Sunday, 31 May 2020

Nesting Birds in lockdown

During the lockdown period, Miss Whipps has been fortunate enough to witness new life commencing on her window ledge - here is her story:

I expect many of you have seen lots of wonderful things recently, too.  A nest was carefully crafted out of a variety of small twigs by a blackbird (I believe) in order to provide a safe home for the imminent arrival of her babies. 
Usually the nests are made by the female bird, who seemingly shapes them around her own body. She has to utilise her incredible dexterity for this task- her only tool is her beak!  
Soon enough, there were 4 blue eggs.  It seemed such a strange place to position a nest as this ledge is situated next to my stairs, which means that myself and my children travel up and down them frequently. 
Eventually and one by one, they hatched: being able to watch the various stages of growth has been such a privilege. 
About a week and a half ago, the fledglings vacated after being carefully nourished by their parents. Now, there are another 4 eggs in the nest! 
I will keep you updated on their progress. 
Miss. Whipps