Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Leavers Service 2008

The Leavers Service was held as usual in St Michael's church, Framlingham.

The church was packed with Key Stage 2 children and parents. The year 6 children all presented a piece of their work from their last year at primary school. The standard and range of work was very impressive. There was art work, music, poetry, french conversation, short stories and technology. Some of the highlights can be seen in the videos below.The service also included the presentation of achievement certificates to each leaver plus awards for english, maths, science and art.

Clarinet and Flute group

Edelweiss from The Sound of Music

My favourite things from The Sound of Music

French conversation

Robert the hedgehog has a Sleepover

On the last day of school, Robert the new road safety mascot went for a sleepover with Georgie, Molly and Miriam. When we got home we created a movie including Robert, who had a starring role!! Then we left for some Triathlon training at the College, Robert couldn't come in incase he drowned (he hasn't had lessons yet!!!)

When the training finished, we went to get our fish and chips. Robert used up all the ketchup (mainly on himself.) Then we legged it upstairs, to get a duvet and our pyjamas so we could watch a movie. We sat down with a massive chocolate bar, fruit pastilles, turned on "Step Up 2, The Street" Robert snuggled down between Georgie and Miriam.

The next morning, when we got up he helped us waffle down a huge pile of pancakes. Then we ran outside, jumped on the trampoline, bounced for about 2 minutes. We went over to the garage and played ping-pong! Robert wasn't very good... I think he needs lessons on this too!!!

Finally when Miriam went home and so did Georgie, Robert went back to bed!!!!

By Georgie, Molly and Miriam

Monday, 21 July 2008

Prickles' Little Brother - Our new Road Safety Mascot

This morning the name for our new Road Safety Hedgehog was picked out from all the competition entries.
The winning name is 'ROBERT', this name was suggested by both Annie Smith and Hannah Whiteley - so well done to them - a prize will be on it's way and next term they each get to look after Robert for a week.
Look out for Robert on the Blog over the summer as he is spending his holiday with one of the current Junior Road Safety Officers.
Photo of our JRSO Suffolk runners up winners.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Highlights of the school year

The film below is a tribute to the children moving on from our Year 6 this summer.

The year 6 leavers enjoyed the last day shirt signing tradition.

Friday, 18 July 2008


As this letter brings another school year to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our hardworking staff, pupils, parents and helpers for the incredibly successful year we have had this year. Have a well deserved rest over the holidays. I wish the Year 6 children well on their move to high school and look forward to welcoming the rest of you back on 2 September together with all our new starters.

I am proud to report our KS2 SATs results:
Level 4 and above English 87% Maths 83% Science 92%
Level 5 and above English 45% Maths 36% Science 47%
I think that you will agree with me that congratulations are due to all the children concerned, and of course, to the teachers too.

As some of you may be aware, following our Ofsted, we also had a Church School Ofsted Inspection. I am delighted to announce that we received an ‘Outstanding’ assessment for this and would like to thank all the staff for their hard work in the run up to this, especially Mrs Colchester our RE co-ordinator. Please find a copy of the report with this letter.

Mrs Lord and Mrs Dwyer will continue to share their class next year. Mrs Lord will teach each Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Dwyer will teach each Thursday and Friday and they will alternate Wednesdays. Their class will be known as Class PL/DD.

To encourage children to read over the summer holiday, Framlingham Library are running a ‘reading scheme’, this year’s theme is ‘Sport (Olympics)’. The children must register and need to read 6 books – fiction or non-fiction (must include one non-fiction) – during the school holidays. A presentation and medal will be given to successful children at the end of the summer holidays in the Library. PLEASE ASK AT THE LIBRARY FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Our Leavers’ Service will be held at St Michael’s Church on Monday 21 July at 1.30pm. Parents are warmly welcomed to this event. Pupils in Key Stage 2 will attend this service and they will be joined by younger siblings of Year 6 children who are at present in Key Stage 1. Parents are welcome to take their children home from the church although they may have to return to school to collect their belongings.

Following the success of last year’s photo competition we are running another one this summer. The photo must have been taken by the children themselves and one photo per child can be submitted (no bigger than A4 please). Please write on the back information about the photograph, the child’s name and class. The children can hand their photos in to me during the first week back and they will be judged according to their age. All children are welcome to enter with small prizes to the winners. A display of all the photos will be arranged for all to view. Any digital photos can also be e-mailed to Mr Brook for inclusion on the school BLOG, send to

Well done to the children and helpers of Knitting Club who produced the lovely blanket that was raffled at the school fete – and thank you to all who bought a raffle ticket - £60 was raised.

Thank you, we have collected over 7000 vouchers, this has enabled us to order a range of cooking equipment for the children to use in DT.

I am pleased to let you know that our Year 5 JRSO’s were awarded Runners Up in the ‘Junior Road Safety Officers of the Year’ in the SCC annual competition, so well done to Josie Blades, Sam Cooke, Reuben Higgins and Molly Miller for all their work this year.

Hours: FRIDAYS 11.45am to 1.05pm
Hours: 11.45am to 1.05pm on an occasional basis when the need arises to cover regular staff
Rate of Pay: £6.37 per hour plus 12.99% holiday pay = £7.198 per hour
For further information please contact the school office: 01728 723354
Messages on the answer phone will be picked up during the holidays

May I wish everyone a happy and enjoyable summer.

Fire Engine in School

Don't worry there wasn't a fire!
The Framlingham fire engine and two firemen came in to see our foundation children.

Great year of Sport

It has been a very busy year of sport at Robert Hitchams. We have been sucessful in a range of district tournaments. We finished 1st in 3 competitions, runners up in two and 3rd in three others.

We have also had a series of inter house competitions involving a huge number of children.

Each house won at least one of the sports competitions. Bulstrode had a particularly sucessful year.

House Cricket has exciting finish

The House cricket league had an exciting finish.
Howard won against Hitcham - this left both of them with one win each and joint 3rd place.
Bulstrode went into their match with Mills with 2 wins out of 2. However, Mills completely outplayed Bulstrode to snatch 1st place in the competition. Well done to Oliver and his team.
All of these action shots plus the video below were taken by the children.

Video action from House cricket

House Netball

The last house match of the year saw Hitcham win against Howard.
This left Bulstrode in 1st place. Mills were 2nd, Hitcham 3rd and Howard 4th. Thanks to Mrs Elphick for running the Friday lunchtime Netball throughout the year.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Year 6 Camp Review

I would like to say thank you to all the children who came to Whitwell this year. The staff noticed how well you all coped with the weather and with sleeping in tents. There was no fuss over food and everybody joined in the acvtivities with enthusiasm. Judging by the volume of the singing - everybody seemed to have a great time.

I would particularly like to thank the staff who came to Whitwell this year: Mr Byer (despite being retired) was indespensible with his guitar, fire lighting, cups of tea, macrami etc; Mrs Spencer had her first experience of Whitwell - many more to come!; Mrs Morgan - thanks for geeing us all up in the middle of the week; Mrs Monk was a brilliant leader of Blue group; Mr Damien Harte (a good friend of the school) without whom we would all have gone hungry; Mrs Mawson for her enthusiasm during our Art Day; Helen Brook for her never ending energy and patience with the children. Thanks to Mrs Elphick for joining us on Thursday for the trip to the coast and for her hard work during the evening back at camp. I would also like to thank anybody that made a cake this year. It was a real treat mid morning and late afternoon to sample the huge variety of cakes on offer. They kept our energy levels topped up between meals / activities.

If you would like to order a DVD of photos and movies then see Mr Brook asap.

I thought you might like to hear about an interesting unexpected event - whilst waiting for our boat to Blakeney we met a group of children and their carers from Chernobyl (Belarus). They were spending a month in England getting fresh air, vitamins and good food. They are still suffering the aftereffects of the nuclear diaster in 1986. Click here to see details.
It was a timely reminder of how lucky we are to have our healthy children living in a beautiful country.