Friday, 22 March 2019

Air Ambulance on School Field

We were pleased to be able to help the Air Ambulance Service today as they landed their helicopter on our school field in order to quickly reach a local resident.

+Pay on ParentMail

Here’s an update on the new, easier way for you to make school payments via
+Pay on ParentMail, which is an online payment service which allows you to pay for dinner money, school items and trips quickly and easily on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

School Dinner Money
The office will update the days your child has had a school meal and add any cash transactions that have come in. We will do this only on a Monday & Friday morning.
Your account balance will therefore be up-to-date at lunchtime of every Monday & Friday.
Every Friday pm we will send a reminder to parents if their balance has dropped to £0 or below, if their child usually has a school lunch.

Trips or chargeable school run Clubs
You will be sent a Form which you MUST respond to, giving permission and indicating how you will pay.
You should also receive a notification to say the trip is in the Payments section of ParentMail, so you can pay online immediately.

Free ParentMail App
If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, we would highly recommend you download the App. If you haven’t previously downloaded it, then you can either search for “ParentMail” in your App store or click on the link in the attached leaflet.

We wish to become a cashless school office, so parents pay electronically using credit or debit cards.  If you are unable to make payments online you can continue to make cash and cheque payments at the office.
ParentMail is a secure site and your information will be protected by their high level security – for more information please see their website. Your bank statement will display either our school name or ParentMail, dependent on your payment method.
PLEASE NOTE: You can no longer pay via the Suffolk Council payment website – please delete this from your shortcuts if it was saved.

Some simple guidance instructions are attached.  If you need any additional information or assistance, please use the ParentMail help site: as the school office cannot help with any technical queries.

ParentMail messages - please check you junk folder

Outlook/Hotmail Spam Issue

We are aware of an issue with Outlook and Hotmail inboxes incorrectly classifying ParentMail emails as spam, meaning parents may be unaware of emails they are receiving from ParentMail. 

We highly recommend users download the ParentMail App to ensure you are receiving messages. 

Alternatively, please add

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Mr Gilder led an assembly 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'.  

He shared with us about how 'yesterday' was an event that happened in the past.  We talked about key events in our lives such as birthdays and weddings.  And also about other more historical key events in Framlingham such as Framlingham Castle and the Roman Road that passes through Suffolk. 

We shared events from 'today' and what is happening in the school and what would happen for the rest of today when we get home.  

We talked about 'tomorrow' and how it meant anything in the future.  He shared with us an orary of the Solar System and reminded us about important it is to look after the planet for the future.  Mr Gilder also noted that many of the children sat in the assembly today will be running Framlingham in the future such as shop assistants, car drivers, doctors, plumbers, electricians and many other trades. 

We finished with a prayer to thank God for the events from 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow'.

Mr Gilder sharing his orary. 



What another busy morning at Robin Wood! We started the morning discussing a duck that was visiting the woodland.

We then learnt about a fixed blade knife and how to use it. The children whittled a stick to create their own woodland elf.

All of the children helped to plant some trees that were donated by the Woodland trust.
The children kept themselves busy enjoying free play throughout the morning.

On Tuesday 19th March, two teams went to Brandeston for a school’s netball tournament. The emerging team played 6 matches, each one with enthusiasm and great team spirit throughout.
The development team played 5 different schools. They played with determination and perseverance; this paid off as they won their group competition.
Mrs Cockle and Miss Dineen were very proud of both teams as they were a joy to take, they had fun and demonstrated amazing sportsmanship. They gained so much through participating in a interschool tournament.

Science Week at Adastral Park

Last Monday, year 6 ventured to Adastral Park as part of BT’s Science Week programme of activities. They were put into small groups and saw science in action and how it could be effectively used in the future. 
Amongst many other displays, there was a shop and hospital of the future as well as a duplicate of Theresa May’s door! 
The children were able to see how finger print technology, eye recognition and virtual key chains worked to facilitate maximum security. 
Whilst looking at shop security mechanisms, children were able to see how shop owners could detect the demographic of people entering their shop and what part of the shop they frequented the most. 
After a structured tour, the children were able to visit stands which enabled them to experience technology such as virtual reality, etc. 
A truly inspirational experience for all involved.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Woodland Trust - Tree Donations

Our school is very grateful to the Woodland Trust for their wonderful donation of saplings which our Eco Council have been busy planting today on our school field.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Blip and Blop find a waterproof shelter

Class LH had the challenge to establish which material would make the best waterproof shelter for Blip and Blop who are coming to visit us from planet Zog.  

We discussed a variety of materials that we would use for our own shelters to keep us dry and shared ideas about the properties and their uses such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, stone, brick etc.  We understood why most houses are built from brick to keep us dry and had glass windows to keep the rain out but they were transparent so we could see in and out of the windows. 

The school has been lucky enough to be given some resources from the West Suffolk College whereby we could use a different variety of materials namely; newspaper, sugar cubes, plastic straws, spaghetti and cotton wool. 

One group experimenting with the sugar cubes to see if Blip and Blop would get wet.  They didn't get very wet at all but we had a great discussion about the amount of water that the sugar cube absorbed and that actually in the long run, they wouldn't be any use.  

Experimenting with newspaper which was not very waterproof.  Blip and Blop would have been very wet!

Carefully using the spaghetti to create the roof.  This worked quite well but then it did get soggy.

The plastic straws were one of the best although the groups had to work together to create a barrier of the straws so avoid the water seeping through. 

Using the cotton wool, the groups realised that the water drained through almost straight away. 

In conclusion, the plastic straws were the most suitable but we all understood that they would have to be held together very tightly.  The sugar cube was at first the one that most groups found didn't let much water through to Blip and Blop but once the cube had absorbed the water, it very quickly became obvious that this was not a good material to use for their long term shelter. 

Friday, 15 March 2019

How Red is your nose?

We are delighted that we have sold 440 Red noses this year, in aid of Comic Relief.
Here's class KM wearing theirs.

Thursday, 14 March 2019



Another windy day at Robin Wood but that didn't stop Class KM having a wonderful morning. We started the morning by learning how to manoeuvre around the fire circle safely in preparation for a campfire.

The children then discovered some magic ribbons hanging in the willow dome. They decided to create magic wands using sticks.

The children worked together to create a fantastic obstacle course, they showed great co-operation  and team work.  

We finished the morning with a snack and hot chocolate.

Can you hear the music????

The floors have been thumping today with the beat from the fantastic Bassistry Arts workshops in the hall.
Over the last 2 days, all the children have taken part in these brilliant music and beat workshops that has seen them singing and dancing.