Monday, 28 February 2011

Whole School Letter (28)

There will be NO Travelling Book Fair this year due to space and management issues with it over previous years. Instead we are sending out Scholastic Book leaflets to all children today, for which you can use the World Book Day £1 tokens to reduce the price of your order. Please remember we CANNOT accept cash for book orders. Please pay by cheque, payable to ‘Scholastic Ltd’ or fill in the credit card details on the order form. The deadline for returning orders is Friday 11 March – don’t forget to include the Book token in the envelope with your order and payment.

World Book Day Ltd has issued £1 book tokens to each child in the school which are enclosed with this letter. They can be redeemed with the Scholastic leaflet (above) or at any bookshop participating in the promotion and are valid from Monday 28 February to Sunday 27 March 2011.

Class GH are having their Share Session this Wednesday, 2 March, from 1.20pm – 3.00pm.

MID-YEAR REPORTS – Friday 4 March
Mid-year reports for pupils in Years 1 – 6 will be sent home this Friday. They are addressed to you as parents, and we ask that the children do not open them before they give them to you. We have changed the reports this year; you will notice a different layout and a change to the marking. In light of this change we would appreciate parents adding any comments to the reply slip contained within the report envelope.

YOUNG ART EAST ANGLIA – Friday 11 – Sunday 13 March
We are delighted to announce that 4 pupils’ art work has been selected to be displayed at Aldeburgh’s Peter Pears Gallery. Our congratulations go to Alexandra Cook; Molly Howard, Annie Miller and Anna Wray who have been chosen from over 1800 entries. This annual competition is run in aid of Cancer Research UK. Everyone is welcome to visit the gallery to look at the exhibition on Friday 1pm – 5.30pm, Saturday 12pm – 5.30pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm. Adult entrance fee £2 to the charity, children free.

RED NOSE DAY – Friday 18 March
As in previous years we will be selling Red Noses at the office – there is a choice of designs, all at £1. We have enough for all children plus a few spare. They will be on sale from Monday 7 March until Wednesday 16 March. The children may only wear the Red Noses at school on Friday 18 March, so please keep them at home until then.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Whole School Letter (27)

The information in this letter does not apply to children in Nursery.

Due to the school closure this letter did not get sent out on Friday 18 Feb

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am amazed that the Half Term break is upon us already, my first 7 weeks as the Headteacher of our wonderful School has flown by. During this half term I have been familiarising myself with the many facets of school life in Framlingham. Everyone has been wonderfully helpful and supportive to me and I have enjoyed meeting many families, colleagues and local community members.
The children have been so welcoming and caring. Their positive attitude to school is uplifting and their successes well deserved.
The Senior Leadership Team and the whole staff have, this half term, been discussing a number of areas across the school which could be further developed. One such area is reporting to parents:

On Friday 4 March children in Years 1-6 will receive a Spring report which recognises your child’s achievements in the key areas of English and Maths and also recognises the effort which your child makes within those areas. There is also space for teachers to write a general comment.
This is a new format which we hope you will agree gives an overview of your child’s progress so far. We would really appreciate your feedback and comments on the format change as we are using this as a trial. We will produce termly reports in future; the Summer report will be more detailed and will include all curriculum areas, whilst the Autumn report would follow this Spring format.

Parent Consultation
In addition to written reports we are organising two Parent Consultation dates on Tuesday 15 March and Wednesday 16 March from 3.30- 6.00pm. We recognise that these dates are short notice and the times may not be convenient but if you would like to attend a five minute ‘grown up only’ appointment to discuss the report for your child you would be most welcome and it would help with our forward planning for next year. You do not have to make an appointment if you do not wish to.

The booking procedure for making an appointment will be contained with the report on 4 March.

Reception parents - although you will not receive a report this term, you are still most welcome to make a 5 minute appointment on the 15/16 March to discuss your child’s ‘Learning Journey’; during the week of 7 March there will be a list with the class teachers for you to sign up for a time slot.

I do hope that you all have a restful half term break and that it is a time to recover from any recent illness you may have encountered since January.

Friday, 18 February 2011

School taken over by National Grid Emergency Team

This was the scene on our back playground this morning.
As you probably know, the gas went off in the areas of Framlingham, Hatcheston and Parham. The school was an emergency centre run by the national grid, and was therefore closed. The national grid gave out electric heaters and small cookers to people in Fram with no gas. They had to get an emergency vehicle all the way from Birmingham! It will be warm again on Monday…..(hopefully!) The salvation army were here, as were the police. The car park and the back playground were full of national grid vans. Even Look East here at one point! 
 by George Harold and Anthony Picton.

see report on BBC News website
Watch East news for a report which features the school, Church and local residents.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

School Closed Friday due to Gas main being cut

Within the last few minutes we have been told that the gas main into Framlingham, Hacheston and Parham has been cut. SRH School is needed as an emergency centre on Friday. The school will be used by the energy provider to hand out electric heaters etc to local residents. The school of course will have no gas for heating and cooking. The problem will be sorted out over the half term holiday. Hopefully this will not inconvenience our community too much. I'm sure that the children will be happy about an extra day of half term holiday.

Cake Stall After School Tomorrow

Please come to the Friends cake stall at the front playground shelter on Friday. The cakes this time are being made by children / parents of classes DB & RV so they are going to be delicious (so they tell me!). 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Netball Bulstrode v Hitcham

On the 14th of February there was a netball match during a warm lunchtime. The score was  : Hitcham 1-0 Bulstrode.  Here are some action shots. Photos by Mia Mayhew and Report by Mia, Jasmine and Brooke (class DB).

Monday, 14 February 2011

Whole School Letter 26

MID YEAR REPORTS - ADVANCE NOTICEMid-year reports will be coming out on Friday 4 March; further information will follow at the end of this week regarding opportunities to discuss your child’s progress with teachers if required.

UPDATE ON CROSSING PATROLI would like to keep you informed of the action we have been taking with regard to the proposed SCC axing of the Crossing Patrol Service. Many parents have sent in letters of protest to SCC as well as registering on the on-line petition, and we thank you for your support. Within the school the Junior Road Safety Officers have gathered over 300 signatures for a petition which has been submitted – and we are told it was the best petition they received. The school have made contact with our MP, Dr Daniel Poulter and local County Councillor, Colin Hart. Mr Hart has visited the school to see the issues first hand and has taken up our cause with great feeling. With his support we are hopeful of action in being allowed to replace our Crossing Patrol officer despite the SCC recruitment freeze, and are developing a longer term plan to sustain the service by other means if the County Council do decide to axe the service. Schools have been told that they will not be allowed to fund the Crossing Patrol from the schools budget, so there will be a need to find continued long term funding from elsewhere - we welcome any ideas parents can offer on this.

CAKE STALL – Friday 18 February
On Friday 18 February, the Friends will be holding a cake stall in the pavilion on the front playground straight after school. Classes DBGM and RV are baking for this event, please remember to bring some pocket money. Any parents from these classes who are happy to help price the cakes at 9am, or to set up to sell them from 2.30pm please let the office know.

HALF TERM – Monday 21 – Friday 25 FebruaryThe last day of this half term is this Friday, and the children return to school on Monday 28 February.

FRIENDS FAMILY FILM NIGHT – NEW DATE Friday 11 MarchDespite low numbers for the KS1 Film Night, feedback on running this type event in the future has been very positive. The Friends are proposing another Film Night on Friday 11th March - full details will be sent out after half term. This will be a Film Night for the whole family to enjoy - all are welcome. We are hoping to show Alpha and Omega (U cert.) which is due for release on DVD at the end of February.
So why not be one of the first to watch it? Ticket price will be £1 per person or £3 for a family ticket. Snack Packs will be available for the children and a licenced bar for the adults. If this type of event proves to be a hit, the Friends plan to hold these on a regular basis. All films will be shown under a specific licence, which allows access to certain new films, 10-12 weeks after being in the cinema and before DVD release. Our very own Sir Robert Hitcham's premieres!

SPIRITUALITY & THE CHILD ART PROJECTIf you have any cardboard boxes/tubes/egg boxes (all shapes and sizes needed, but not toilet rolls) or any newspapers please can you send them into school? We require them for an art project we are running with the Church, before 2 March please. Thank you.

CHILD-FRIENDLY OARS/PADDLESDo you have an unwanted pair of child's oars/paddles that the Reception children could have for their outside pay area? If so please can you give them to Mrs Hopkins. Thank you.


Please can more children have letters by email
because lots of letters get scrunched up
at the bottom of their bags.

Letters never get given to their mum or dad.
This is a waste of paper

If we don’t do anything about it trees
are going to get cut down for no reason

and think of the world without any trees,
There would be no paper, no houses and
no wooden instruments.

We would be in a right old state.
Just imagine no trees at all.
Just think about it for one moment!

From Freya
(Eco Councillor)


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Just Different: Disability Workshops

This is Emily she is a disabled adult after she had a spinal cord injury 5 years ago. Emily talked to key stage 2 & key stage 1 children in their own classes. She talked to us about every day life and how she coped after the accident. After the accident her friends looked after her and helped her get to the stage she is now.

Emily also talked about differences about disabled and able bodied people. She said we are all the same but some people need different things.
by Ella (class DB)

A lovely disabled women named Emily came to talk to our class. She said that being in a wheel chair isn’t that bad and doing activities like sport and daily things like getting in to a car isn’t that hard. Emily’s hobbies include playing wheel chair basket ball and going to different countries. In the photo above you can see me (Billy) playing basketball with Emily.
Billy (class DB)

Every class in the school got the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Emily. Here she is with class LC (Year 1 and 2 children).
Click on the image above to go to the JUSTDIFFERENT website. You can find out much more about what they do.
We would recomend their workshops to other schools. Emily was a teacher before her acident and is now a trained presenter (with a Masters Degree in Disability Studies) for JUSTDIFFERENT in the Suffolk area.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Mills v Howard House Netball Ends in a Draw

On the 8th February Mills and Howard played a house netball match during a lovely sunny lunchtime.
You can see the Howard team above and the Mills team below plus a few action shots. The match finished 1-1. Report and photos by Jasmine Prime (class DB).

Monday, 7 February 2011

Whole School Letter (25)

Due to insufficient ticket applications, the Friends are very sorry to have CANCEL this Friday’s Film Night. They are sorry to disappoint the children, but due to the costs involved they would not break even on this event. All money will be returned to those who had paid for a ‘snack pack’.

Sainsbury’s have again started handing out vouchers for their Active Kids Campaign. We will be collecting them in school between 9 February and 31 May 2011. In the past we have been able to swap the vouchers for some excellent Sports resources. Thank you.

Tesco are again running their campaign for schools, to provide computers and/or sports equipment. We will be collecting the vouchers from 28 February until 8 May; the box will be outside the school office.

VALENTINE’S DAY LUNCH – Monday 14 February
SCC Catering are cooking a special Valentine’s lunch on Monday 14 February. The menu includes:
Fish in the Clouds (baked fish in batter); St Valentines Stir Fry Vegetables in Noodles; Chips; Beans; Sweetcorn; Valentine Lovecake (Heart Shape cookie and strawberry whip).

Monday night Guides in Framlingham has sadly closed at present because of insufficient Guide Leaders and Assistants. If you are aged between 18 - 65 (70 for assistants) and would be interested in working with girls aged 10 - 15 please contact Claire Norman (Tuesday Guide Leader) on 017298 724372 or email her on She is very happy to talk to anyone about what is involved in being a leader / assistant; you don’t need any special skills and not everyone has to like camping! It is a fun and rewarding role, and with full on-the-job training. Meetings are on Monday evenings at the Scout and Guide HQ 7-9pm.

Wednesday Cubs is also in need of adult leaders. No experience is required, just an enthusiasm to work with cubs aged 8-10½, full training and support provided. It is an ideal opportunity for a dad to get involved with their son’s activities. Applicants can be male or female aged 18+. Please contact Tony Campbell on 01728 724611 or email Cubs meet on Wednesdays 6.45 – 8.15pm.




Dear Parents

Everyone knows of the economic crisis that is affecting this country, and you will all be well aware of the cut-backs the Government need to make. Schools will be affected by this and we will have to manage our finances very carefully over the coming years to do our best for the children.

There is a way, however, that we can get more funding from the government; the main measure they are using to calculate how much ‘extra’ cash each school gets is based on how many of the children are registered for ‘Free School Meals’.

Below is the information used to determine whether your family income and circumstances mean you are able to register for a free meal each day for your children; at £2.10 per day, this can save a family with 2 children at school nearly £800.

Even if your child does not take up their free school meal every day, and has a packed lunch, it will still mean the school gets the additional funding.

It has become vitally important that where children are entitled to receive this, their formal registration is made as soon as possible, please.

If any parent would like additional information related to registering Free School Meal entitlement please do not hesitate to contact Free School Meals CSD Finance on Tel 01502 405177 or the School Office, who will handle this confidentially and sensitively.

We hope this information is beneficial, and I thank you for your continued support for our school.
Yours sincerely

Revd Graham Owen
Chair of Governors

SCC Guideline - Free School Meals

Your child will be able to get free school meals if you get any of the following benefits:

• Income Support

• Income based Job Seeker’s Allowance

• Income related Employment and Support Allowance

• Guarantee element of Pension Credit

• Child Tax Credit as long as you do not get a Working Tax Credit and your taxable income is less than £16,190

• If you are supported under Part IV of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

If you are a young person aged 16 to 19 and claim any of the above benefits in your own right and you are still in full-time education, you are also entitled to free school meals

Note: From 1 May 2009 where a parent is entitled to Working Tax Credit during the four-week period immediately after their employment ceases, or after they start to work less than 16 hours per week, their children are entitled to free school lunches.

To claim free school meals you need to get a form from the school office, or alternatively you may contact Free School Meals CSD Finance on Tel 01502 405177 or go to and follow the links to Free School Meals for further information and to download a form.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Class CH Assembly

Class CH (Reception children) had their assembly this afternoon. It was an opportunity for the children to show their work (on a teme of journeys) from the last few weeks. There was some lovely paintings, Chinese lanterns, maps, trains and writing. They even sang a French song.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Funky Pop Club

Funky Pop is a new after school club which is proving to be very popular. It involves lots of dance activities and currently has about 30 children taking part after school on Fridays.

Knitting Club Finished Projects

Some of the children in the after school knitting club have just finished a project. They have been knitting scarves for their toys (teddies). The club this year is very popular with 8 children and 3 adults. See Mrs Pascoe if you are interested in joining.

Homemade Sci-fi Film by Year 6 Pupuil

Jed Seeley (class DB) has been writing and drawing his own stories about a character called Nincompoop. With Mr Brook's assistance he has turned the drawings into a movie. Each of the 25 drawings was digitally photographed and edited. They were imported into 'Movie Maker' and given sound effects and music. You can watch the film below. Jed has written several other stories which he intends to turn into films soon.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Display Francais dans le refectoire

Mademoiselle Montague avec Madam Borg have put up a display of French work (in the school hall) by children from all classes in the school. You can see everything, that is on the display, on the short video below these photos.