstrode were victorious this year, well done! Houses were also awarded points which will count towards the weekly House Cup. 
The staff were extremely impressed by the team work exhibited by all the children. 
A big thank you to Mr. Beddow (from BT Adastral Park) for joining us to judge the entries. 


We have been informed that we will be having an OFSTED Inspection tomorrow, Tuesday 9 January 2018.

All families will be sent a letter and leaflet via ParentMail shortly, with more information about the Inspection, including a link to ParentView to give them your views of the school.

Friday, 5 January 2018

STEM Challenge Class AB

We were set a challenge to see how high we could build a tower. However, we were only allowed to use 60 straws, sellotape and scissors. To start, we looked at some ideas of how we could make our tower strong and stable so that we can build the tower tall. We discussed the different ways we could make a base for our tower before splitting into group to create our designs. Once our designs were drawn out we began making our towers. Here are some of our finished towers.

We measured each of the towers and discovered that the smallest tower was 35cm tall and the biggest tower was 82cm tall. We evaluated our tower and thought about what we could have done better/how we would do it differently. Some of us thought that we should use less sellotape. Others decided that we should cut up less straws. Overall, we were proud of our results.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Monday, 18 December 2017

Framlingham Castle Trail photos

Two groups of pupils (from classes JT & LC) trialed a new English Heritage Educational trail at Framlingham Castle in October.
The professional photos have just been sent through to us and are now on our website gallery. Why not take a look? They are fantastic!

Friday, 15 December 2017

RiskIT week in Nursery

Nursery took part in RiskIT week this week. We used the school tablets and spent some time exploring the different apps to help with learning letters and sounds and maths, as well as mark making. The children knew what to do, knowing how to tap and swipe to choose what they wanted, and also knew to ask an adult if something came up they didn't understand, keeping themselves safe online. Well done!

Christmas Cooking

Year 6 Cookery club had a great time this week making Christmas treats..

Christmas Treat Time!

Do come along to the playground pavillion at the end of school today, to pick up some delicious teatime treats. 
Classes VW & SC have been busy baking. The look amazing.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

A busy festive Thursday in Nursery

Today Nursery went to visit the church to see where Christian people go to worship and to enjoy the Christmas tree festival. The children spotted the crosses and recognised Mary and Jesus as we looked around. They loved looking at all the different trees too and talked about what they could see on each one. We met Rev. Saunders while we were there and the children sang him Twinkle twinkle and Away in a Manger using their Makaton signing. We were very proud of them. A huge thank you to our volunteer helpers too.
After we got back it was soon time for us to have our special Christmas dinner together. Everyone stayed which made it really special. Merry Christmas from us all!

Please, may I have some more?

Christmas Dinner Day was a wonderful success - piles of potatoes and peas, jugs of gravy and a delicious Roast Turkey seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Thank you to Mrs Aldred and the kitchen team for producing an amazing 315 delicious meals, and to the midday supervisors and the teachers and TAs who helped serve and clear away, and the Year 6 children who were wonderful waiters / waitresses.

Reception Ballroom Dancing

Our Reception classes joined together this morning for a twirl around the hall during their PE lesson Steps for the Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz, Charleston and more were practised - along with the relevant facial expressions - do ask your Reception child to show you their Tango or Charleston face!!
Perhaps a theme for their Christmas Party next Tuesday?...

Worship Group - Christmas Wreaths

The Worship Group spent this morning making some wonderful Christmas wreaths with the help of Mr Duggens & Ms Owens.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

LH take a risk!

Class LH started off RISK-IT week with learning how to use 'Lego Education'.  Mr Brook kindly offered to come and show the children  how use the programme and the equipment.  

Firstly, all the blocks, rods and wheels were sorted into the correct compartments.  The programme was then chosen on the laptops and the children chose to make a drumming monkey.  Everyone set to and there was an excellent atmosphere of teamwork, perseverance and determination.  The children followed the instruction video online and built their own drumming monkey debugging as they went to help resolve any problems. 
Each group had a builder, a resource manager and a computer controller.  They all took it in turns to do each job. 

Most groups were successful and managed to find a suitable pot for their monkey to drum on. 

Carefully, following the instructions for the drumming monkey.  

Advising each other about which pieces to take and working out how to debug the parts that were fitted incorrectly. 

Finally, built the drumming monkey and testing it out making it play a pot successfully. 

Finished drumming monkeys - successfully banging pots using the programme.  Some groups even added music and sounds too!

We had a great afternoon and thank you to Mr Brook for sharing his advice and knowledge - Mrs Hall learnt a lot as well as the children and it was great to share the successes around the class.   Some of the comments

Milo - "I loved it! It was an amazing activity.  I would love to do it again!"
Reuben -  "I  really, really enjoyed - I'd like to do it again!"
Sophia - "I liked it - it was a little bit tricky but I really enjoyed it!"