Sunday, 20 November 2016

A visit from our 'lollipop lady'

We had a visit from Sharon our lollipop lady on Wednesday and chatted about how to keep safe when crossing the road. We also talked about the special bright clothes that Sharon wears and discovered that they were shiny when a light was shone on them. 
We all practised crossing the road, holding hands with a grown up, looking both ways, listening and waiting for when to cross, as well as walking (not running) across the road. 

We also talked about how important it was to keep safe around roads and cars, walking away on the pavement, away from the kerb edge.
The children were very excited to see Sharon this morning recognising her from her invaluable role helping them to cross the road safely outside our school. We said a big thank you to Sharon for all she does to help keep us safe! Thank you Sharon!