Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Service

Some images from our Easter service at St. Michael's Church in Framlingham.
Rev Owen led the service under a theme of 'It's Amazing!'
The Key Stage 1 and Foundation children made their own crosses.
Some of theolder children read from the Easter story. Others read prayers or played recorders to accompany our singing.

Friday, 21 March 2008

School Orchestra in Assembly

The Robert Hitcham's orchestra, led by Mrs Fell, entertained the school during the last assembly of term.

They played two pieces which included creative percussion sounds.

Watch the videos below to see the wonderful perfomances.

Jazz at Robert Hitcham's

On the 19th March, Sir Robert Hitcham’s Primary school listened and watched exciting jazz and blues. There were two men called Jack and Dan. They played piano and trumpet pieces including one called my front teeth by Jack. They both played amazingly and everyone loved it. Jack played the piano and Dan played the trumpet. Mrs Mawson knew them both when she was at school she said they loved their music and were always playing their instruments. If Jack saw a piano anywhere he would start playing. Sebastian Roberts said he thought the piano was amazing and the trumpet was awesome. Jake Clucas said It wasn’t his type of music but he thought they were brilliant at jazz. Jack has never had a piano lesson in his whole life! And he sounds like a pro! Jack teaches young people piano.

By Sebastian Roberts, Jake Lal, Jake Clucas

Watch this video (filmed by Ewan Payne) of Jack and Dan in action

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Prickles goes on an Easter egg hunt

When we got home, I first put in my bag a digital camera and a few other things. After that we set off to Framlingham castle and got ready for the Easter egg hunt. Me and some of my friends were on one team, oh and prickles 2 too. We had to find red cards with white dots on, there was also one red card with a green dot on. We all searched high and low for the cards. Our team collected 18 cards all together. Everyone got 10 mini eggs each and we also had 1 slightly bigger chocolate. One girl got a huge Easter egg because she found the red card with a green dot on it. Prickles had lots of fun so did I. We went home and started writing this on paper in my room. I’m so tired I think I should put prickles to bed. Goodnight.

by Kezia Bayfield (class KG)

Mr Cuddles

Mr Cuddles came to see Classes LC, JC and EM about his 'ABC Sports Skills' Clubs.

A is for agility
B for balance
C for co-ordination

Mr Cuddles (from Suffolk Schools Sports Partnership) presented certificates to the children who took part.

Class KG Litter Pick

On the 14th of March Class KG went around the school on a litter pick.
We got into groups of 5 and went to different places around the school. We went to the front of the school, the courtyard and both playgrounds. I really enjoyed the litter pick as it was a fun experience and good fun.

By Leah Allen.

Year 5 Horrible History Terrible Tudor Trip

On Monday 17th March the year five’s from Sir Robert Hitcham went to see Horrible History’s Terrible Tudor’s. The theatre we went to was the Ipswich Regent. The theatre was very large and a bit posh. We had a great time as for the second half we got to wear 3D glasses which turned evrything 3D. So when a canon ball was fired it looked like the cannon ball would hit you in the face!

After the performance we went to Christchurch Park for lunch. After lunch we went to a different part of Christchurch park to play some game’s. Once we had played some games we got back on the coach to come back to school, it the end of a perfect day.

By Alfie Hulbert.

listen to Terry Deary reading from one of his stories

The Victorian puppet theatre

On the 18th march we had a man come in and do a puppet show for the whole school. His name was called Neil. He did a story from about 1900s and then he started. It was about a boy made out of paper called Jack. He lives in a paper brown coloured theatre. He was in a play called Jack and the Bean Stork and at night the moonlight crept in a crack in the roof and they all came alive. Jack made a flying machine, which could fly out and take him to places. There was a man who had a monkey that made everyone giggle. Then there was an artist he painted him up with colour and gold coins as buttons. There were 5 people chasing him!! Then the monkey grabbed Jack and took him to the crack in the roof and just fitted him in. Then the monkey took some of the artist’s paint and Jack painted his friends, family and the theatre.
By Rob Scott

Photos by Jake Lal and Kitty Dunham

Video below was taken by Ewan Payne

Prickles goes to Church

Prickles went on his first visit with the children to the historic Framlingham Church - St Michael's.
He went along to the Easter service.

If you would like to know more about the history of this church then click on this link to go to the St. Michael's website.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Netball match v Dennington

On Tuesday Sir Robert Hitcham Primary school played against Dennington primary school. Firstly the A team from both schools played against each other and the overall score was 6-6. Secondly the B teams from both schools as well played each other and their overall score was 7-0. In the A team there was Maddy ,Jen, Phoebe, Hannah Be, Hannah Bl, Rachel and Letty and on the B team there was Izzy, Charlotte, Harriet, Caroline, Gemima, Rebecca, Amy and Alice.

Report by Jen, Phoebe, Izzy and Charlotte
Photos by Caroline

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Prickles visits the new classrooms

We have a new PRICKLES - school toy pet.
The old Prickles has gone on a permanent holiday!
Prickles can be taken home on trips by students or staff. He then sends in reports and pictures of his adventures.
He was very keen to visit the new classrooms and check out the facilities.
Here he is in Miss Hitchcock and Miss Ashberry's new rooms.

The new Prickles is very modern with his ICT skills.
Anybody wanting to take Prickles home will have to enter a report & picture on to the BLOG. He will take with him instructions and a password so that his adventures can be seen on the blog from any computer with internet access.

New House Badge Entries