Friday, 21 September 2018


Week 2 -Class LH

We started the session with a game of 'Eagle Eyes', the children found some great hiding places making it difficult for the eagle to see them.We continued thinking about our senses and focused on touch and smell. The children were asked to find two different textures of tree bark, they recorded their findings by doing rubbings and thinking of words to describe them.

The children then used their sense of smell to create a woodland perfume by collecting natural ingredients and mixing with water.

Ongoing activities were enjoyed throughout the morning.

A big thank you to Ufford Park for donating a trailer full of logs for seating and obstacle building and to Mr Godfrey-Hollins for delivering it to Robin Wood.



A great introduction to Forest School, the children in class LH started the session by exploring the woodland using two of their senses. We listened carefully for different sounds around the woodland comparing natural and man-made. By cupping their hands around their ears the children discovered they could hear more effectively. 

We then used colour swatches to explore different shades of colour throughout the woodland. 

The children enjoyed free play where they made animal homes, built bridges, made cakes in the mud kitchen and went on bug hunts.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Dinosaur evidence found on school field!!

Class LH went on a very exciting trip to find evidence of the dinosaur that had been heard and seen in and around Framlingham over the weekend.  A breaking newsflash alerted us to where she had been seen and various witness statements had been sent in too.   These photographs and statements confirmed the sighting around Framlingham yesterday. 

The children also confirmed that they had heard unusual noises over the weekend and strange whining sounds in the early evening on Sunday!  It was very bizarre but it was now becoming clearer as to what might have happened.  This confirmed our thoughts that maybe the dinosaur had been in and around the school area.  The photos that Mrs Picton had taken when she arrived at work confirmed that the dinosaur had also been on the playground. 

Our mission was to find further evidence of where the dinosaur had been to lay her eggs and  ....   even see her or her eggs!

We found the egg hidden near some bushes and decided it was to keep it safe from predators. 

We used the cameras to take photographs of any further evidence that the dinosaur had indeed visited the field.  We found so much evidence that we felt sure she had been on the field such as a big feather, broken and crushed chalk, leaves and twigs in piles ready for her nest, tunnels and smaller broken egg shells.  It was amazing and very exciting.  We searched around “Robin Wood” and also found huge footprints!

Footprints being measured against a stick - they were huge!

These are a few of the comments about the best bit of our hunt and search this morning:-

Mayeni – “When I saw the trail through the brambles, I thought there’d be a big nest with the little eggs in it.”

Fergus – “I liked looking at the egg and was surprised how big it was.”

Marley – “I enjoyed it when I found footprints and it led to the egg, I was very excited.”

Grace and Tatiana – “We enjoyed finding evidence especially the giant, grey feather which was definitely too big for a bird.”

Amirah – “I liked it when we saw the big egg and wondered if it was going to hatch.”

The smaller eggs found around the area led us to her big nest. 

We wondered if she was using the dead grass to make a nest and maybe got confused by the netting in the football goals.  We realised it wasn't sheltered enough for her either. 

Piles of moss and sticks were found around the area  - maybe she was gathering it to make her nest. 

We're really looking forward to finding out out more about the types of dinosaurs, where they lived, what they ate and their habitats. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Term Starts Thursday 6 September

We are looking forward to welcoming back all our pupils tomorrow and extend a very warm welcome to all the new families joining us this year.