Friday, 18 January 2019



We started the morning by playing a game of '1,2,3 Where are you?' The children found different and more interesting places to hide this week.

We then worked in pairs to complete an animal scavenger hunt to help us learn about animals that live in the woodland.

The children then discovered a letter from the woodland elf asking for their help to build houses for the animals, for the winter.

Some great skills were developed while building the animal homes including teamwork, problem solving, creativity, physical and some lovely imaginative play.

For the rest of the morning the children enjoyed free play before enjoying snack altogether.

We ended the session by having a reflection.

The children had to find their own magic spot within the woodland where they had to sit silently and still while thinking about the morning.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

'Land Ahoy!' - the RNLI visit to Key Stage 1

This morning Key Stage 1 had the privilege of listening to Rupert Cutler from the RNLI in Harwich .  This launched our next topic which is “Land Ahoy!”

Rupert began by telling us a brief history of how the RNLI was formed and told us about Grace Darling.  He shared pictures of how the lifeboats have been adapted and changed throughout the years and that in in 2024 the RNLI will be 200 years old!  He showed images of the outfits that some of the rescuers used to wear nearly 200 years ago – we agreed they looked very big and cumbersome!!  

Many children were amazed watching the videos of animals being rescued – including horses, dogs, bulls, sheep, seals and porpoises.  He also spoke about the importance of lighthouses and their role.   

Rupert shared the meanings of the flags – red for danger ie no swimming.  The yellow and red flag is for children to swim between and the black and white flag was for surfers or jet-skiers to allow them in the water but away from the swimmers. 

The important message of staying safe in the water was:- 1) stay together – do not go in the water alone; 2) If you do get in trouble – float on your back and 3) Ask an adult to call 999 or 112 for help

At the end, there was a range of questions:-

Daisy – “Are there engines on the boats?” – yes not many rowing now mainly engines, outboard motors or diesel engines.

Finley –“How many people are saved a year?” – 300 – 400 per year but many more are helped throughout the year

Lexi  - “Do the lifeboat people wear life jackets?” – yes, need to keep themselves safe

Finnley – “Do the lifeboats have submarines or is it just boats?” – No – just boats.

Lenny – “How many people man the crews?” – in Harwich there are 30 crew available but 6-8 go out on the boats.

Reuben – “What happens when the lifeboat tips over?” – it can correct itself with balance, but it depends how quickly the boat tips.

It certainly inspired us as our “wow” moment to launch our topic and we hope to find out lots of new and exciting things this term relating to the RNLI session. 

We collected £58 as donation from the children in Key Stage 1 as a small thank you for the amazing work they do.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Nursery have a visit from the Community Dental service

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Nicky from the Community Dental service. She brought along some giant teeth and a giant brush and taught us how to brush our teeth in circles. She also taught us a song to help us remember what to do.

She let some of the children dress up as a dentist and dental nurse and pretend to be visiting the dentist. We all practised opening our mouths for the dentist to count our teeth using the special tiny mirror. She then shared the healthy snacks that the giant eats and the drinks of water and milk that he likes that keep his teeth so white and shiny. Thank you so much for teaching us Nicky!

Monday, 14 January 2019



We had a lovely morning at Robin Wood. The children learnt about the Forest School golden rules, 'Look after ourselves, look after each other and look after the woodland.' They enjoyed playing a game of '1,2,3 Where are you?' thinking about the best places to hide.

Whilst exploring the woodland we found a trail of elf hair which led the children to a hidden letter from Woody the woodland elf asking for help to find his woodland friends.

To say 'thank you', Woody left the children a special treat of hot chocolate and biscuits to enjoy at snack time. The children then enjoyed free play, accessing on going activities available in the woodland.

Great balancing and manoeuvring on the slack line.

                                  Using water to create a mud soup in the digging area.

Using loose parts to make an obstacle course.

Mixing, stirring and pouring while creating dishes in the mud kitchen.

Wild Learning Officers Visit

Today two Wild Learning Officers from Foxburrow Farm visited the school to talk about the book 'The Lost Words', and they have presented the school with a beautiful copy of this book.

STEM Challenge - Marble Run

Last Friday, years 1-6 took part in a STEM challenge. 
All children were given the same objective: to construct a marble run out of cardboard which allowed the marble to travel for the longest period of time. 
This was an inter-house challenge for KS2, with the children really embracing the opportunity. All of the staff were impressed with the attitudes of the children and team work ethos. 
At the end of the day, the best run from each house was taken to the Hall for an assembly where they competed against each other for the coveted ‘STEM’ trophy. 
Ultimately, Mills were victorious with a winning time of 21 seconds. 
It was lovely to see children from KS1 share their runs with the whole school. 


Curiscope Virtuali-T-shirt

On Thursday, Class VW experienced the human circulatory system using the ‘Curiscope Virtuali-T-shirt’ and app. 
Each child wore the shirt and got the opportunity to use the accompanying app. 
The tablet then interacted with hotspots on the shirt in order to simulate a virtual circulatory system. They then took a screen shot of the image on the tablet- they looked very realistic! 
We could hear the heart beating and witness the double circulatory system in action. 
This experience gave the children more perspective about the workings and scale of  a relatively complex system. 
Our skeleton, Jeff, modelled the shirt too! 

Friday, 11 January 2019

Window art by Year Three

Last Year, pupils in year three created this collage as they discussed the following question:

What does your house team mean to you? 

Whilst carefully completing this task, the pupils discovered new things about their peers. This concluded who is the eldest and youngest, what other teams they belong to and how they contribute to their house. 
Some of the pupils in year three.

House Swimming Gala 2019

On Wednesday,the pupils enjoyed a marvellous Gala. For some pupils, this was their first experience of competitive swimming. We would like to thank all of our spectators and parents helpers for encouraging the children. 

Gymnastics in KS1

The children are developing their strength, balance and co-ordination by learning new skills on beam, bar, vault and floor.