Friday, 14 May 2021

Worship in School

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children were delighted to have their bubble Worships with Reverend Chris Davey from St Michael's Church, today.

Reverend Davey spoke to the children about his role in the Church, as this was the first time they had been able to meet him in school.  

The Reverend talked about the different occasions and services that happen in church.  He wore some of the garments that he would wear in Church for services.
The children had lots of questions for him and were able to answer his questions too!

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Class LH are buzzing around

In the 'Scented Gardens' topic, Class LH have been beginning to investigate how the pollination  of plants works.  

We used the bee bots to demonstrate how the bees need to visit as many plants as possible in their travels around the garden to pollinate the flowers.


Class Photo Day

The children had their class photos taken in school today.

Each child has taken a proof card home today.

The Year 6 will have 2 proof cards - one for the class photo and one for the whole year group photo.

Parents should order online following the instructions on the proof card, please.

The deadline to get free delivery to the school is 24 May.


Over the past three weeks the children of Class CH have enjoyed exploring and having fun in the woodland at Forest School. There has been lots of creative and imaginative play, creating dens, games, mud feasts, and obstacle courses. It has been lovely to see the children grow in confidence and independence.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021


YOU CAN HELP WIN £5,000 of National Book Tokens for our school library. That’s enough to buy hundreds of new books - Inspiring a lifelong love of reading. 

To get us in with a chance of winning please nominate our school – you also get the chance to win a £100 National Book Token for yourself. 

Enter at with your details and enter our school name: 

Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVA Primary School

PLUS… This summer term, National Book Tokens are asking children to send in their own dazzling National Book Token designs. Six weekly winners will get their artwork made into a £10 gift card – one for them, and one for everyone in their class!  Visit:

Monday, 10 May 2021

Year 2 Road Safety

Year 2 have been finding out about staying safe in and around the environment at home, outdoors  and elsewhere as part of this half terms PSHE  ‘Keeping Safe’.  

We have been finding out about how to keep safe in our houses and looking at each room to find out the hazards.  We have also been exploring how to keep safe when out shopping, playing in the park, walking to our friends’ houses, keeping safe around water.

To help raise awareness of road safety, Year 2 have been out in small groups to find out about and share road safety awareness.  The importance of using our ears and our eyes to cross roads once we have found a safe place was paramount to the children’s learning.  They also found out about some of the road signs and what they mean, experienced the tactile pavements near safe places to cross and discovered why the pavements are tactile. They found out about lowered kerbs and used the zebra crossing safely. 

Thank you Mrs Rolfe, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Wilczek for guiding the children through this and it was lovely to receive comments from members of the public about the children’s behaviour and manners.

Friday, 30 April 2021

Nursery Admissions 2021/22

Our Nursery can take children from the beginning of the term following their third birthday.   Children may have up to five terms of free part-time early learning with us before they join the Reception class.  The Nursery aims to create an environment where children can have a variety of experiences through play.  This means we can develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and give them a strong foundation upon which we can start to build the curriculum.

Nursery Application forms can be downloaded here for 2021/22 or pop into the office to collect a printed form.

Applications for a September 2021 start should be returned to the school office by next Wednesday (5 May) as we are currently allocating places in accordance with our Nursery Admissions Policy.

Admission forms for a start date later in this school year should be returned to the school office by the following deadlines:

-        January 2022 start by end of September 2021

-        April 2022 start by end of January 2022

In addition, we have a chargeable lunch club that runs until 1.30pm. Nursery children may have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch.  During this period and for their playtime in or outside, the children remain fully supervised.  We do not offer 30 hours of funded childcare, but you may use extended hours to cover the additional cost of the lunch club (up to 8 hours 20 mins) if you are eligible.

For enquiries regarding Nursery admissions, please email us @ Nursery Enquiries or visit our website.

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Music on a sunny day

Class JT enjoyed their music lesson with our peripatetic music teacher, Mrs Johnson, in the sunny reflective garden after lunch today.

Part of today's session was creating patterns in rhythm, with the children thinking up their own binary pattern for the whole class to recreate.

Friday, 23 April 2021

Class LH reaching for the skies .... well hopefully the sunflowers will !!

 As part of the topic “Scented Garden” Class LH have been finding out about dispersal and germination of seeds.

We looked at a large selection of seeds and discussed how we thought they would be dispersed – via animals, wind, water, explosion. birds or humans.  We talked about the shapes and sizes of a variety of seeds and examined different ones from the small tomato seed up to the huge mango seed in its husk.  We also observed the delicate dandelion seeds.  Then, we all had a go at making a dandelion seed, which was dispersed by wind; a burr which would be carried by animals; and a sycamore helicopter key, which would be dispersed by the wind.

                                      Dandelion seed                                            Burr


We also explored germination and have set up an experiment in class to find out what seeds need to germinate.  We have placed some broad bean seeds into different positions:- one with no light, one with no warmth, one with no water and then one which has all three (light, warmth and water) into pots. We have all made a prediction about what will happen and which seeds will germinate first.   

We have also planted our own sunflower seeds and we are having a class competition to see which sunflower reaches up to the skies and grows to be the tallest!  Watch this space!!


Thursday, 22 April 2021


The Fens are a well known park in the town and many of us enjoy walking there and enjoying fresh air with friends and family.  It is also a haven for wildlife and nature. 

FramlinghamTown Council asked our school to design some posters using their words regarding respecting nature on the Fens. 

So, after a discussion about wildlife, conservation and respecting our environment, Class KVJA produced some great posters. The posters are going to be laminated and displayed by Framlingham Town Council around the Fens. 

Look out for them when you visit and please follow their message. Thank you.

Year 2 plant detectives investigate the mere

In light of the current COVID restrictions, year 2 have been afforded the opportunity to visit the mere as part of the new topic for this half term, ‘Scented Garden’.

During last week, despite the cold weather, all the children have been in groups to visit the mere to study the flora and fauna around the mere.  The plant detectives were looking for signs of spring including new buds and flowers on the ground, in the hedgerow and in the trees.  The children were also able to identify many different flowers finding all sorts of colours, shapes and patterns in the wildlife and also recognised many trees from the leaves.

It was so lovely to benefit from the opportunity of being able to visit the mere – we are looking forward to revisiting the mere at the end of the topic to see what changes have occurred.

Thank you to Mrs Rolfe, Mrs Morgan and Mrs Jenkins who made this trip so enjoyable sharing their knowledge of the plants with the children.

Matching up the trees by identifying the leaves

Searching for evidence of Spring and new growth

Admiring the blossom and observing the size and shape of the flowers

Finding evidence of buds and the new growth

Monday, 19 April 2021

Prior to the Easter break, year 6 were learning about Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. We also investigated three advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding and came up with our own views about this contentious topic. Since being back, we’ve begun to investigate the intricate workings of the circulatory system and looked at the issues surrounding blood donation. Here are just a few examples of work from VWh...

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