Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Here are the SRH Firebirds boys choir who have regular rehearsals with choirmaster Drew Cantrill from the Phoenix Singers. 
The boys performed superbly as part of our music evening last week and we hope many of them will join us on Market Hill on Friday night at 6pm to sing carols as part of our newly formed School Community Choir.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Stunning Christmas Hamper Selection

A big Thank You to the lovely group of parents who have spent this afternoon creating these beautiful hampers from the wonderful selection of gifts & goodies that families donated on Friday...

To make sure you are in with a chance of winning one, please return your raffle tickets & money to the school office by 13 December...













Have you handed in your Christmas Card competition entry?

Here are a few of the entries for the Framlingham Town Christmas Card competition.
If you've not handed yours in yet - please do so tomorrow or take it directly to the Town Council offices in the library by Thursday.

Friday, 24 November 2017

What an end to an action packed week of lunch time and after school clubs!!

Today is the final day of our visit to the vast array of different clubs offered at lunchtime and after school.  

Friday seems to be a very busy day in the life of the school clubs at SRH.  

Singing club was well underway with the beautiful sounds of Christmas carols being rehearsed for Friday's Christmas late night shopping on the Market Hill.  
Do come and join us at 6pm!

The boys and girls at K-nex and Lego club were engrossed in creating themed models and were able to explain what they were making.

'Number wizards' were discovering and exploring shape using a variety of resources.  The children were all interacting with other year groups to help work out, problem solve and establish patterns together. 

Polydron was being used to create 2D and 3D shapes

 Great teamwork was shown as tangrams are being discussed!  How do the shapes go together?  Maybe we need to try again!

Elastic bands being used to make 2D shapes 

 Other maths resources creating shapes within shapes. 

Different patterns were being produced using a mix of 3 and 4 sided irregular and regular shapes. 

Gymnastics club were learning how to land properly and thinking about how they jumped off the apparatus.  

Year 5/6 football were warming up and preparing before building on their basic skills

The staff provide many experiences for the children during the after school clubs and lunch time clubs alongside external providers.  The children partake in musical, sporting, social and problem-solving activities.  The dance club, board games, 1:1 music lessons  are also available.  Seasonal clubs such as drama and gardening are also offered.

Phew - what a week into the snapshot of clubs at SRH!!  We hope you have enjoyed the daily blogs this week about all the clubs! 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Busy, busy, busy at Thursday's clubs!

As we continue our daily updates of school clubs...
what a range of activities today has offered st SRH!

Christmas themed tunes on the chime bars sounded amazing!  The group were staying in time and following the music very well - such a sweet sound.

All the children were very determined and concentrating very hard. 

In the year 5 science club, electrons and atoms were being explored.  The children were making representations of electronic configurations for various atoms such as argon and hydrogen and oxygen.   

Magnus created the hydrogen configuration to start with. 

Freddie and Cameron explaining the configuration of argon.

Holy Horrors were learning the story of Zacchaeus and modelling coins to reinforce the meaning of the story.

Another group at Holy Horrors were thinking about the food we eat at Christmas and learning about the importance of the nativity story to Christians. 

Up at the field, the year 3/4 boys football club was well underway with tackling skills being worked on. 

Passing accurately to each other to develop basic skills to build on. 

Our School Community Display & more

A fabulous display by Class SC for their assembly last week....

and further displays around the school....


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wednesday's clubs cook up a surprise!

It is a quiet day on Wednesday for school clubs but look at the exciting learning that has been happening. 

The home learning club for Key Stage 2 had many children using the opportunity to complete, learn about and develop their home learning. There was a real mix of activities from completing an American maths activity, a personal coat of arms being designed and even research on polar bears. 

After school Miss Dineen and Mrs Jenkins run the cookery club in our well equipped and well appointed children's kitchen.  Apples were being cut up using the safe and appropriate methods ready for making apple strudel. 

Safety is paramount in the cookery club and children are encouraged and shown how to use the ovens and hobs safely.  Here the chopped up apples and spices were being stewed and cooked ready to be used for the filling. 

The cooled apple mix was used as a filling in the filo pastry before being folded into shape and cooked in the oven to make some apple strudel. They looked and smelt amazing!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

More action in a few more of the school clubs

This week we are sharing a blog to showcase the range and variety of the clubs which are available to children at school each day.  

Here are the clubs that were in full action today after school. 

Rehearsals underway for the "Musical Evening" in today's orchestra.  It's so lovely to see the staff sharing the enjoyment of playing a musical instrument with the children in the orchestra.  

Don't forget the musical evening this Thursday at 5.30pm - 6.30pm where our budding musicians will be doing solo and group performances.  

Sharing and talking about a range of books in the reading club.  

An action shot of a forehand during play in the tennis club. 


A hive of activity!

As part of our fine motor skills work we have been practicing using a knife and fork -   holding them in the correct hands,  stabbing our food with the fork and cutting behind the fork with the knife.  The midday assistants have already noticed a difference at lunchtime especially on a Thursday when we have a roast dinner.  There are fewer children asking for help with their roast potatoes and more potatoes making it into tummies!

We have been learning about the habitats of woodland animals and where they live.  We have used non-fiction books to research the environments.  We have also written our own non-fiction texts using titles, sub-titles, pictures and captions to explain where the animals live. 

We have been creating our own land art using environmental materials such as pine cones, sycamore seeds, stones, shells, twigs and laurel leaves.  We have each designed our own art installation and using this experience has helped us with writing instructions. 


We have been using the magnifying glasses to examine tree bark and look at the textures and surface of a variety of barks from different trees. We have then drawn these in detail to emphasise these textures.  We discussed which animals might live in the bark and make use of the holes in the tree bark and why.