Friday, 30 November 2018

Christmas Tree Festival - St Michael's Church

Our Worship team visited the Church today to decorate the tree that Greener Fram have contributed to the Christmas Tree festival.  All the decorations have been handmade by the Worship group and are made of recycled cards or paper.

Road Safety Competition

The children have been given the challenge this term of creating a design for a cycle helmet. Here are a few of the entries.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


On Monday 19th November, fifty children competed in a football tournament on the school field. Despite the torrential downpour in the third round, the children enjoyed the challenge and were so positive and cheery. Please see the results below. 

'Let Peace begin with me' assembly

Reverend Mark Sanders delivered an interactive assembly to the whole school based on this half term's theme - Peace.  He focused particularly on peace between friends in which the worship team helped him retell a story.

When the people of 'Maddisonia' and 'George Land' disagreed about the values of strawberries and potatoes compared with milk, cheese and cream  - a minor dispute evolved.  The two lands built walls between them and they were at war.  After some  time, the two lands decided that it was time to talk and that it would be a much better idea to talk to each other to work out a solution rather than to invade each other’s lands. 

As we prayed at the end, we thought about times that we may fall out with our own friends and close family.  We understand the need to talk things through and the need to  learn how to be a good friend.  We prayed that we could put any disputes between us to one side in order to develop and sustain our friendships.  

A very powerful story which we hope many children can reflect upon and build up their friendships and gain peace between each other. 

The warring sides - the people of Madissonia and George Land.

The 'children' from each land suggest ways that they can build their friendships by not building walls but by talking. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Decorations for the Christmas Tree Festival

The Worship Team have been busy making some recycled Christmas Tree decorations for our tree at the Christmas Tree Festival in St Michael's Church that is on from this Saturday.  If you are in Framlingham between now and Christmas, do go along to the Church and take a look at all the trees that have been decorated by different groups from the Town.


On Thursday 22nd November, Seventy-eight pupils competed in a house football festival. This was a much anticipated event. The children looked forward to playing. We noticed lots of encouragement, team-work and positive comments. The results were close, with Mills breaking ahead of Bulstrode in the final round. 


On Thursday 22nd November, eight sports leaders from year five officiated a Football festival. Between them, they prepared, organised and closed the event for Seventy-eight pupils from RH, LC and KVJA. We thank them for their excellent role-modelling. 

Thursday, 22 November 2018


WEEK 4 - Class JC

We started the morning discussing fire safety. The children were able to recall the three elements needed to ignite a fire - heat, fuel and oxygen, we call this the fire triangle.

We laid and lit the fire ready for cooking.

Some of the children then helped to prepare some apples and drop scone mixture to cook ready for snack time.

The children then enjoyed making perfumes, being creative with sticks and other ongoing activities.

To round the morning off we gathered around the fire circle to enjoy drop scones and stewed apple before safely extinguishing the fire. 

Friday, 16 November 2018


On Wednesday 7th November, seventeen boys from year five and six represented the school in a six-aside football tournament at Hartismere Academy. James commented, "we started really well". Tommaso thought, "it was very fun". The boys noted Freddie played excellently. We are very proud of their efforts. 

A-Team Results 

  • 4-0 (W) v Fressingfield
  • 1-0 (W) v Stonham Aspal B 
  • 2-0 (W) v St Boltoph's 
  • 0-2 (L) v SRH Debenham B
  • 2-1 (L) v Stonham Aspal A 
  • 0-2 (L) v SRH Debenham A 
  • 0-2 (L) v Mellis
    Outcome: forth place overall 

B-Team Results 

  • 1-1(D) v Stradbroke
  • 1-1 (D) v  Bedfield
  • 1-1 (D) v Easton
  • 3-0 (W) v Wetheringsett
  • 0-0 (L) v Bedfield 

Outcome: Third place in group 

New Recruits to the Worship Team

We are very fortunate to announce some new recruits to the Worship Team in Upper KS2.  They are looking forward to working with Year 3 /4 group and have some great ideas for our Worship Team.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Home Learning Gets fun!

Year 3 have been producing thoughtful homework on our new 'Tremors' topic. The highlights of this week have been a volcano cake as well as an erupting volcano (baking powder and vinegar provided). We have also had a beautiful mountain range made of clay, Earthquake Survival Kits along with a fact file on a female paleontologist Mary Anning. Thank you for supporting your children in their learning journey!