Friday, 29 September 2017

Hitcham's Head Chef - Week 2

This week it was the turn of the puddings! The children joined us with renewed enthusiasm and confidence, buoyed by their successes in the previous week, and were very keen to get started.
They worked carefully and methodically to create their delicious deserts.
We were treated to Raspberry cheesecake, Chocolate pear pudding, Chocolate melting pots, Doughnut french toast with raspberry coulis and home made icecream and Chocolate brownies. Each dish looked and tasted just wonderful and they were created completely independently. Ingredients were measured precisely, baking times checked and extended as required, equipment organised and used well, and decorations applied with precision. Well done everyone!
Huge thanks to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Aldred for their invaluable roles as guest judges this week. An unenviable task to choose between such talented young chefs.
Next week we welcome four new chefs to challenge for the title. We can't wait.