Thursday, 21 June 2018

Dedication of the School Pavilion in honour of Mr Brook

At the opening of our annual Sports Day today, the school dedicated the Sports Pavilion in honour of David Brook, our teacher and friend who sadly passed away earlier this year.
We wanted a lasting memory of Mr Brook for future children and so have named it the 'Brook Pavilion'.
Mrs Picton gave a dedication speech to the children and families, following which Mrs Jane Brook revealed the new plaque.

Mrs Picton's dedication speech:

David Brook loved Sport's Day - he said it was one of the best days of the school year.  He was passionate about children taking part in sports which were competitive and also fun.  He was passionate about every child achieving their best in sports and in life - in short he was passionate about giving opportunities to children to succeed.
First and foremost a family man - David Brook combined his love of teaching and sport in to his role of coach at school level and club level.  His encouragement and skill gave children the best chance to flourish in sports and PE - and they did.
Today we celebrate all David Brook has taught us - children and adults.
His determination and fortitude during his illness is an inspiration for anyone who faces a challenge.  His ability to take the positives from any situation and develop them into something wonderful gives us all a clear message to do the same, today and always.
His resilience in the face of illness gives us all hope and his determination to overcome the barriers in life gives us a role model to follow.
Sportsmanship was the foundation of his teaching, and children, today, there will be some of you who win, and some of you who don't, but you are always winners by taking part, individually or as a team, and by being the best sportsperson you can be.
Mr Brook was passionate about making lasting memories for children and to honour him for today's children at Sir RObert Hitcham's and for generations to come we name the pavilion the 'Brook Pavilion'. 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Summer Fun at the Fete!

What a truly wonderful event on our school field on Friday evening - the most brilliant Summer Fete!
Not only was there a splendid Hat Parade, Street Dance display, Tug-o-war and Kuk Sool Won demonstration, but we were also lucky enough to have a fabulous Suffolk Punch Horse at the Fete.
There are lots of photos on the school website and a few tasters below.

Friday, 15 June 2018


Week 2 - Class AB

What a busy morning at Robin Wood! We started the morning with a tree identification game before moving onto free play. The children enjoyed lots of activities such as mud painting with natural paintbrushes, making clay insects using items found within the woodland, mini-beast hunts, small den building, and collecting wood ready for a campfire. The children amazed us with their enthusiasm and creativity.

Summer Fete Today - Wow! What a cake!

Mrs Ryall has crafted a truly beautiful "Summer Hat" cake for today's "Guess the Weight of the Cake" competition at the Fete.

Come along from 3.15pm today to the FIELD 
at the top of COUCY CLOSE 
but please do not park in that road.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Roadsafety Street Feet Training

Today our Junior Road Safety Officers helped train the Recption children on the safe use of pavements, and how to cross roads.
Thanks to the SCC RoadSafe team who came to support them.

Year 6 PE Afternoon

On Wednesday, we went to TMHS to spend an afternoon with the current Y7, playing sports. It was a fantastic afternoon, where the children saw old school friends and played different sports.
We were welcomed by the whole of Y7 and put into teams; some of us were with Y6s from different schools.
All in all it was an afternoon of fun and the children got to see and talked to others who have experienced what they are about to go through.
Finally, all of the children were well-behaved and were a credit to the school.
Thank you for a lovely afternoon.

We were lucky enough to be able to see the OVO Women's Tour on it's return leg into Framlingham too!

OVO Podium, Rideout & Support Photos

We have uploaded the photos of our Year 5 children to a website Gallery from yesterday's race, including those of the children who were 'Mascots' on the stage with the teams pre-race. 
The mascots for the team that won this first stage were even on televsion...