Thursday, 29 March 2018

Easter Cookery

Children in Class LC have been baking Easter Biscuits today...

Easter Service

Children in Year 5, classes VW & SC delivered a beautiful Easter Service this morning at St Michael's Church. 
Here are a few photos, there are more on the school website gallery.

Goodbye Miss Lamb

Children in Key Stage 1 presented Miss Lamb with her leaving gift in this morning's assembly.
We are all very sorry to say "Goodbye" to Miss Lamb, she has been a wonderful teaching assistant with us for many years.  We wish her every success and happiness as she moves to a new job.

Easter Cake Stall today

Come along to the pavilion on the front playground after school today to see what sweet treats classes RH & LH have baked...

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Key Stage 1 and Foundation Easter Service

Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage came together for a very special Easter service.  We all joined together to celebrate this important event in the Christian calendar.  

The service started with a song which the children signed as they sang with various actions.  Mrs Skevington then retold her version of the story using the Easter garden which reception had designed and built.  Mrs Skevington had puppets and props to help bring the story to life. After the story, we then sang another song and finished with the school prayer.   All the children listened really carefully.  

              Children singing the first song.

Mrs Skevington captures all of the children's imagination with her sympathetic and moving version of the story. 

Mrs Skevington using the Easter garden and puppets to retell the story. 

Monday, 26 March 2018

Budding builders and architects in Class LH

As part of the Street Detectives topic, the children had the hypothesis "Which materials would be good for building a house and why?"  

In their groups, they had 4 materials - wood, fabric, plastic and cardboard.  Their challenge was to come up with an investigation to work out how to test the strength of the materials and also whether they were waterproof.  The children made their house walls from Lego - the tricky bit was working out how to actually test the materials.  After a lot of discussion and planning, some ideas started to come forward.   One group decided to pour water over the materials to check and see how waterproof they were.  Another group realised that to make it a fair test, they needed to use an equal amount of water to pour over each material.  The children used the cameras and took photos of their investigations.  

After the investigation, they concluded that the wood and the plastic were waterproof but after further discussion realised that the plastic would not be rigid enough for the roof. 

After their investigation had been completed, the children also discussed and tested how waterproof a brick and some slate are to understand why they are actually good materials for making a roof and wall of most houses. 

Working as a team to design the house walls. 

Testing with a wooden roof.

Using a plastic roof was not strong enough although it was waterproof.

Pouring the water on the roof of the house to test  how waterproof the plastic was. 

Holding the fabric in place after it had the water poured on it.

The children concluded that fabric and cardboard were not suitable at all as they were not waterproof, strong or rigid enough.  The plastic, although being waterproof, was not strong enough and so they would use a wooden roof.  

The discussion and problem solving was brilliant with lots of questions and queries throughout the investigation.  Well done Class LH on great teamwork and finding an answer to your hypothesis.  

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Road Safety -

As part of our work on Street Detectives, we have been around Framlingham looking at the road signs, markings and how to cross a road safely. We learnt how to cross via the Zebra Crossing looking and listening all the while, we know how to find a safe place to cross.  We talked about what the bumps on the pavement mean at various places to cross, we looked at various different signs and found several signs around the school indicating it was a school and that "Twenty is plenty."

The Junior Road Safety officers also came to talk to the children about the importance of Road Safety. 

Following on from this, class JC and class LH interviewed our school crossing patrol person as we had lots of questions we wanted to ask her about her job and how she keeps us safe crossing the road.  Does she have training?  Why does she wear fluorescent clothing? Do you like your job?

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Forest School in Reception

Classes CH and KM have been introduced to the Forest School approach to learning at our newly developed Robin Wood up at the field. We have learnt the rules and have enjoyed investigating the new area through games and exploration. Over the past four weeks we have developed our learning and skills through a range of activities including:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Building small and large dens.
  • Learning call back.
  • Making bird feeders.
  • Whittling.
  • Making log dogs.
  • Working as a team to build a giant bird nest.
  • Digging for worms.
  • Making elves
  • Imaginative play
  • Mud kitchen role play
  • Listened to stories.
  • Learning about nature.
We have braved all weathers such as snow, rain and sun. At the end of the session we join together to enjoy our snacks and a lovely warming hot chocolate. We have enjoyed getting muddy and have learnt lots of interesting things and being together in a new and exciting environment.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Street Detectives

Great detective skills were used by Class LH as we explored Framlingham trying to find different types of windows, chimneys, doors and other features of houses.   We compared the many different styles and the materials they were made from.  We also found other features such as weather vanes, door treads, artistic brickwork and motifs.  Armed with the cameras, we set off to explore Framlingham. 

All these photos were taken by the children in Class LH.  Can you identify whereabouts they are in Framlingham? 

                                                                                  Different features on some of the buildings                                                                         

Teddy noticed that many windows were ‘false’ and either painted on or blocked in and we talked about the window tax.  The children had great fun spotting ‘false’ windows.   It has given them food for thought as to which windows they would block up in their own houses or how much tax to pay with the windows they have in their own house!  

Ella liked the arches on the houses – some above windows, doors but also there were some arches near the roof or at the top of some buildings.

We also identified the Guildhall which was where the very first school was in Framlingham.   

Matilda found the different doors interesting and noticed that some were made from wood and others from plastic and even that some had glass in them.  Freya compared many of the windows to that in the Church.  She noticed that most of the church windows were stain-glassed windows but several of us spotted some stain glass windows in doorways too.  

William found the variety of door knockers to be interesting and many other found the styles and even the size amazing.  Eira spotted a tiny door knocker on one door!  Great detective work!


Thank you to the helpers who made this exciting walk possible. 

Netball Tournament

Tournament Report
On Tuesday, 8 of us went to the High 5’s netball tournament held at Framlingham College Prep School. 
We played 8 matches, some of which were friendly matches.   I liked that because there wasn’t one time when not one of my team members wasn’t playing on court.  We all rotated round and all got a chance at playing every one of the positions. 
I enjoyed it because we congratulated each other at the end of each match.
 by Martha and Primrose

Thursday, 15 March 2018

World Book Day...

Just a sample of images from our World Book Day yesterday... there are more on the website gallery.
£320 was raised for Book Aid International- thank you to everyone who donated.