Monday, 27 June 2022

Budding chefs in Class LH!!

Class LH have enjoyed a whole day of sandwich making  …. yes…  a whole day to make one sandwich but we have learnt lots of new skills and found about healthy eating along the way, discovering about balanced diets, different food groups and making good choices about how to eat healthily. 

We started off by trying different types of breads (pitta, wholemeal, white, bagel, sourdough and brioche) to find out which bread we wanted to make our own sandwich from.  After that, we sliced cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes, we peeled and grated some carrots and chopped lettuce.  We also tried sweetcorn which created a lovely rainbow plate.  From these salad ingredients, we then chose our own salad to go in our sandwich.   Finally, we peeled and chopped eggs, sliced some ham and then also taste-tested tuna, cheese and houmous. 

Once we had chosen the ingredients for the sandwich, we actually made our own sandwiches after lunch and sampled them.  

It was good to learn new skills such as the arch and claw method to hold the food safely which we were cutting; knowing how to use knives safely; understanding how different foods are good for making healthy choices for sandwiches.   

Well done to everyone in the class who sampled every food – some were a bit reluctant but still gave it a go.  There were some amazing sandwiches created combining different ingredients.  


Friday, 24 June 2022

Sports Day - KS1 & Foundation

The children in Year 2, Year1, Reception & Nursery had a jolly hot afternoon at their Sports Day yesterday.

They did so well and the staff were really proud of how well all of the children took part.

Some photos here from Year 1, 2 & Nursery...

We have over 200 photos to check through before we can add them to the Sports Day gallery - so please check back next week to see the photos then.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

Sports Day - KS2

Children in Year 3 -6 competed for their House in today's Sports Day.

They were cheered on by their parents who were able to watch on our sunny field this morning.

More photos on the Website Gallery

Tuesday, 21 June 2022


It was a very hot morning at Robin Wood but we were lucky to have the cool shade of the trees. The children enjoyed doing some Hapa-zome printing this week, they placed  leaves and petals between fabric and then bashed them with a hammer creating some beautiful patterns.


Monday, 20 June 2022

Banham Zoo Year 5 Trip

The Year 5 children had a fabulous time in the sun at Banham Zoo on Friday.
They enjoyed walking, and going on the train, around the zoo. As an extra treat the children also got to attend a discovery session where they got a hands on experience with a corn snake and other animal artefacts! 
Thank you to all the adults who helped us come together to enjoy such a wonderful day out!

A few images here - more on the school website gallery.

Thursday, 16 June 2022