Friday, 30 November 2007

Hitchams talented young singers

Several Robert Hitchams children are taking part in musical activities of a high standard. The JubileeTheatre in Aldeburgh has a junior choir which performs operas. Five of our children: Kitty, Maddy, Theo, Rachel and Isabel have recently taken part in an opera called 'Brundibar'.

The Jubilee choir are holding auditions on 13th January for a production of 'Noah's Ark'.

There will be a filming of the Brundibar performance at Aldeburgh cinema on 5th January.

Kitty Dunham is multi talented and has become a member of the Suffolk Strings orchestra and the National Children's Choir.

Follow these links in you are interested in getting involved:

Christmas Tree

Please come to our Christmas Fair on Saturday.

Our Christmas tree is now up and looking lovely. Displays are starting to go up around the school. Look out for pictures of the fair on the blog next week.

Bright Kidz High Visibility Clothing

Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s have some products that we are offering to parents to help your children
‘Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Bright’
Enclosed is the order form on which you can see photos, sizes and prices of the products.
In addition we have set up a display board in the corridor near the office – do come and take a look.
If you wish to place an order, please complete the form and return to the office with the correct payment. (Please make cheques payable to ‘Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School’)
The deadline for returning the orders is Tuesday 11 December.
The Office will collate the orders and send off. Thank You


Year 4 v Year 5 Football Match

Mr Byer's year 4 footballers have been practising hard on Wednesday lunchtimes. They wanted to play a match so issued a challenge to Year 5. Mr Brook selected a mixed team of boys and girls to give the year 4s an fair contest.

The year 4 team scored 2 good goals in the first half through Charlie and Ryan. After a few half time substitutions the 2nd half was dominated by the year 5 team. William and Milo both scored to leave a final score of 2-2. Everybody left happy with the result and with a really good match.
There is a huge amount of talent in year 4 which bodes well for our school teams over the next few years.

Children in Need Money Collected

The sponsorship money raised by the children of Sir Robert Hitcham's has now been collected and counted. They have raised an amazing: £1438.25

This is a fantastic amount and a great effort from a village school. Well done everybody!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New building week 6

A large crane arrived at school in order to lift some concrete beams onto the new building.

On the first picture you can see the inside of the ground floor classroom.

Lifting the beams from the lorry onto the building was like watching a giant gigsaw puzzle being put together.

The whole process took about one and a half hours.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

New Laptops

The school has brought 13 new HP wide screen laptops. So far we have used them in many lessons such as geography (for research about the Aswan Dam in Eygpt) , English (for writing our own newspaper articles) and science (for looking at images of the Earth, Sun and Moon). The best thing about them is that they are wireless. The reason why they are better than old laptops is because they are quicker at loading things.

By Hannah Bloomfield, Sophie Meynell-Anderson and Alice Prior!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Children create compost!

Mr Jenkins (our caretaker) worked with a group of year 6 boys to make a new compost bin. The wood was recycled from some old pallets. The boys also learnt how to use some tools and about which items can go into making compost.

They started by putting in some of the leaves off the school playground as well as getting in it themselves!

photos all taken by Ewan from Class DB

Uni Hoc Team Triumphant

The annual primary school uni hoc tournament was held at Stradbrooke High School.
Sir Robert Hitchams emerged as winners from the 10 teams taking part.

The schools were put into 2 groups of 5. Hitchams won all 4 of their group games:

Fram 2 -0 Mellis

Fram 1-0 Stradbroke

Fram 2-1 Eye

Fram 3-0 St Botolph's

Hitchams went through to the final to play the winners of the other group.

The other group was very close with Debenham just beating Stonham on goal difference.

In the final Hitchams played their best uni hoc of the day. Hannah, Sophie and Ewan (goal keeper) were outstanding in defence with Charlotte, Oliver and Danny getting lots of shots on the Debenham goal. Eventually the pressure told and Fram scored 2 excellent goals to finish the tournament as champions. Well done to the whole squad. Other players were Maddy, Clem, Marcus and Rachel.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Hitcham Hit a Dozen

Robert Hitcham's football team continued their good run of form with a comprehensive victory in the High Suffolk Primary Schools Cup against Fressingfield.
The game was played on 'Children in Need' day -some of the Fressingfield players still had teir Pudsey makeup on.

Danny scored 7 goals this week and Oliver another 2. Dylan, Liam and Milo also got on the scoresheet. Final score 12-0 to Fram.

This picture shows Milo running down the wing and about to pass to Danny.

This photo is of a corner at the Fressingfield end.

Charlie gets in a header which goes narrowly wide.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Fun Run For Pudsey

The fun run in (fancy dress) is raising money for the children in need campaign and we did it round the school playground.

All the classes have taken part in the fun run challenge.
Most of us dressed up in some insane/strange clothes and we are hoping to raise a lot of money for children in need.

by Charlie and Robert

Photos show children from Key Stages 1 and 2

Whole School Letter No 17

We are very pleased to inform you that we have been successful in engaging Suffolk Coastal District Council in improving the safety at the Elms Car Park. Work is due to start on a new path with railings and dropped kerb at the entrance to the Elms car park (beside the cycle shop) in the week of 19 November. This is a direct result of the parent survey taken as part of our Travel Plan.

The Friends of the School have asked that the children come in their own clothes in exchange for a donation of something that can be sold/won at the Christmas Fair on Saturday 1 December. For example, A Raffle Prize, a Promise to Bake a Cake (delivered to school 30 November or 1 December), Toys in good condition, Books, a Bottle for the Bottle Stall (all alcohol to be handed direct to a member of staff!) etc.

Mrs Dwyer has had a boy and is calling him Thomas. He arrived on Friday 19 October and weighed in at around 4kg (8lb 11oz)! All are doing well.

Mr Brook has some vacancies for help with reading in his class on a Tuesday 1.00-3.00pm and on a Thursday 1.00-2.00pm. If you are able to help either of these times please see Mr Brook directly. To help in school you do need either a ‘List 99 Check’ or a CRB Disclosure approval. If you have not applied for either of these, or wish to check if your name is already on the list, please contact the school office. If you have not seen ‘A Guide for Adults Helping in School’ they are available from the school office.

One of our key Travel Plan objectives is to ‘Make children aware of and give them the skills required for Road Safety’. Class JC will be doing a practical Road Safety session on Thursday 22 October from 1-3pm. The aim is to familiarise the children with the area around school making special reference to the road environment. We will draw the children’s attention to safety features and safe approaches to the use of roads and pavements. They will learn: What are dangerous places and why these are dangerous; The skills and rules that help to keep them safe; Using their senses to help keep safe; The meaning of the words STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.
Mrs Colchester would like some parent helpers for this session, please let her know if you can help.

Thank you very much to everyone who donated and helped with these boxes. 56 boxes were passed to Link Romania for distribution.

Thank you to everyone who has given us these tokens. We have managed to collect over 17,000. If you have still got some of these tokens please could they be posted at the school office by the end of November.

Winter weather is now upon us and all children will NEED TO BRING A COAT every day. Thank you.

We make every possible effort to ensure that the school remains open, but many of the staff do live a long way away which involves difficult cross country journeys. In the event of bad weather conditions, please listen to the following radio stations for information with regard to whether the school has to be closed or not:
Radio Suffolk 95.5, 95.9, 103.9 and 104.6FM (will have timed updates at 10 minutes past and 20 minutes to each hour)
Broadland Norfolk 102.4FM
SGR FM 97.1-96.4FM
Beach Radio 103.4 and 97.4FM

On Tuesday 20 November photos of all individual children and family groupings will be taken. Please can you ensure that the children have their sweatshirts with them for the photograph. If you wish to bring pre-school children into school to join your family group photo, please come to the hall at 8.40am.

We would like to hear from ALL parents who live on or near to the school Bus routes. We believe there are many children who currently do NOT use this service. We are very keen to hear your reasons for NOT travelling by School Bus. Your feedback will be used to help determine any changes which may encourage more pupils to use this service. Please fill in the response slip below and return to the school office by the end of November. Thank you.



Please tick/answer the questions below and return the slip to the Office by the end of November.

How near do you live to a School Bus Stop?
Less than 2 mins walk
2 – 5 mins walk
5-10 mins walk
Over 10 mins walk

Is the walk to the Bus Stop from your home safe?
Yes – there are safe paths
No – there are no/few paths

If the walk to the stop is safe and not too far, why do you chose not to use the Bus?
My child is too young to travel alone
My child is not confident to travel on the bus
I am not happy to let my child travel on the bus
It is too expensive
Other – please state ____________________________________________________

Any other comments?



Name ____________________ Child’s Name ____________________ Class ________

Whole School Letter No 16

All secondary schools have been allocated an extra professional development day by the Secretary of State, and Thomas Mills High School are taking this day on Friday 4 January 2008. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS SCHOOL. The first day of term for the children at this school, after the Christmas holiday, is Friday 4 January 2008.

We are having a ‘themed’ learning day on Friday 2 November. The subject of Mythical Beasts and Monsters (chosen by the children) will be used across the curriculum for the day. This will not be a non-uniform day, but if children have anything at home that would be relevant to the subject they can ask their teacher if they can bring it in on Friday.

These will be on sale in the school as from Monday 5 until Friday 9 November. They will be brought to the classes each day when the children will have an opportunity to purchase a poppy.

On Tuesday 20 November photos of all individual children and family groupings will be taken. If you wish to bring pre-school children into school to join your family group photo, please come to the hall at 8.40am.

The Harvest collection raised £35.00 for the Soup Kitchen in Ipswich and West Villa Homeless Families Unit in Ipswich was very grateful for the food donations. Thank you.

Each new child that starts in Reception is given a reflector to attach to their clothing/bag etc by the County Council sponsored by Nationwide. We have been informed that if your child has lost or would like a new reflector you may order these via the school for £1.00 each. There are several really nice designs available but the company are unable to specify what they will send us. Please complete the order form below and return to the school office by Friday 9 November.


I would like to order _______ reflectors at £1.00 each. Total £_______ enclosed.
Please make cheques payable to Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School.

Name of child_______________________________________ Class___________

Signature__________________________________________ Date___________


Our children have been invited to make a card at home to enter Framingham’s Annual Christmas Card Competition. Cards should be no bigger than A5 size and entrants must put their Name, Class, Age & School Name on the back. The winner and runner-up in each age group will be awarded a prize and certificate. ALL ENTRIES will be exhibited in the Unitarian Meeting House (next to library in Bridge Street) on Friday 14 December from 6.00-9.00pm during the Christmas Street Fayre.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

School feet hit musicians beat

The all-singing, all dancing London-based Bassistry Arts Group ran a workshop in Fram School Hall that helped Hitcham learn rhythm and beat and put the whole school on their feet.

Guitarist Marcel and drummer Sam, put on a spell-binding workshop that inspired children and teachers to sing and dance.

"It was awesome," said children from class DB.

"You walked in and you thought we're here to have fun - but what was really good was that we were learning stuff too," said Alfie and Will.

And the atmosphere was cool too.

"It looked like a concert because when we walked in they were already playing," said Emelia.

In the two dayworkshop Bassistry taught song and dance routines to pupils and staff in an intensive musical experience.

Marcel and Sam led a whole school assembly where everybody joined in a mass performance.

We would recommend Bassistry Arts to any school. Sam and Marcel are very talented and great value. They have a website:
Thanks to Mr Peter Warren for helping to write this report. He is a freelance journalist and a parent of a child in class DB.
He came to speak to us about being a journalist so we asked him to help us write this article.
We really like his headline.
by Class DB and Mr Warren

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Year 4 Football

Mr Byer (we thought he had retired!) has been coming in to run lunchtime football for year 4 children on Wednesdays. He has also refeered our Friday school football matches and has been keeping his hand in with a bit of supply teaching. Its great to see him still involved in school life.

New building - week 4

There is rapid vertical progress this week.
The builders are using the grey blocks for the internal wall, insulation and sandy coloured blocks matching the external wall of the existing building.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Children from Sir Robert Hitcham's have made over 50 Operation Christmas boxes this year. This is very generous and a great effort by so many Framlingham families. Most importantly it is great news for 56 children who would not otherwise be receiving Christmas presents this year. Thank you for your generousity.

The photo shows all the boxes from Framlingham and two of our children who took part.

Remember that it is 'Children in Need' day this Friday.

We will be having a sponsored fancy dress event.

You can download fundraising information (including a sponsorship form) from the link below

Look our for reports and images on this blog next week.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Football match v Wickham Market

After last week's disappointing performance against Debenham, everything clicked into place in this match. Fram went straight on the attack and Danny could have scored in the first few seconds. He soon scored the first of many goals (Danny scored 6) and the whole team grew in confidence. Fram led 3-0 at half time. In the second half we scored 6 more goals and played some excellent football.
The score finished an amazing 9-0 to Fram. Next week we have a cup match away at Fressingfield.

6 of the best from Danny!

Reception Class teacher

Required for January 2008 for 2 terms, - to join our popular Church school

We can offer you:
· A caring environment and enthusiastic children
· Team planning with excellent resources
· A friendly team with a sense of fun
We are looking for someone who:
· Can demonstrate good Early years practice
· Can bring a warm and caring ethos to the school and build good relationships with the pupils, parent and staff members
· Is willing to take an active role in the wider aspects of school l
· Would be supportive of the Christian ethos of the school

Roll: 343
Closing date: 28/11/2007
Interviews: w/c 03/12/2007
Visits welcome please contact Jenny Elphick, the Headteacher at the school.
For application forms contact the school at College Road Framlingham Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 9EP Tel:(01728) 723354. Fax (01728) 724834

Book Reviews

Do you like reading?
Have you read a book which you would recommend to other children?
Could you write a short review?

Click here for our book review template. You can download a copy and fill it in on your own computer. You could then print it off or email it to the school (if you would like to include it on the school website) as an attachment.
Watch out for reviews over the next few weeks.

School Council Introduction

At Sir Robert Hitcham’s primary school we have two school council reps from every class.
Once a month we have a meeting to discuss ideas about improving the school or events we want to happen.

It is a big responsibility but very fun!

by Danny and Hannah - Class DB Reps

The Sound of Music

Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham have put on a production of the famous Rogers & Hammerstein musical. Our Key Stage 2 pupils got to watch a matinee performance. Many staff, pupils and parents have also been to watch the evening performances. Several perfomers are ex pupils of Robert Hitchams so it was great to see them in action.

Our year 6 children will be going to London in January to see 'The Sound of Music' at The Palladium Theatre.