Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Class JC bring on the "Good Times"

Mrs Colchester shared her final class assembly with the school.  Class JC retold the story of the Pentecost.  The class shared their thoughts and ideas about what they have enjoyed over their year in Class JC.  

They then shared their worries for the future which were written on balloons and were then released, signifying letting go of their worries.

The balloons being released symbolising the worries disappearing. 

The assembly finished with an amazing dance routine to "Good Times" - not only the children had learnt it but they were also joined by Mrs Colchester and Mr Peck.

Monday, 15 July 2019



Class CMC enjoyed spending the whole day at Robin Wood last Thursday. The children helped to prepare lunch as well as accessing on going activities independently.

Friday, 12 July 2019

She's Behind You!!! Cinderella & Rockerfella Review

Our Cinderella & Rockerfella production went down an absolute storm at the Framlingham College Theatre.
A truly wonderful performance from the Year 6 of 2019. A display of confidence, enthusiasm and fun from every pupil that took part.
Set against an incredible backdrop, provided by families from the school, the children sang beautifully and acted confidently.
There were many standout performances, including parts that allowed all pupils to shine with the many talents that they have, from playing musical instruments, to dance, to gym, as well as singing and acting.
The children were engaged, focused and worked as a team to produce an amazing performance, to a theatre packed with a very proud audience.
There was a real sense of celebration of how far the children have developed during their time at Sir Robert Hitchams and an overwhelming feeling of happiness and achievement from all that took part.
A very well done to everyone that played their part in making this year’s performance a huge success.What a talented group of performers - well done to you all!
Special thanks go to all the staff and parents who worked so hard to deliver this amazing production
There are lots more photos on the Website gallery.


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Class LH zoom off with their vehicles!

Following on from sketching the vehicles on the playground on Monday, Class LH have also discussed what vehicles are used for - ie transporting goods or people.  We then examined a variety of vehicles and talked abut the wheels, the lights, doors etc and how they were good for their purpose. 

We have designed our own vehicles and using a range of resources created our own vehicles.  We have a range of cars, army tanks, caravans, buses, aeroplanes, lorries and vans. 

Using the plan to work our the wheel base for the army tank. 

Problem solving - the axles were quite tight for the wheels to be pushed on so had to adapt the wheels. 

Sharing resources and teamwork.

Army tank and a caravan, complete with convertible bed and pillows!

Cargo lorry and a bus. 

We used our plans to help us and have thought about what we would do differently next time. 

Year 6 Production

Did you catch the Year 6 show yesterday?
Last performance of Cinderella and Rockerfella takes place tonight.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Key Stage 1 - sketching cars

This afternoon Class JC, Class LH and Class CMC had the opportunity of sketching a range of cars - a small hatchback, a sports car and 4 x 4.  The idea was to look at the features of the vehicles in preparation for designing their own vehicles which we will be making in DT.  All the children were able to have the opportunity of sketching all the cars from a variety of angles. 

The children noted the makes and models of the cars too.  We also talked about the parts of the vehicles and where and how they were positioned on the cars.  

Camp - group photo

We now have Mr Byer's photos from camp - so these have been added to the website gallery.

Friday, 5 July 2019

News from Camp - Thursday

A day to remember for the Year 6 Campers - playing in the sand at Wells, boat trips to the seals at Blakeney, and a camp show to wrap up the week.
Early start for everyone tomorrow packing up the site ready to set off home.

See the website gallery for more images.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Road Safety walk for Class LH

Class LH went for Road Safety walk around Framlingham today.  As part of our ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ topic, we also compared the signs, lampposts and post boxes to some that we had seen at the East Anglian Transport Museum on our school trip.  

There were some houses that reminded us of the houses in the ‘Great Fire of London’ with the wooden beams and white painted fronts.  We talked about how London would have been full of similar houses before the fire.  At the top of Double Street,  we noted the VR on the letter box and were able to compare this to the letter box on the Market hill with EIIR on it.

Back to the Road Safety, we identified good places to cross and also talked about places which were not safe to cross.  We found the zebra crossing and identified the flashing beacon lights and the tactile paving on each side.  We spotted double yellow lines, single white lines and talked about the road signs and how they have changed from the 'olden' days ie they were much bigger and used colour.

On Double Street, we were able to practise crossing the road in pairs on our own.   When we finally arrived back on New Road, we then crossed this on our own using the ‘Stop, Look. Listen, Stay Alive’ slogan to remind us what to do.  This was a little bit trickier as it was busier but we used our ears carefully to listen for oncoming traffic and were all able to cross the road safely.



A beautiful sunny morning at Robin Wood. The children helped collect wood in preparation for the campfire next week. Other activities included den building, digging, building obstacle courses, bash bash pictures, building animal homes and mini-beast counting.

News from Camp - Wednesday

Wednesday proved to be another busy day for the year 6 campers. They took part in 3 activities: pond dipping, archery and pottery. 

Here’s what some of the children had to say:
“I had to carry my friend through the stream after her boots got stuck- it was hilarious! We also caught 5 fish and a really interesting creature” Imogen 
“A wild, wet adventure!” Lucy 
“Someone got water in theirs boots then it ended up over their head somehow!” Maisie 
“I shot a yellow balloon during archery and the yellow band in the board” Dylan 

The children were given the opportunity to cook their own tea last night - they successfully managed to cook sausage, potatoes and peas over open fires and wash ALL their utensils, pots and pans. 

Later on, some children went on a bat walk and used bat detectors to see where they were. Bat calls are usually pitched at too high a frequency to be audible.
“It was really interesting because the bats kept coming back to certain spots which made the detector go off” Emma 

All the children are looking forward to their penultimate day where they will visit Wells and view the seals at Blakeney by boat.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Language Lessons from Thomas Mills Student

Some of our Year 3-5 children were treated to a German or French lesson from Thomas Mills High school Year 9 language leaders.
They taught some vocabulary and they played a variety of games such as ‘splat’ and ‘noughts and crosses,’ as well as word searches to help the children learn the vocabulary. The children had a lot of fun being taught by these students and we look forward to them returning again next year.

Year 5 Enrichment Day at Thomas Mills

Year 5 participated in an Enrichment day at Thomas Mills High school on Tuesday. 
The theme was Gary Trotter, based on the Harry Potter stories, where they had to complete a series of challenges in order to defeat the evil Lord Mouldywort. The quests included working out the ingredients to magic potions, composing battle music, making wands out of polymorph and wood, designing a house shield, discovering more about the magical creatures and how they could help and completing a physical challenge in order to get clues. 

The children had an excellent day and were a joy to take.

Belated trip news from Nursery

On Friday 14th June Nursery joined with the Reception children and we had a wonderful trip to Aldeburgh. 

We got to go on the big bus, have snack on the beach, watch and listen to the waves breaking on the pebbles, fly kites, visit the Lifeboat station and try on some of their clothes and then enjoy a picnic and some music from the bandstand before walking along the crag path and then catching the bus back to school. 

Mrs Poacher and Mrs Cooper had the challenge of getting all the lifeboat gear on in 30 seconds! It was very tricky and very heavy and hot under all that equipment but I think the children enjoyed seeing us kitted out. 

The children were absolute stars, and we were so proud to be with them all. Thank you for letting us take them out for the day, and thank you to our helpers too!


News From Camp - Tuesday

Today, the children enjoyed orienteering around the site. They navigated their way carefully to locate different points in order to get back to the tent area, encountering sheep, deep mud, streamsand more! 

After a lunch of sandwiches, crisps and fruit, an afternoon of art activities awaited the happy campers. Mrs. Turner and Lucy-May had organised a number of fun activities which included: tie-dye, clay impressions of nature, Andrew Goldsworthy inspired paintings and  a treasure hunt.

A scrumptious meal of sweet and sour chicken and fruit salad kindly prepared by Mr Hart was followed by hot chocolate and production songs around the fire. 
The children (and adults) were ready for a well earned sleep before a busy day of activities to follow on Wednesday.