Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dictionaries from the Rotary Club

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Framlingham and District Rotary Club for their kind donation of personalised dictionaries to all our Year 6 pupils.
They were presented in today's assembly by the local rotarians, and the children were delighted with these terrific and very useful gifts.

The Black Death

Class VW have been trying to develop a better understanding of why the Black Death was such a problematic disease. 
We explored the growth of bacteria by swabbing a range of equipment and spreading on agar jelly in a petri dish, to see which area/ object is the most contaminated. 
We also placed hand- sanitizing gel on one of the plates to observe what happened. 
The petri- dishes were taped and placed in a clear zipper bag in order to prevent contamination. 
As a class, we discussed the need to uphold strict hygiene practises. 
As After 2 days, this is what the plates look like:

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Nursery trip to the Bennett Homes building site

Nursery were so lucky today to be welcomed to visit the Bennett Homes Tudor Gardens building site. We had to wear our wellingtons as it was muddy on site and when we got there we saw a sign that said we couldn't go on site without a hard hat and high viz jacket. Luckily we were met by the wonderful staff from Bennett Homes who had a high viz jacket and hard hat for all of us to wear!

We went onto the site when we were all kitted up and saw the big excavator. We went up into one of the homes that is nearly ready (number 16) and spotted why no one could live there yet. The children spotted there was no door handle and no oven, no chairs, no television and no carpet! There were some special bricks in the front room and we had a go at building a wall. The builders taught us how to overlap the bricks so that the wall was strong.

When we came out we saw a delivery being made from a truck. Then the excavator driver showed us how it scooped up and moved the dirt and moved on its caterpillar tracks. After that we were treated to a demonstration of what the telehandler was able to do. The fork lift part went up and up and up! So high! We had a wonderful exciting time and were sent back to Nursery with a special Bennett Homes goody bag. What a super trip. Thank you to all our helpers and everyone at Bennett Homes who made it possible!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


We have only just been informed that we have no crossing patrol today - apologies for the inconvenience.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Photography club turns black and white!!

This week the photography club have focused on black and white photos.  We looked at a range of black and white photos that Mr Brook and Mr Byers had taken and the impact that the photos had on us.  We also looked at the skies in other photos and a selection of outdoor pictures to appreciate how atmospheric they could be if they were black and white.   We discussed the shades and the grey scale that was shown in the photos. 

All the photos were taken either in the courtyard or in the outside dining area. 

Year 6 then took these photos. 

Some of the photos were edited by using the cropping tool.  There were some amazing results.  

Anti Bullying Production for KS2

Report to follow...

Friday, 10 November 2017

Remembrance in Foundation

This week Foundation have been learning about why we wear a poppy. This morning Nursery, Class CH and Class KM got together around the poppies in our Outdoor Area to share a Remembrance prayer and song.

Identifying trees using QR codes

Class LH have spent this week identifying trees.  

On Monday, we learnt what deciduous and evergreen meant.  We looked at the trees in the playground and some others in pots to decide which trees were deciduous and which were evergreen.   We discussed what each word meant and then explored the playground to find examples of deciduous and evergreen trees.  We found a big selection of leaves on the ground from the deciduous trees and others from the evergreen trees.  An adult helped us find the evergreen leaves as they needed to be cut carefully from the tree or plant.  In groups , we then sorted the leaves out into the two types. 

Evergreen and deciduous leaves

Examining which plants and shrubs are evergreen and which are deciduous. 

Today, we used the tablets to map the trees out in the playground.  We scanned the QR code on each tree which told us the name of the tree.  We then identified the trees position on the playground map to work out what they were and whether they were deciduous. 

Scanning the QR code to identify the tree. 

Looking carefully at the type of tree before adding it to the map. 

The map with all the trees identified and located around the playground. 

The children worked really hard to work out all the names and were very engaged using the tablets to broaden their knowledge of trees as part of our "Enchanted Woodland" topic. 

Remembrance Day

Enchanted woodland activity area

Year 1 and 2 have been extending their learning about the “Enchanted Woodland” topic in the activity area.  The opportunity to  extend the learning from the classroom into the activity area has had an amazing impact on their writing.  Being given the chance to role play within the “Enchanted Woodland” has helped to develop the vocabulary that the children have been using in their writing and encourage them to think about using all their senses to describe settings. 


The “Environmental art” opportunities have been really impressive.  These have been inspired by land art artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Chris Drury  by using natural materials, a wide range of different styles and patterns using fir cones, stones, shells, sycamore seeds, laurel leaves and twigs have been produced. 


Thursday, 9 November 2017

"Enchanted woodland" wow moment

Class JC and Class LH visited the school woodland area as the introduction to their new topic "Enchanted Woodland".   We used our senses to take in the sights, sounds and feel of the different features in the wood.  This has inspired our writing because we used adjectives and exciting verbs which we talked about during our visit.  It has  also helped us with our art as we identified the textures and details of the wood, the leaves, the sky, the branches and the canopy. 

We also took the cameras to photograph and compare different parts of the wood - we found some "smooth bark" and "rough and bumpy" tree stumps.  The birds were "chirping"  and the robin even came to join in as it "flitted" around in the wood amongst us.  We got very excited when we saw him but his red-breast really stood out.  

The "soft and spongy" moss was "springy".  The leaves "crunched" under our feet and leaves" rustled" in the trees. 

It was lovely to see the hedgehog house made by Ella, who was in year 6  last year, placed in amongst the undergrowth. 

Zooming in on a close-up with the camera looking at the textures within the wood. 

We compared the different colours and the way the sun shone through the trees to change the appearance of the leaves. 

We felt the leaves and the bark and compared the colours... look at these shades of green!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Open Day Tomorrow

Chess Club

Chess club started again this week on Monday lunchtime, with a tournament coming up in January the Y5 and Y6 pupils have plenty of time to improve their skills! 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Stunning landscapes and panoramas

Year 6 have started this half term in our exciting new after school club - the photography club.  Mr Brooks started by sharing with the children the features and menus on the cameras and explaining the types of photos there are.  

We then set off around the mere to capture the stunning photos of the castle and the church in the glorious winter sunshine.  The autumnal colours radiated out across the mere as the trees and bushes set up the perfect frame for the perfect picture.  The children were able to take some really detailed landscape photos using the foreground to frame and border the photos.  

Setting up and trying to use the landscape mode. 

All the photos below were taken by the children in the photography club. 

 The castle framed with the foreground.  
Using the landscape mode, the castle has retained a perfect focus. 

The castle peeping out from behind the trees and the bushes in the foreground. 

Catching the autumnal sun across the castle. 
The refections in the mere are a bit more visible in this landscape photo.

We then moved to another part of the mere to capture the panoramic view and most were successful in capturing the castle and the church in their panoramic photo.  

A panoramic photo of the castle. 

It was great to compare the effects that using different shutter modes created. 

A huge thank you to Mr Byer who also volunteered and his expert knowledge on creating a "good" photo was invaluable.