Friday, 16 July 2021

Our Year 6 Leavers Thanksgiving Service

The children who are leaving us to move up to High School in September gave thanks for their Primary Education in a beautiful service at St Michael's Church this morning.

Rev Chris Davey livened up the service by blessing all the children using a Nerf SuperSoaker!

Year 4/5 @ Hitchfest '21

Mr Jewell & Miss Vaughan's class had a full-on afternoon at Hitchfest on Wednesday. The children dressed in their festival clothes and all looked splendid.

Part of their afternoon was spent making festival headbands and other craft items, those keen to learn some circus skills managed to master plate spinning, diablos and wobble boards.  Mr Jewell mastered he art of getting the bubble machine to work too! Which was thoroughly enjoyed by the classes.

The children all brought a picnic to enjoy on the festival field while the music was played.

To top off the event they all piled into the Forest School photo booth for some dress up fun and photos with their friends. 

More photos on the website gallery.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Year 6 Leavers' Celebration

On Tuesday evening 'Glyndebourne' came to Framlingham for our celebration event as our Year 6 children end their time with us before they move up to high school.

The children were asked to dress up in their smart clothes and the evening consisted of some beautiful singing, some wonderful solo instrumentalist performances and a whole host of memories of their time at school.

Parents were invited to dress up too and bring a rug and picnic to enjoy this time together, socially distanced on the school field.

A fabulous way to celebrate the successes this year group have achieved in their time here.

Miss Whipps and Mrs Webster are very proud of all the children for how brilliantly they performed.  

Well done Year 6! Wishing you all every success for your future!

More photos are on the website gallery & parents will be sent a link to some of the singing videos soon.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Happy Hitchfest for the Year 2 festival goers

Year 2 arrived in excitement in their brightly coloured festival clothes ready for Hitchfest.  

The children started off the morning by making eco-friendly headbands using dried flowers, recycled paper and grasses, which were worn for the event.  

Both classes enjoyed a great picnic followed by an afternoon of fun with the various activities. 

The Lego tent was popular and many children had a go at the giant Jenga.  Most children made friendship bracelets using elder beads and wooden beads either for themselves or for their special friend.  Some budding circus artistes had many circus based skills including the popular diablos and wobble board.  Like any festival, music was played with the children dancing around the bubble machine.  



'Hitchfest' ~ Opening Day

Our lucky Year 1's were the first bubble to experience 'Hitchfest '21' and they all looked like they had a super time on Monday!  

The children had great fun showing off their moves in the 'Dance tent', posing with props in 'Forest Photo Booth', and having a go at all sorts of circus skills in the fabulous 'Circus Tent'.  Not only that, but we also had a bubble machine running!

The children ate ice creams and enjoyed their picnic in the sun shine.

Smiles all round!

Friday, 9 July 2021

Whitwell Day 3 - Wells Beach & Campfire songs

On Thursday, we travelled to Wells Beach to enjoy a packed lunch and play on the dunes and seafront. 

On our journey back to camp, we stopped and enjoyed an ice cream near the campsite. 

Upon our return, the children painted rocks and used watercolours to create a scene of camp. 

We had a lovely evening where Mr. Byer played camp songs and everyone enjoyed a bbq. 

All the camp photos are now on the website gallery.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Whitwell Camp - Day 2

Another packed day for our Year 6.

Today, year 6 took part in a number of exciting activities: orienteering, archery, pond dipping and cook out. 

The cook out was particularly exciting and the children gained valuable knowledge about preparing a fire, cooking sausages and scrubbing pans effectively! 

This evening, the children who wish to watch the England match have been given permission to watch it in the main hall on site with the staff in attendance. 

The teachers are hoping the children are suitably worn out and get plenty of rest in preparation for a busy day tomorrow! 

Thanks to Mr Mulrenan for chopping the fire wood 🤣

Whitwell - Arrival Day

 As you can see the children have already got stuck in to their camp activities - tie-dying with Mr Byer and Camp Sign painting

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

 Whitwell camp tonight …

Class LH are on "Fire"!!

Class LH are on fire and have been working their socks off this week as we have been learning about the 'Great Fire of London'.  They have been finding out about how and when the fire started, what happened during the events and discovering how we know so much about it  from historical facts.  We were able to find out about why the fire spread so quickly due to the wooden houses and we have created a scene from it.


We also wrote a diary entry inspired by Samuel Pepys diary about what it felt like to be in caught in the Fire of London using our senses especially what we could hear, see, feel and smell. There were some amazing diary entries which we wrote on ‘old style’ parchment. 

Some examples of their senses:-

Men were using the long, grey poles called firehooks to pull down the houses.  People were picking up brown, leather buckets and pouring water on the houses. – Wynn

I saw the very bright flames – it nearly made me blind. - Ashton

I feel the heat rushing against my face. – Lily

I heard the terrified people screaming and the dogs barking. – Saskia

I can see the fire getting bigger licking the buildings. – Ruby

The smell is disgusting and getting stronger because it is so warm. – Freddie M-W

We also performed outside a 4-part version of "London's Burning".  

Arriving at Camp!

The children have set up their tents and positioned the ground sheets as well as lacing up to minimise any unexpected water entry!

Lunch has been eaten and this afternoon, Mr. Byer will be showing the children how to tie dye their shirts. 

All appear well and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine.