Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Maypole Dancers at Great Glemham Fete

A message from the organisers of the Great Glemahm Charities Fete

Dear Jill Pascoe & the SRH Mayploers

Thank you to all the wonderful Maypolers for giving up your time to attend our Charities Fete on 17th June 2017.  The set you performed was wonderfully colourful and very well received. I hope you will appreciate the amazing image attached showing the Maypolers in action.

There were many positive comments and much appreciation of all the hours put into practicing so that such a well-rehearsed set of dances could take place. You helped us to raise an amazing £2804 to be divided between our seven nominated charities below.

We really appreciate you volunteering your services and taking part in the event and hope you might be willing to return another year