Thursday, 7 June 2018

KS1 Beachcombers head to Felixstowe

Wow – what a perfect way to introduce our new topic - Beachcombers.

On a glorious, sunny day Key Stage 1 arrived in Felixstowe and as we walked down the High Street to the beach, we completed a street survey looking at and comparing the shops and buildings in Felixstowe to those in Framlingham.  During our “Street Detectives” topic we had looked closely at the buildings, shops and street furniture in Framlingham.   We noticed that a lot of the buildings in Felixstowe were different but the buildings in Framlingham seemed older.  We also noticed that there were a lot of shops selling plastic buckets and spades, seaside beach toys and other inflatables.  We discussed the reasons and we worked out that it was because Framlingham is not near the beach. 

When we arrived at the bottom in the pretty gardens, we had a quick game or two with Mrs Colchester – a few people were enjoying watching us as we played ‘Simple Simon’ and ‘Port and Starboard’.  We then had our lunch... and it was only 11.20am!!   After that, we arrived on the beach where we completed a survey about whether we could find natural or man made artefacts.

We then created some environmental art using shells, stones, seaweed, driftwood, and other bits and pieces that we found on the beach.  We loved the beachcombing and can’t wait to create our seascapes scenes of Felixstowe using the shells and stones that we found.  We also examined the outside of the beach huts to get ideas ready to design our own.

Some quotes from the day:-   “I’ve had the best day”; “This was the best trip ever”; “I don’t want to go home!”; “Can we do this every day?” and “I want to come back for 2 days next time” were some of the comments the staff received from the children.

All the staff felt that the children were a real credit to the school and behaved impeccably – we were very proud of their behaviour walking through Felixstowe showing good manners to all those around us.    We had a great day out and it was an exciting and lovely way to introduce our new topic for the summer term. 

Playing "Simple Simon" and "Port and Starboard"

Completing the survey of man-made and natural artefacts.
Environmental art using things found on the beach. 

A sand castle decorated with shells.

A selection of rocks and stones formed into a pattern.

Great teamwork creating a sculpture.

Sand sculptures being created.

Eve's boat designed and made from stones, shells and wood - look carefully - there's even a captain on board and the wind has moved the sails. 

A castle with a moat

Natural and man-made survey being completed. 

A refreshing dip in the sea!

Street survey in Felixstowe comparing it to Framlingham  to find differences and similarities.