Thursday, 16 May 2019



The nursery children enjoyed experiencing a campfire this week. They learnt about fire safety and used the respect position while safely toasting a marshmallow.

Each child had a turn at safely extinguishing the fire.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Nursery trip to the Castle

Today Nursery went to visit the Castle! 

The children walked up there beautifully and it was lovely to hear them chatting about what they could see and hear on the way. 
At the castle we looked at where the moat and drawbridge would have been and noticed the shape of the huge doorway. Inside we found the well and the man from the English Heritage told us that it was twice as deep as the walls were high! We shouted down to hear the echo. 
After that we galloped like knights over the grass and then enjoyed a book called In the Castle. Then we went up the steps to walk around the castle walls. We were amazed by how far we could see! We noticed the arrow slit windows and saw the mere where they used to catch the fish to eat and the fields where they hunted for the deer to eat as well as spotting the houses and even a wind turbine. Most excitingly we found a baby dragon up on the walls! It looked very lonely and so we asked if it would like to come back to Nursery with us. 
We went carefully down to have snack together and had a bit of a singsong before heading back to school with our precious baby dragon. What a lovely morning. Huge thanks to our helpers for making it possible!

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Thank you to the 'Friends of the school'

Crumble Kit

The staff and children would like to say a huge thank you to the ‘Friends of the School’ for buying us a class Crumble Kit....  it's not linked ( as some of you may think!) to baking or cooking apple crumble .....  but they are super new resources to support the DT and the computing curriculum.  We are very excited about these.  

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Venton were lucky enough to take year 3 and 4 to Adastral Park where they had an opportunity of using them.  Filled with ideas as to how they could be used in a cross –curricula format, they suggested that it would be a fantastic resource. 

The kits have now arrived in school and so we will have a staff training session soon and hope to see them up and running after half term. 

The kit is so versatile and offers so much potential for DT and computing!  Very exciting!

Thank you once again for this super resource.

Who's been Reading in my tent?

Reception children in Class CH had a wonderful storytime in the tent on the filed today.
We also had a lovely quiet time listening and playing 'Sleeping Lions'.

Monday, 13 May 2019

School Council Hard at Work

The School Council were hard at work weeding around the new planting on the bank by the back playground, which has taken well, but now needs some TLC.  
We will look out for weeds, in particular cleaver or sweethearts, to clear them to allow the new plants to flourish.
Thank you to the Friends for funding the planting.

Fun New Play Equipment!

Thank you to the Friends for our new play equipment which we look forward to using.
We have specially chosen smaller softer footballs for use in the back playground. Some of us found the ankle skips a challenge but we have one or two experts who will help us learn how to use them.
Equipment is also for the front playground and we have some washable skipping ropes which we hope will last longer.
Thank you from all the children and the School Council who had fun trying the new items out today.

Thursday, 9 May 2019



The nursery children created a large birds nest using the skills they have learnt to move and carry large sticks.

          The children worked well together to make the nest big enough for everyone to fit inside.

 They then used their imagination to pretend they were eggs hatching and slowly growing into fledglings that flew the nest.

There were lots of free activities for the children to enjoy including 'bash bash' pictures, potion making, bug hunting, and having fun in muddy puddles.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Open the book

This afternoon's assembly was retelling the "Storm on the lake".  We heard about how Jesus's friends were worried when the storm blew but Jesus calmed the wind and the waves and reassured his friends on the boat that all would be well.  

The waves began to rise.

The boat rocking from side to side with worried friends of Jesus on board. 

After the story, we were invited to think about a time when we have been worried ourselves.  We then prayed that in times of worry, Christians believe that God is with us and will help us. 

Friday, 3 May 2019

Buzzing around a 'Scented garden'

Class LH launched the topic for this term, 'Scented Garden', by visiting Robin Wood and exploring the school playing field to look for signs of Spring and new growth.  We found many buds, dandelions and daisies, and a variety of insects.  We noticed that a lot of the trees were a bright lime green colour and we used the cameras to record the evidence that Spring is on its way!  We are going to take photos of the same trees at the end of term and see how much the canopy has changed. 

 Identifying new growth on the chestnut trees.

Searching for the buds as a sign of new growth

At the end of the morning, we examined a yellow dandelion flower and compared it to the "white fluffy" head with the seeds ready to disperse.  George pretended to be the wind and tried to blow the seeds off the head.  We will be learning more about seeds. 

Class LH have also been doing some off-line coding negotiating our way as bees around some flowers.  We ‘programmed’ each other to buzz from one flower to another in order to find some pollen for pollination.  Some of us had to ‘debug’ our 'algorithms' and start again to make them more accurate so that we landed ON the flowers and not next to them!!

 Speaking to each other to debug the route and working in teams to find a better algorithm. 

Fergus measuring the length of the gap to program the bee from one flower to get to another. 

After that, in computing, we then used the bee-bots to negotiate a way around a flower garden.  The bees had to avoid the nasty weed killer that the gardeners sometimes used.    We worked in groups to layout the garden and then worked as a team to decide on the best route before programming the bee-bot to get from one beehive to another.   Lots of discussion ensued about debugging the algorithm in order to make it more accurate.  

Finding a way around to avoid the weed killer

Debugging the layout and changing cards around to help with the bee-bot journey.

Teamwork - talking about where the flowers should go before starting the algorithm 

We're buzzing at the great start of our 'Scented Garden' topic!

'Hope for the future' assembly

Mr Vipond's assembly was  based upon our theme of hope for this term.  He shared a beautiful story from Winnie-the Pooh.  

Mr Vipond talked about piglet's hope in the story for his friends.  He then reminded us that the hope for the future can come from those who are very small, just as Jesus was a very small baby who filled our lives with hope.  Christians share the love of Jesus with others and the hopes for the future .  Mr Vipond urged us to love one another and be kind and to understand that small acts of kindness create hope.  They are necessary and they do make a difference. 

Thursday, 2 May 2019



We began the morning playing a game of  '1,2,3 Where are you?' 

We then discovered some woolly worms scattered around the woodland and a nest full of fledglings. The children were given the task of teaching the fledglings how to fly and collect food.

We discovered the worms were different sizes and colours and discussed how the colours helped to camouflage them in the trees making some harder to find than others.

The rest of the morning was spent making potions and perfumes, bug hunting, creating meals in the mud kitchen, investigating and mark making with mud, and developing physical skills through balancing and building obstacle courses.

What a lovely, busy morning!