Friday, 9 May 2008


Today we have sent out copies of our Ofsted report to all families. We are pleased with a lot of it, and they have said some really good things about us, but you will see from the report that we have been marked down in Maths and told we must do better, and that there has only been “a little headway”. It may not surprise you to know that we don’t agree with this, and that we are in fact hopping mad about it and have made a formal complaint to Ofsted. The evidence shows that progress in Maths is good and we achieve results well above the National average. We believe that our school is a better school than it was at the last inspection, and that the results bear this out. (Have a look at the link to our School Profile from our website.)

The Ofsted system has changed. We were sent one inspector for one day, whereas previously we had a team over several days, and like many other schools who have been subjected to this new system, we don’t believe that an individual can get a full impression of a school like ours in a few hours.

We are waiting for a response to our complaint from Ofsted, but whatever they say we are determined to continue concentrating our efforts on providing the best quality teaching and most exciting lessons for our children.