Tuesday, 12 December 2017

LH take a risk!

Class LH started off RISK-IT week with learning how to use 'Lego Education'.  Mr Brook kindly offered to come and show the children  how use the programme and the equipment.  

Firstly, all the blocks, rods and wheels were sorted into the correct compartments.  The programme was then chosen on the laptops and the children chose to make a drumming monkey.  Everyone set to and there was an excellent atmosphere of teamwork, perseverance and determination.  The children followed the instruction video online and built their own drumming monkey debugging as they went to help resolve any problems. 
Each group had a builder, a resource manager and a computer controller.  They all took it in turns to do each job. 

Most groups were successful and managed to find a suitable pot for their monkey to drum on. 

Carefully, following the instructions for the drumming monkey.  

Advising each other about which pieces to take and working out how to debug the parts that were fitted incorrectly. 

Finally, built the drumming monkey and testing it out making it play a pot successfully. 

Finished drumming monkeys - successfully banging pots using the programme.  Some groups even added music and sounds too!

We had a great afternoon and thank you to Mr Brook for sharing his advice and knowledge - Mrs Hall learnt a lot as well as the children and it was great to share the successes around the class.   Some of the comments

Milo - "I loved it! It was an amazing activity.  I would love to do it again!"
Reuben -  "I  really, really enjoyed - I'd like to do it again!"
Sophia - "I liked it - it was a little bit tricky but I really enjoyed it!"