Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Miracle of creation

Reverend Martin Dawes came to share the miracle of creation with us during our assembly this afternoon.  

Reverend Dawes started off by showing us a model of a train which the children needed to guess what it was made from.  After many wrong guesses including steel, paper, wood, and metal, he shared with us that it was all made from cardboard.  It was amazing and  in such great detail!  He explained how he had used an instruction manual to help him. 

He then shared with us the miracle of God's creation and talked through each of the seven days of creation and how God had created light, seas, skies, dry ground, lakes, valleys, plants, trees and flowers.  God also then created the sun and the moon, the creatures and finally the people.  God didn't have an instruction manual.  God didn't have a range of materials to use such as the cardboard. 

We are all part of God's creation and we should all endeavour to look after it. 

Monday, 28 January 2019



A beautiful frosty morning at Robin Wood. The children discovered a tree spirit in the magic tree keeping watch over the wood. After investigation we found a note asking for the children's help to create more tree spirits and in return they could have a magic ribbon. The children took up the challenge and produced some wonderful creations using natural materials. We then thought about what we could use the ribbon for and after lots of discussion decided on making magic wands.



After a tool talk on how to safely use loppers, the children chose a stick and a ribbon from the magic tree and with support used the loppers to cut their stick. They then enjoyed decorating their wands.

Some of the children decided to make magic potions too!

The digging area was very hard this morning due to the sharp frost. The children investigated and worked hard to soften the area by adding water creating their very own cement pit. They had great fun taking turns jumping in to it!

Friday, 25 January 2019

Gilder Reflective Garden

A few cheerful photos on a rather damp day, or some of the new items recently added to the Gilder Garden.


Hockey Club

An impressive twenty-eight children have joined Hockey Club! Thank you to our Parent Helpers for their support. We look forward to seeing your progress over the next term. For more information about this club, please visit the office. 

New Art Club - Abstract Art to Music

Just a few images from the Year 5 & 6 Art Club that has started this term with Mrs Watkins.
Here are images of some of the children's abstract art created to music:




Bronze at Sportshall Indoor Athletics 2019

Recount by Isabella,

On Tuesday 22nd of January, a group of years 6's and 5's attended the school games athletics tournament at Thomas Mills High School. There were many events, such as: obstacle relay, standing long jump, relay and many more. There were also some activities that we had never heard of. Like, Speed bounce (were you have a time limit to jump as many times as you can) and over and under relay (were you have to go over and under things). When it came to awards, Mr Parry had already said 6th and 5th when he was about to announce 4th, he said, ' Sir Robert Hitcham Debenham'. We all burst out into cheer when we came in the top 3. We ended up coming 3rd overall. We had great fun and really enjoyed it. 

Recount by Ruby, 

I took part in the hop-skip-jump and the 1 lap relay race and came 3rd. It was really fun, at the end, Framlingham came 3rd and we got a bronze medal and I was really proud.

Recount by Ollie N

I enjoyed all of my races and did well (I thought) at them all. My favourite race was the obstacle relay (the same a Lewis).  

Quarter-Finalists at Portman Road Stadium 2019

On Tuesday, eight boys from year five and six participated in a football tournament at Portman Road. The boys performed brilliantly and made it through to the semi-finals and played Britannia A; another school with a strong sporting legacy. We would like to thank parent helpers for transporting and supporting the boys. 

Recount by Stanley,

On the 22nd January 2019, there was a boys football tournament based at Portman Road. It was a really cool experience being allowed to play next the stadium. Before the tournament, all the schools were put into groups of four. So, we had to play four different schools. We lost one, drew none, and won three; we came 2nd in our group. We were thrilled when we heard we were in the quarter-finals, but not so happy when we were told we were against the best team, and with the biggest goals on the astro! Unfortunately, we lost two nil. All of us were really disappointed but we reached the quarter-finals which was a great achievement! 


On 22nd January, me and seven others went to Portman Road and played in a 6-aside football tournament. We won 3 out of 4 group matches and came second in our group. In the quarter-finals, we played the best team there and lost 2-0. It was really fun and I hope to do something like it again. 

Cross Country 2019

On Monday, forty-nine pupils from years three and four and fifty-six pupils from years five and six participated in a Cross Country run at Framlingham College. This event was due to take place last year but because of rain, was postponed until Monday 21st January. 
The following amounts of pupils (from different schools) ran in each race: 
Yr3 B: 39/Yr 3 G: 39/ Yr 4 B: 53/ Yr 4 G: 43/ Yr 5 B: 63/ Yr 5 G: 46/ Yr 6 B: 56/ Yr 6 G: 52
We are very grateful for the parent helpers who were able to walk to the college with us. 

Thursday, 24 January 2019

LH - Share Session

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to the share session this week.  All the children really enjoyed themselves and sharing their new learning based on the “Land Ahoy!” topic. It was a relaxed atmosphere and all the children (and their adults!) were engaged in a variety of activities.

Amongst the activities that were available were:- Tangram boats, use QR codes to solve maths riddles, “Connect 3” using rounding, symmetry, halving of shapes to create a boat, capacity water activity using standard and non-standard units of measurement, retelling pirate stories using props and story cards, co-ordinate work for treasure islands, jigsaws of maps, painting sea-scapes and making plasticene boats to see how many marbles each boat would take.

Thank you for the comments from parents which included;

  • "Good to see how the learning is integrated through play making learning so much more fun!"
  • "It was lovely to be invited into the classroom to share the things the children enjoy."
  • "There were lots of activities for active learning."
  • "It was lovely to share with the children."
  • "A lovely learning environment"
  • "Scanning the QR codes to workout the Maths questions is a brillliant idea."

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

'Open the book'

Today the 'Open the book' assembly was led by Mark Sanders and was an interactive assembly with the story of the "The boy in the temple" being acted out with the help of some of our children.  

We started by singing "The Three Kings of Orient" which linked back to the last time that the 'open the book' was in just before Christmas.  This linked to Jesus as a baby and then Mark retold the story fast-forwarding to the time when Jesus was twelve years old and got lost.  Mary and Joseph searched for him and found him sharing stories and teachings with the elders in the temple. 

Mary and Joseph asking the crowds if they had seen Jesus.

The elders in the temple with Jesus listening to the teachings. 

Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple and were so relieved to be reunited with him. 

We then prayed and thought about our own families, the important adults in our lives and then also about children who were less fortunate than ourselves and maybe had no families.  

Monday, 21 January 2019

LH mopping up the decks

Class LH needed to help Pirate Pete to find out which cloth would be best to mop the decks of his ship.  We used the cameras to take photos of each other doing the experiments.

We tried two different ways but before we investigated, we all made a prediction about which material would be best for the job: J-cloth, kitchen roll, plastic, or dish cloth.  

Once we made our prediction we worked together to find out which was the most absorbent material. 

We used a pipette to put the same amount of water on to a tray and then placed a square of each cloth on each puddle.  We then measured the diameter of the puddle absorbed up by each material.   The kitchen roll absorbed most of the water up but left the kitchen roll a bit soggy whereas the J-cloth absorbed up all of the liquid.  The dishcloth didn't really absorb any water up and nothing happened with the plastic - it just settled on the top. We recorded our results ready to put into a table. We kept the water the same and the size of the cloth the same to make it a fair test. 

The tray with the testing patches.  

Measuring and recording the diameter of the puddle 

Measuring the water using a pipette. 

We also used a dipping method.  We hung the 1 piece of each material on a brush and made sure they were all level at the bottom.  The kitchen roll and the J-cloth again were the most absorbent but we discussed the differences between them both and decided kitchen roll wasn't strong enough.

Plastic, J-cloth, dish-cloth and kitchen roll after the water had absorbed into the materials  

Setting up the dipping method. 

As a conclusion, we decided that Pirate Pete should used the J-cloth as this would make the best mop as it was the most absorbent and the strongest.   Poppy noticed that some mops are made of the J-cloth type of material.  George wondered if the dish cloth, despite many predicting that it would be the most absorbent, was actually not very absorbent because of the holes in the materials.