Thursday, 24 March 2016

Foundation Easter Service

A few lovely images from the Foundation children's service for Easter.

Perfect Portraits - Reception Class KM

Mrs Mawson's class have been painting some wonderful portraits of each other. 
What talent!

Forensic Science Workshop

On Thursday and Friday last week, we were lucky enough to transform classroom VW into a crime scene!
The Forensic Science workshops allowed children to practice skills such as observing, exploring and asking relevant questions.
A crime had been committed and it was the responsibility of each class to work together to piece together the evidence.  Our scientists had to tape off the area in order to protect any evidence that was found. 
Clues and evidence were  identified and interpreted. This included characterising fingerprints, investigating tool marks and other impressions, identifying hairs and fibres and investigating blood, bones and DNA. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Poster Competition

We are delighted with the huge response by the children to the Framlingham Business Association poster competition.
There were some wonderful entries and the judges found it difficult to chose, but here is the winning entry, by Jade in Year 6, which will be made into the poster advertising the town's celebration event on 12th June.

The KS2 runner ups were Angelo in Year 6:

and Flora from Year 5

The KS1 runner up was Angus in Year 2:

The Foundation runner up was Patrick:

Netball Tournament Medal Winners

Two teams from the Netball club took part in an inter schools tournament on Wednesday 16th March at Framlingham College. There were 4 other schools taking part. The teams played really well, they all enjoyed themselves and we were pleased with the results. Team A came second and won a silver medal. Team B came 5th and were awarded with a certificate. At the end of the tournament, the teams were also awarded with a well deserved delicious chocolate chip cookie – that was valued as much as the medals and certificates!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wonderful Violin Concert

We must congratulate the very talented Violin pupils at our school.  Their tutor, Mrs Fell, led them in a terrific concert to friends and family today.  Well done to you all and especially to Mrs Fell for all the extra work involved in rehearsing with the children to prepare for their performances.
If you are interested in your child taking up Violin, they can start lessons with Mrs Fell in Year 3, just pop into the office to ask for more details.

Monday, 14 March 2016

World Book Day Photos

Some wonderful costumes on the theme of 'My Favourite Book Character'.  Well done to everyone for such a splendid effort.  We raised £265 in donations for
Sorry these are a bit late being posted!

Science Club Investigations

Science club have been investigating about liquids which act differently depending on how much force you apply to them.  We learnt that these are called non-Newtonian fluids and they have some very unusual properties.  Clearly, we wanted to investigate further so mixed cornflour with water.

When water is added, the cornflour particles are suspended in the water, so it flows like a liquid. When you apply a force, the particles lock together, acting like a solid. As soon as the force stops, the slime goes back to being runny. We then began to write up our findings.

Please can Science Club members remember to bring Art aprons/ shirts next week.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Farm to Fork Experience - Class LH

On Thursday we were blessed with a gorgeous day in which to enjoy our trip to the local supermarket and the farm.  Following a tour of the Coop looking for sustainability logos and discussing food miles, we then headed over to the farm. 
We were shown how the crops  such as wheat, barley, rapeseed and sugarbeet  are processed into the products of flour, oil  and  sugar in order to make cereal, bread and oils.  We then explored the variety of crops grown, discussed crop rotation and tried our hands at sowing seeds – although not as far or as quick as the real machines could do it in!!   We all had a fantastic afternoon in the sunshine and relished the freedom of being able run freely across the fields.

Queen's 90th Birthday Tea Party Poster Competition

What a fantastic response so far!  Here are just a few of the many wonderful artistic entries for the competition being run by the Framlingham Business Association.
Make  sure you have the date in your diary for this event - Sunday 12 June from 1.30-4.00pm

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Farm to Fork Experience - Class SC

On Tuesday, Class SC were looking at sustainability and farming on their class trip to the Co-op in Framlingham, the Framlingham market on Market Hill and Crabb Farm.  
We went on a hunt to find the different symbols on food that indicate that certain standards have been met from the farm to the supermarket. 
At the farm, we looked at tractors, we learnt about the farmers friends and foes and crop rotation.  We even pretended to be a tractor that fertilised the crops, but we were not as good as the tractor.  We enjoyed running through the fields and getting muddy – sorry Mum’s and Dad’s!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Christian Aid Fundraising

Our school decided that we would raise money to help children in different parts of the world.  
We raised £1350 from our Christmas Nativity plays, Carol Service and our Christmas Jumper Day.
The School Council had great fun in the New Year choosing what to spend the money on.
Each class was allocated a share of the money and the pupils voted for what they would like to choose from Christian Aid.
In total we have bought 3 sets of piglets, 13 sheep, 10 chickens and 4 Nanny goats.  We have also chosen 5 sets of mosquito nets, 4 floating gardens and 3 sets of school bags with school equipment.  We have also paid for a Malaria Prevent Toolkit for school children, tougher tools to help farmers grow food and we have raised enough to send a child to school for a year.
We have learnt a lot about Christian Aid and the people in other countries that they help.
The School Council would like to thank all the pupils, parents and grandparents for their generosity to this really good cause.
Here they are with their certificate and some images of the items chosen:

Friday, 4 March 2016

Farm to Fork Experience - Class PL

This week class PL visited Saxmundham Tesco, where we found out why foods need to be grown in a sustainable way, and the importance of buying products for which the growers have received a fair price.  
In the afternoon we went to Crabb and Park farms, and discovered lots about the crops that are grown, and how they are protected and harvested.  Thank you to Percy’s aunt (Mrs Thompson) and grandad (Mr Kindred) for such an interesting afternoon.

Share Session in Class SC

Parents joined Class SC for their parent share session on World Book day. 
Out of the children’s imagination, lots of hard work, recycled materials, copious amounts of sellotape, glue and aluminium foil,  25 amazing Iron Man creations were born. 
Both parents and children were proud to have created these fantastic models.

Mills House Art Work

There were about 30 entries per house to our Art Display - 120 entries altogether from across key stage 2.
What was incredible was that every piece was completely different.
A wide range of media was used and the standard of work was amazing.
You will be able to see a slideshow of every entry of the main school wbsite.

Bulstrode House Art Work