Friday, 27 May 2016

Planets in scale

VW visited the school field with trundle sticks to investigate the movement of the Earth and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. We looked at the relative distances of planets from the Sun and discussed the word 'scale' . 
They worked with a scale of 1cm 1000km. The children had to work together and make sure that the Sun was the point from where all measurements were taken.

Hitcham's Hundreds - Class AB

... minibeasts!...
In class AB we have been drawing, painting and collaging 100 minibeasts.
We also designed our own background so the minibeasts could all go up onto the wall.

Hitcham's Hundreds - Year 6

...pieces of art to create a 'Peace Child' montage

Hitcham's Hundreds - Class JC

...matchboxes filled with 100 things...
some wonderful ideas like - fingerprints on sellotape, a dream, a cocoon, a dab of nailvarnish, rape seed, mosquito wing, spray of perfume, a secret, a sim card... and much more.
Top score is 126!

Minibeast Creations

As a part of our express week, class AB have created their own minibeasts using junk modelling. They started by designing their minibeasts, thinking carefully about how they could create each of the body parts. Then, they started to build their minibeasts and decorate them. Each child thought about what colour theirs needed to be as well as all the different body parts. These are some of the finished products. Please come and have a look at all of them, in Class AB!

Hitcham's Hundreds - Class PL

... pieces of art...
in 100 pieces

still in progress... more photos to follow...

Hitcham's Hundreds - Class VW

...cupcakes to design and produce...

Hitchams' Hundreds - Class LC

... Flags of the World...
to colour, learn and recognise

Hitcham's Hundreds - Class CH & KM

... decorated pebbles...
and numbered to sit on a '100 square'

Hitcham's Hundreds - Nursery


Hitcham's Hundreds Class LH & SC

in 100 minutes

Clay Day!

Class LH hosted their share afternoon yesterday, inviting parents or grandparents in to work with their children.  Following their Ancient Greek theme they created some wonderful Greek Urns from clay. A bit messy, but so much fun!
Here's what some of the children said:
"I think it was lovely to do pottery with my nanny" - Jessica
"I enjoyed doing the clay with my mum" - Jacob
"I was very happy because my mum was there and we really enjoyed it.  It was good fun" - Primrose
"It was fun to do pottery with my mum" - Freddie


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Playground Musical Pop-Up

Class PL surprised the children and parents coming into school yesterday morning with a pop-up clarinet piece on the playground.
They played an excerpt from Beethoven’s 'Ode to Joy' and were marvelously led by Mr Mulrenan.  
Each year all of our Year 4 children have the exciting opportunity to learn a wind or brass instrument for the whole year, being given an instrument on loan to practice at home too.
Well done to Class PL!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

French Club

The last Year 1 French Club of the year - we celebrated by all eating 'une glace'.  Everyone pretended they were queuing up at the ice-cream shop and said 'je voudrais une glace s'il vous plait'! 
More news from the Year 2/3 French Club.... who took on the Hitcham's Hundred challenge today by counting in 10s to 100 in French and were all given a traditional French madeleine cake as a 'bon effort'.

Framlingham Castle visited by Class LH

Class LH visited Framlingham Castle to develop their geographical skills in locating specific features around the castle and also to enhance their sketching and drawing skills.  Having examined still life within the classroom, it was an excellent opportunity to examine in detail and study the contours and textures of the building, the shadows and the shapes created by the old flint and newer brickwork walls.   

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Did you see that?

We are very lucky to have a very talented team of teaching assistants and teachers who put in so much effort to making the displays around the school be exciting, interesting and eye-catching.. here are just a few of our current displays:


Ancient Greeks - Our Museum

Key Stage 2 are studying the Ancient Greeks. Mrs Ambrose and her class decided to make a ‘museum’ to show off some of our Greek style artefacts. The museum has several interesting artefacts on show and you will see some information about our topic. We have also written some key questions for the children to think about.

Super Sculptures

Mrs Ambrose and Miss Whipps are enjoying working with their classes on a special project which has been designed and led by Mrs Turner.
Under Mrs Turner’s expert guidance the children have worked really hard and are well on their way to producing some great pieces of work.

This is what the children had to say:
‘Our topic is the Ancient Greeks, who started the Olympics. So, we are making sculptures of athletes in the modern day Olympics.’
‘We had to bring in a picture of an Olympic athlete. Mrs Turner showed us to sketch the person (and the horse in some cases) using lots of skills. We had to be careful to draw it in proportion. We used a wooden manikin with moveable joints  to learn about proportion.’
‘Our next job was to make a model of our athlete out of masking tape and newspaper. It was hard and tricky but we did it.’
‘Then, we had to cover our model in tin foil to get it ready for modroc with Mrs Turner. Modroc is like a bandage which has plaster of Paris on it. You soak strips of it in water and then wrap it carefully around your sculpture. You then let it set hard. It was important to cover all the newspaper so that the newspaper and masking tape did not go soggy. We also had to keep the joints of the person and the person’s shape defined.’

The project is going to continue for  a while yet and we look forward to showing you the next instalment.

The staff are enjoying seeing the children  develop their skills and work to such a high standard.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Great Effort

Some super work produced by two of our reception boys this week as home-learning - a lovely piece of writing and some excellent maths skills.  Both deserved their Headteacher's Award sticker, and are obviously very proud of their achievements, well done!

Mini Tennis Competition

On Thursday the School Tennis Team travelled to Debenham Sports & Leisure Centre to compete in U9 HSSSP Mini Tennis competition for the first time. The competition boasted its highest attendances to date with 10 local schools participating. 
The Framlingham team comprised of four Year 3 pupils who displayed great ability, confidence and determination against older and arguably more game-ready opponents. Every member of the team were victorious on at least one occasion and would have experienced more success if a few more close decisions had gone their way. I am very proud of the team for their efforts, conduct and sportsmanlike attitude and would like to encourage them to continue playing, practising and enjoying their tennis for many years to come. Special thanks also to Mrs Ambrose and Mr Shakeshaft for their excellent support on the day.

Report by Mr B-K