Thursday, 24 May 2018


Week 6 - Class JC

Our final week at Robin Wood and the children were keen to start with a game of 'Eagle Eyes', before getting busy exploring the wood. Some children made mud potions in the digging area which developed into an imaginative underwater game with seaweed hanging from the trees. Great perseverance was shown by most of the children when attempting to light their own fairy fire using a fire steel. They remembered the three key elements needed to make fire - heat, fuel and oxygen.
Everyone made a cookie pendant using a palm drill and enjoyed being creative, decorating their pendant to remind them of Forest School. 

Please check if you are missing a school sweatshirt!

We have rather a lot on the lost property box!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Road Safety Week

We kicked off Road Safety Week ( & our Walk to School week) with an assembly run by the year 5 JRSO's with Mrs Ambrose.
They were pleased to welcome PCSO Hassler from the local Safer Neighbourhood team, to help support the messages on road safety to the children.

Friday, 18 May 2018


Week 5

We began the session by throwing our seed bombs that we made at our last session, to try and increase the wildlife in the area. We gathered around the fire circle to learn about how to be safe around a fire and what we need to light a fire.The children then set off around the woodland to find different size sticks, which they sorted in to piles before building the fire. We then made and cooked some damper bread, using our skewers that we whittled last week.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Volunteer Thank You Tea

Thank you for your support

A thank you message to the community that supports us here at Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's Primary School.
Today our Year 5 pupils hosted a wonderful ‘Thank You Tea’ for all the amazing volunteers and benefactors who help and contribute to our school. 

Without the fantastic support that we receive from the local community, governors and parents we would be unable to give the children all the terrific opportunities that they receive.
So THANK YOU to all those who help with reading, art, cookery, swimming, sport, sewing, singing, Forest Schools, gardening, fundraising, donations and much, much more.


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Releasing our butterflies

Today Nursery took their recently emerged butterflies to the field to be released! One of them was too busy feeding on the flower to fly off, so we put it on the wood stack in Robin Wood. We were amazed to see its long proboscis tongue feeding before we put it there. The others fluttered off across the grass and we enjoyed watching their journey as we had a picnic snack. How lovely!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Hatching butterflies in Nursery

We have been very excited to have caterpillars in Nursery which have eaten and eaten and grown and grown! About two weeks ago they transformed into chrysalides and we moved them into their net habitat.

 We were very excited today as three of them hatched out! We have made some sugar water to feed them and got some fruit that they like to feed on too. We are looking forward to seeing the remaining two emerge and also seeing their amazing long tongue in action!

Class LH "wriggle and crawl" in Robin Wood!

Class LH visited Robin Wood this morning as part of the introduction to the new topic “Wriggle and Crawl” to find mini-beasts.   

First of all, we talked about the habitat and the environment that mini-beasts live in.  We looked under logs, in bushes and in trees and found a huge range of millipedes, centipedes, beetles, woodlouse, slugs, worms, and ants.  We used an identification chart to work out the name and type of the mini-beast – this was especially useful when we were identifying the millipedes and centipedes! 

We took photos of them in their habitats too and also of some of the bug pots which we had collected them in.   We thought about how many legs they had, how they moved, did they have eyes or feelers, the size, how many body segments there were.  We clearly identified the beetle having an exoskeleton and talked about the fact that mini-beasts are invertebrates. 

Searching in the undergrowth.

Heads down - great teamwork!

A small collection of worms, millipedes and centipedes. 

Working well in pairs finding beetle and millipedes.

Using the identification cards to record our findings.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Week 4

We enjoyed a lovely morning at Robin Wood starting with a great game of 'Eagle Eyes'. The eagle found it a challenge to find the children as their hiding skills are improving each week. This week we introduced a sheath knife to the group and each child had a go at whittling a skewer in preparation for campfire cooking. They all were eager to have a go, they listened well to instructions and showed great concentration and skill when using the knife. Also, small groups of children worked together to make seed bombs ready for throwing next week, as well as accessing on-going activities in the wood.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Inter School Swimming Gala Swimming

On 24th April 2 teams of 8 swimmers walked up to Framlingham college to take part in the inter school swimming gala. 11 teams took part in the competition and at the half way point SRH Framingham and SRH Debenham were neck and neck for 1st place. This made the teams even more determined, cheering each other on and showing great sportsmanship between each other and the other teams. There were some very impressive swims the wholes team. Some of the highlights were Isaac swimming breast stroke in 18 seconds, Matthew swimming breast stroke in 19.9 seconds and Finlay swimming front crawl in 14.9 seconds. In the relay races there was 1 second between our A team and B team with times of 1 min 16 sec and 1 min 17 sec. Overall Framlingham B team placed 3rd and Framlingham A team placed 1st. This means that a team will be going to the country finals in July.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Forest School

Week 3

Another busy morning at Forest School.The children enjoyed learning a new hiding game called 'Eagle eyes' - they managed to find some good hiding places where the eagle could not see them. To follow on from their minibeast interests and knowledge, the children made their own minibeast using clay and natural resources from the woodland. Other activities consisted of large den building, bug hunts, knot tying, drumming, planting shrubs, making bridges in the digging area and having fun rolling down the hills!