Sunday, 22 July 2007

Mr Byer's cake video

Click on the play button to watch a video of Mr Byer receiving his cake.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Year 6 Camp 2007 Evening Activities

At Whitwell this year we had 2 special evening activities jointly with Year 6 children from Bungay. On Wednesday we watched a demonstration of birds of prey. The birds featured were a barn owl, Harris hawk and 2 falcons.

This barn owl was called 'SOLO'

Mr Byer's 31st Year 6 Camp

Mr Byer (who is retiring at the end of term) has been bringing Robert Hitcham's children to Whitwell since 1977.

Mrs Brook visited camp with a commerative cake which she had made.

Year 6 Camp 2007 Arts Day

On Wednesday at Whitwell the weather was much better. We finally settled into our campsite: 'KESTREL'. We spent the day doing macrame, tye dye t-shirts and camp signs.

For our camp sign we first had to find a long & flat piece of wood from the forest around the campsite. Then mix some paint and create a bright design including some writing.
Once it had dried we got everybody to sign it.