Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New Parent Welcome Tea

Some of our lovely Parent Council reps welcomed new parents to the school today with a cup of tea and a slice of cake (Baked by Mrs Aldred from the school kitchen).
It was opportunity to meet other new parents and to ask the Reps or Mrs Picton questions about school.  Mrs Picton encouraged the new parents to think about joining the Parent Council and Friends association to help play a bigger part in life at the school.

School Council

The newly elected School Council had their first meeting yesterday with Mrs Colchester, for more information about 'Pupil Voice' at school take a look at the website

Monday, 18 September 2017

Come rain or shine - gardening club keep on going!!

This week gardening club returned to the school allotments to see what had happened to the crops that we had planted last term.  Despite a wet but fun walk up to the gardens, we were surprised to see how much had changed.  The fruit trees on the outside of the community gardens were laden with apples and pears.  

The sunflowers we had planted were very tall, much taller than us and a few of our sunflower heads were even displayed at the Framlingham Horticultural Show last Saturday.    We also looked at the pumpkins and marrows which were growing too.  

We tried a few raspberries which were very sweet. 

We planted up some hyacinth bulbs for next spring.  We had to make sure they were planted the right way up and left the head of the bulb out of the soil ready for them to shoot.

We watered the hyacinth bulbs once we had planted them in the compost. We can't wait to see them to see the colours and to smell the lovely scent of the hyacinths. 


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Alchemy Island

In Class VW, the children had to examine samples sent by Alchemy Island’s Chief Alchemist. They conducted a scientific investigation to work out the properties of each sample. Properties such as  thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, magnetism and transparency were tested. The children were fascinated with the thermochromic sheets which were used to test thermal conductivity!

Monday, 11 September 2017

A "wheel" good art lesson in Class LH

Class LH have used the theme of the 'Tour of Britain' to design their own colour wheels.  Firstly, the children chose one of the primary colours and then added a touch of white paint to the base colour filling in each spoke as they went.  Eventually, the wheel was complete to create a full colour wheel from the original primary colour to a much paler version. 

We then used these wheels to design our own bikes which we would ride for the 'Tour of Britain' race.  We all had a go at cutting out the bikes and although it was tricky we persevered!  The colour wheels were then attached using a split pin so the wheels actually turn.

It was "wheel" fun creating the colour wheels for each of the primary colours and our peloton is now racing across our walls.   

Friday, 8 September 2017

Tour of Britain

The school frontage was lined with pupils waving flags to cheer on the riders over lunchtime.  Even the rain couldn't dampen their enthusiasm.

The leading cyclists past the school...

Thanks to Ms Seinet for the following photos:

Suffolk Bunting for Tour of Britain

This fabulous bunting was created by the children on Suffolk Day last term, so we thought we'd decorate the fencing ready for the race today.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tour of Britain Tomorrow

Our school frontage is looking rather splendid with the flags of the 20 nationalities taking part in tomorrow's Tour of Britain: 
Argentina  Australia  Austria  Belarus  Belgium  Columbia  Czech Republic  Denmark France  Germany   Great Britain   Holland   Ireland   Italy   Mexico   New Zealand  Norway   Poland   Portugal   Slovenia   South Africa   Spain   Switzerland   USA
The flags have been kindly donated and put up by Bill Bulstrode. 

The latest update on the most likely timings of the tour arriving in Framlingham are 1.21pm, however if the riders are going slower or faster it could arrive from 1.06pm to 1.37pmTeams include Team Sky and Great Britain,  riders include Mark Cavendish, Geraint Thomas and Owain Doull.

We will all be outside cheering the riders on tomorrow.


For up-to-date information tomorrow please see http://www.tourofbritain.co.uk/

OVO Racing Bikes at school

Yesterday our Year 6's were lucky to take part in a workshop about Racing Bikes from the RideSmart organisation.  The children were given basic racing skills were put into teams to race across the playground.

Here's a report from the children:
On the 6th September John, (bike safe coach) came to school with some bikes. Both of the year 6 classes were split into groups of sixteen and went out to the back playground, one group at a time.
We learnt loads of different races that they do in the velodrome even though we were on the playground.
Each group went out and got split into two teams and went to each side of the playground. They both went to each side of the playground and raced each other around they did two laps around the playground.
Our favourite race was team pursuit, what we did was three people from each team went behind each other and started when John said start the front person did one lap the second person did two laps and the third person did three laps. The first team for all of their three members inbetween of the cones won.
Altogether it was a great morning and we really want to do it again.   

                    By Roo and Rose 
The year 5 pupils will have the same event on 19 October.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Maypole Dancers at Great Glemham Fete

A message from the organisers of the Great Glemahm Charities Fete

Dear Jill Pascoe & the SRH Mayploers

Thank you to all the wonderful Maypolers for giving up your time to attend our Charities Fete on 17th June 2017.  The set you performed was wonderfully colourful and very well received. I hope you will appreciate the amazing image attached showing the Maypolers in action.

There were many positive comments and much appreciation of all the hours put into practicing so that such a well-rehearsed set of dances could take place. You helped us to raise an amazing £2804 to be divided between our seven nominated charities below.

We really appreciate you volunteering your services and taking part in the event and hope you might be willing to return another year

Friday, 21 July 2017

End of year Assembly

This morning's assembly started rather strangely - Mrs Picton thought the holidays had started already, and was found asleep on the hall floor!
After being woken up by 350 children, she did realise that she had lots of certificates to present to the School Council, Eco Council, Class Ambassadors, JRSO's, Research group, Worship Group and House Captains!
We also had to say goodbye to Mrs Lord and Mr Brook.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Year 6 Leavers Service

The finale for the Year 6 pupils was the very special Leavers Service held at St Michael's Church, yesterday.
Here are a few images from the service - we're sure there were many parents with a tear in their eye as they were shown the wonderful achievements the children have made in their time here at school.
Well done to you all.  We are very proud of you and wish you all every success as you move on to High School.