Monday, 21 March 2011

Election of Parent Governors

The Voting paper handed out today contains the names of 2 candidates nominated in accordance with the procedures for election. Statements provided by the candidates are set out below. There is one voting paper for each parent irrespective of the number of children from the family on roll at the school.

Mrs Catherine Hill
I have always wanted to be involved in, and make a positive contribution to my children’s school. I hope this has been reflected by my significant involvement with the Friends Committee in recent years. To further my contribution, I would welcome the new role of Parent Governor.

Mrs Sharon Lucas
My name is Sharon Lucas; I have a daughter in Year 5 and a son in Reception. I believe this exciting role is that of a mediator between school and parents. It is essential that, as parents, we can freely communicate with the staff, resulting in a positive relationship between all parties.

Voting slips are to be returned by Tuesday 29 March