Monday, 30 September 2019

I am Warrior - Roman Coin Artwork Class VWe

As part of our 'I am Warrior' topic Class VWe have been looking at motifs and patterns found on Roman Coins. They have replicated their own Roman Coin through the medium of clay. Next week they will apply copper and silver paint as the final stage of their artwork. We look forward to their evaluations of this project.

Class VWe take a trip to Switzerland on European Day of Languages!

Class VWe had great fun celebrating European day of Languages. We started our day by reading an abridged version of the children's classic Heidi. We then did a quiz on the history of the International Committee of the Red Cross founded in Switzerland. We designed our own Swatch Watch and looked at watch making in Switzerland. We learnt lots of fun and interesting facts about Switzerland. We finished the day looking at Swiss Food and made a chocolate fondue using a special Fondue set. We learnt how to chop fruit safely and hygienically. We had a great day!

Science Gets fun in Class VWe!

Class VWe have been exploring States of Matter. We looked at melting points of chocolate. We learnt how to record data accurately and draw conclusions from our data using bar graphs. After we melted the chocolate we used indoor and outdoor temperatures to measure how quickly melted chocolate would solidify on a biscuit. 

Year 6 Maths

Over the last week or so, Class VWh have been getting to grips with formal methods for multiplication and division. The children have been building on their previous established ideas in order to utilise efficient strategies. 

Bonjour from Class LH!


Class LH had a great day on the European Languages Day.  Our country was France and we firstly thought about what we all knew about France and its culture.  Frank knew how to order an orange juice in French, Fynley knew that a local restaurant served French food and Darcey recognised that she knew lots of French words from holidays that she had had. 

We practised the French numbers 0 - 10 and we did body tapping counting to 10.  After that we learnt the colours of the rainbow and and also other common colours.  We then coloured the "arc-en-ciel" (rainbow) which helped us to colour in Elmer.  See below

Mrs Hall then read 'Rainbow Fish' in French "Ar-en-ciel le plus beau poisson des oceans'.  As Mrs Hall read the story, a line at a time in French and in English, we were able to recognise colours of the rainbow, the word "arc-en ciel" and "poisson" for fish .  

It was an enjoyable day and we all learnt something new. 

Wednesday assembly

On Wednesday, Mr. Mulrenan took the assembly. He shared a story about a queen who served her people with great bravery. The children had to imagine that a line had been drawn down the middle. They were then asked how they would feel if they didn't see the children on the other side ever again. Years ago, Queen Ester uncovered a horrific plan:  all her people were going be taken away and killed by a man called Haman. Fortunately, Queen Ester managed to thwart Haman's plan after taking great courage.
Every year, Jews tell the story of Queen Ester and her bravery and service to her people. Each time the name of Haman is mentioned, rattles are shaken and people say the phrase 'rak-a-tak'.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Class SC - Croatia

Class SC spent the day finding out about Croatia. 
We cooked a traditional Croatian soup and flatbread which was delicious. We looked at the location of Croatia, the flag and found other interesting facts about the country. We counted to 10 in Croatian and learnt how to greet each other.

Hitcham's Head Chef Week One

Our annual cooking competition is back and with a BANG! Once again our children have excelled themselves. The ambitious dishes were cooked to perfection. The children were calm and confident and displayed a level of skill way beyond their years. We were treated to an outstanding Red Thai curry with jasmine rice, flavourful Posh Smokey Sausages with homemade beans and wedges, an utterly delicious Courgette Pasta and a fantastic Curried chicken pie with creamy mashed potato. Our guest judge, Mrs Aldred, and the staff were blown away by the sophisticated flavours and sheer scrumminess of the dishes. Well done!

Huge thanks to Mrs Aldred, Miss Dineen and Mrs Jenkins for their time to make this competition possible, and of course huge thanks also to our amazing chefs and their parents for their support. Judging will be as difficult as ever!

Thursday, 26 September 2019

European day of Languages

European Day of Languages was launched during a whole school assembly by Mrs Webster and Mrs Cockle.
European flags and traditional items from different countries were matched together - the children were really good at recognising the flags and pairing them with the items on display.
We listened to The Lord's prayer in Dutch (read by Mrs Jenkins) and a prayer in French which was then translated into English (read by children from Class SC)
The whole school then participated in a variety of activities in their classrooms, each class taking a different European country. We are looking forward to hearing what each class has been up to in our celebration assembly tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019



A rather wet morning at Robin Wood but that did not dampen the children's enthusiasm.


                                                          Making a woodland perfume.

Catching rain from the shelters.

                                            Making autumn leaf sun catchers.

                                                       Digging a trench.

                     We finished the morning with a warming hot chocolate and a snack.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Oh no Jonah!

In class KB, we have been learning about Judaism and understanding the story ‘Oh no Jonah’. We shared the story of ‘Jonah’ and talked about how important the story is for the Judaism religion. The children understood what ‘Jonah’ had done wrong and how he repented. 

The class enjoyed colouring and decorating their fish with glitter. The fish were attached to pegs, so when the children squeezed the peg they could see Jonah inside! We are going to use their fish to help retell the story of ‘Jonah’ to each other.

Cycle Training

The Suffolk Roadsafe Bikeability team have been busy training 24 of our Year 5/6 pupils to keep safe when cycling on the roads around Framlingham. 12 pupils took part this week and 12 last week.
We have 24 more spaces booked for March next year, to enable all the children to benefit from this valuable training.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Anne Frank- Year 6 diary entries

As part of their topic, A Child's War, class VWh have been learning about the plight of Anne Frank. The children read an abridged version of her diary and constructed entries of their own, imagining what it would have felt like. The children discussed how her mood altered during her time hiding in some concealed rooms behind a bookcase where her father, Otto, worked. The children had to include emotive language and think about their effective use of punctuation and grammar.

Open the Book- The Lost Coin

On Wednesday afternoon, the children were treated to a visit in assembly by the  'Open the Book' team. The children were asked to think about how big Earth is, with a year 6 child estimating a population in excess of 7 billion people. With this many people, it may make us feel slightly insignificant. 'The Parable of the Lost Coin' appears in Luke 15: 8-10 and focuses on a woman searching for a lost coin. A woman had saved 10 coins, only to unfortunately lose one. After an extensive search, she located the coin and rejoiced, showing considerable joy.
Christians believe that Jesus told the story to demonstrate how God feels about each and every one of us: God is inclusive of everyone. During the time when the coin was lost, the woman reflected on its preciousness before being reunited with it. 
We all reflected on how it feels to lose something valuable to us, even though it may have no monetary value. Thank you to 'Open the Book' for bringing this important Bible story to life.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Splendid artwork ‘rains’ down in Class LH!

As part of the ‘Splendid Skies’ topic, we have been studying the types of weather and changes of the seasons particularly the rain and clouds. 

We examined some of the clouds and skies in classic paintings painted by Constable and Turner.  We noticed how thundery and dark some of them were and how in  others there was a feeling that a wind was blowing.   After that we went outside to examine the different types of clouds in the sky which inspired us to create our own clouds with an effect of movement within the paintings.  We also wrote poems about the rain using rhyming words and the sounds that the rain makes.

Dark clouds inspired by Turner with our poems about the rain written on a rain drop. 

We have also listened to excerpts from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for each season and then we used a variety of colours to respond to the music.  Some of us just let our paintbrushes walk around the page in response to the music.  Rory and Ashley were particularly enthralled when they listened to each season carefully choosing colours and styles. Some other examples included Griffin, who during the Autumn movement, thought about the staccato music and chose red, short stabby stripes as he thought it reminded him of moving fast.  During the summer movement, Zerinity chose a soft yellow and created calming swirls and curls with her brush.  During the Spring movement, several children chose green as a sign of the new growth. Here are some other responses created by the children. 

Miles and James

Lewis and Lucas

Emilia and Honor



A lovely sunny morning at Robin Wood. The children enjoyed learning a new game called 'Eagle Eyes' as well as enjoying ongoing activities. There were some lovely stick creations this morning too.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

New Parent Welcome Tea

Before the end of school on Friday, parents new to our school family came along to a Welcome Tea. 
Along with the delicious cake, baked by Mrs Aldred in the kitchen, parents enjoyed a hot mug of tea and were able to chat with other new parents and also with Mrs Picton, Mrs Kindred (Parent Governor), Mrs Noble (Parent Councillor) & Ms Goody (Chair of Friends).  It was a great way to meet other members of the school community and hopefully start to form some new friendships too.
We look forward to seeing many of the new families at future events in school.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Bishop of Dunwich opens our new Reflective Garden

We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Dunwich, the Right Reverend Dr Mike Harrison, to formally open our wonderful Reflective Garden (known as the Gilder Garden) on Wednesday morning.
Here are a few images from his inspiring assembly and the official opening of the garden.