Friday, 15 February 2019



Class CH enjoyed a lovely last session at Robbin Wood, the sun was shining and was perfect for a campfire. We started by introducing the fire triangle and the children helped to identify what was needed to light a fire, fuel, heat and oxygen. We talked about safety, as the fire was set ready for snack.


The children went and explored the woodland, accessing resources and using their imagination to create  stories using the woodland animals, while others went on a worm hunt.

A wonderful home for the woodland friends.

Lots of worms were found today.

Bird watching and climbing.

We gathered for snack around the fire circle before lighting it and cooked popcorn for the children to share.

The children then ended the session but reflecting on their time spent at Robbin Wood by safely extinguishing the fire.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Bronze at Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday 13th February, eleven pupils from year five represented the school in a School Games level 2 basketball Tournament. The children have practised during their break times in preparation for the event. 

Here's what some of our Year 5 Basketball team had to say about the tournament yesterday.
Seth - It was exciting and there was good sportsmanship
Lexi - It was very fun and everyone played well together
Edi & Bella - It was great to score and be part of the first team from SRH to take part in a basketball tournament
Kit - I really enjoyed today, it was fair and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Rupert - we all played fairly and deserved our medals

London Trip - Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day in London on Wednesday, visiting Westminster Abbey and The Houses of Parliament.  
First they explored the treasures, tombs and memorials in the Abbey and then they were lucky enough to watch part of  a live debate in the House of Commons. This enabled them to make their own debates  about  smoking and homework  in the Workshops very realistic.  
The day ended with the much anticipated visit to the service station for tea on the way home.  It was agreed that everyone had all learned a great deal and been inspired by some amazing experiences.   
A couple of images from the Year 6 trip ...  

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

'Open the book'

Open the book shared the story of Jesus being baptised.

The story was acted out with John wanting to live a very simple life.  Many people came to be baptised and follow in John's steps living a simple life. He sometimes even ate locusts or slept outside under the stars.  

Jesus came to be baptised.  We heard how, as soon as Jesus was baptised, the sky opened up and the Holy Spirit came like a beautiful white dove, and landed right on Jesus shoulder.  Then a voice from heaven said, "This is my Son, I love him and I am pleased with him."  This made us understand how special Jesus is. 

We prayed about people who were special to us  - our family, friends and thought about our school family and how special everyone is. 

Shiver me timbers! There’s no scurvy in Class LH!!

What would you eat if you were marooned on an island?  

We discussed the possibilities of going fishing, hunting for mammals and birds and then we thought about the vegetation and plants and what we might find that we could eat.  We discussed how, if pirates didn’t eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, they often suffered from scurvy.  We all decided it would be better to eat fruit!!  We also talked about how we would catch the animals using natural materials such as sharpened sticks, bones from dead animals, beaks to act as a scoop and sharp flints to cut up the animals and fish with.

We then, as part of our DT made fruit kebabs.  Firstly, we cut up the fruit using the arch and bridge method.  We had to saw really hard for the pineapple. After that, we then used a tasting sheet to try the fruit and decide which one we liked and did not like ready to make our own kebabs.  Even though James was not very keen on kiwi and Diego and Delilah were not very keen on pineapple, they all gave it a go and tried it.   

Then we each made our own kebab using our favourite fruit. Finally we decided how it tasted as a kebab and also thought about what we would do differently next time and why.




We then finished off the lesson making a tally of Class LH's favourite fruit which we are going to use to make pictograms and bar charts.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

VW PASB House Tag-Rugby Festival 2019

On Monday 11th February 2019, fifty-six pupils from VW and PASB participated in a Tag-Rugby Festival. In just five weeks, pupils' Tag-Rugby knowledge has blossomed and flourished. This has culminated in an incredible display of strategy and skill during the tournament. 

Tractor in School

As part of their topic work the Year 3/4 classes enjoyed a talk and demo with a big shiny John Deere tractor in the sunshine today.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Online safety

Throughout the week the school has embarked on embracing and delivering the message for safer internet day which this year was about getting permission.  From nursery right up to Year 6, the message about online etiquette has been shared with different ideas been talked about and role play scenarios been acted out.  Here are a few examples of the range of activities that the children have been doing.

Nursery  - We watched a story with Buddy the dog about keeping safe online and talked about how the children should always ask for help if they see something strange if they are playing on a phone or a tablet.

Class CH – The children heard the story of Buddy the dog. It was perfectly pitched at the children’s level and instigated lots of discussion and responses from the children. They seemed to really understand the importance and relevance to their own experiences and seemed to grasp the fact that they should always ask a grown-up for help.  There will be 
an ongoing discussion and reminders for them.

Class JC – We talked about checking with parents before saying yes to buying things.  We learnt that 'accept' means yes and 'deny' means no.  We discussed how you could pretend to be someone else on the computer because nobody can see you.   

Class LH – we watched a video about Zap and Zoom and about buying things online in games.  We discussed what to do if a stranger or someone we don’t know tries to join in a game we are playing online.  We then role played this scenario about asking an adult for help.

Class RH - Class RH have done posters after watching some informative clips on internet safety.

Class SC - We have discussed giving permission, as is the theme of SID this year.  We also had a class discussion and are creating some posters.

Class PASB – shared a factual informative powerpoint and had a very detailed and involved discussion about online safety and addressed some of the myths that surround online activity.

Parents session

In addition to this, Mrs Hall ran an online safety awareness session for the parents.  There was a lot of discussion shared amongst the videos and quizzes which questioned a variety of aspects of social media, staying safe online and addressed the importance that as a school, we instil into the children the correct way to behave online and that it is the responsibility of parents to support the school in this message.

Online safety is taken very seriously here at school and we do share, remind and talk to the children throughout the year, not just on Internet Safety Day, on how to stay safe online.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Inspirational violin assembly

Cal Fell gave an inspiring and informative assembly about violins and violas.  Cal talked about how violins made the sound and shared with the children some homemade violins using different sizes of elastic bands and cereal boxes to demonstrate the length and width of the strings.  She then showed us these differences on the viola and the violin.  

Two children held a piece of string taught and Cal plucked it to show how the sound was created.  She also shared how horse-tail hair was used for the bow.

Cal and four children shared different playing techniques on their violins such as the tremolo. 

The whole school was then treated to a marvellous performance by Jessica, Maisie, Martha and Bethany who played “Melodie” whilst Cal accompanied them on the piano.

It was a truly inspirational assembly.  It sounded beautiful. 

Cal offers violin lessons within the school and anybody who is interested in taking lessons, should contact the school office for further details.

FOREST SCHOOL - Thank you to Greener Fram

We would like to say a big thank you to Greener Fram for donating some money to Forest School. We have been able to buy a wormery for the children to recycle their snack waste and make our own compost. 

We also purchased a wheelbarrow and a spade which the children have enjoyed using already.



A very windy morning at Robin Wood meant that the children explored the outside of the woodland.
We recapped on the fire circle game that we introduced last week and the children did a good job at remembering how to move around the fire circle safely.

We discussed with the children how we could not have a fire this week and they helped to identify why. There was still lots to keep the children busy during the morning.

Some wonderful obstacle courses were made by the children. They showed great team work, problem solving and creativity while also developing physical skills.

One of the children even created a fantastic catapult independently.

Some of the children investigated floating and sinking using natural materials.

There was some lovely imaginative play using the woodland elves and fairies. The children created houses, castles and even slides for them.

The children found different uses for the mud, enjoying mud painting and the mud kitchen.