Friday, 8 May 2009

Class RV on Framlingham History Trail

On Wednesday 6th May Class RV went for a trip round Framlingham for our history topic seeing old and modern buildings such as the Castle, Almshouses, Jefferson’s Well and the church. We were given questions to answer which extended our knowledge.

First we walked along the road to see the Alms houses. We saw some roman numerals above the pump they were AD.MVCLIV. Then we went past the Church, We went up to look at the castle and saw the head at the back in the red bricks, we saw the Readery in Castle Street where the person who used to read the bible to people lived.

We found out a lot about Framingham’s history.
We found out that King Neptune’s head sits on top of Barclays bank, The Queens Head was originally used for bear handlers, The castle pond was used for drowning people who they thought were witches.

Near the Market Hill we saw an old house. We could tell it was old because it had columns outside it.

We loved our round Framlingham, we took lots of photos. Thank you Mr Vaughan and Mr Snowdon for taking us.
By Ella and Emily (Class RV)