Friday 16 February 2024

Hooray for Music Assemblies!

As this half term comes to an end, we celebrated in style with one of our wonderful music assemblies.

A huge thank you to all our musicians who took part - you were such impressive and fabulously confident performers.

 Hopefully, many others have been inspired to take part next time.

Some of the boys in Class VW have formed a Rick Club! What an uplifting performance they gave us of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley! Many members of staff were definitely singing along with this one! This was great boys, thank you!

Mrs Blouet is our wonderful Woodwind and Brass teacher. Having heard her pupils perform last in December, it is really lovely to hear the progress they have made in such a short amount of time. We were treated to flutes, recorders and a saxophone. They played some tricky pieces with musicality and skill. 

Thank you to Mrs Blouet and her pupils for your terrific performances today.

This is a recording of our two talented recorder players performing Gypsy Dance

Thank you to Megan Peel for her work with Class SB/JA and to the Phoenix Singers for supporting all she does in our school. They performed three songs brilliantly and clearly loved doing so. They sang with great joy, gusto and with super musicality. 
Bravo to you Class SB/JA, you were fab! 

And finally, to our newly formed hand chime lunch club. They have been working hard with Mrs Venton and learnt two pieces to play to us. They followed their conductors with accuracy and played really well. We are hoping they may be able to play Happy Birthday in some of our Friday assemblies. Great work Team Hand Chimes!

Thank you to all our performers for an excellent music assembly. You sent us out of the hall with joy in our hearts. Perhaps all of Framlingham heard SRH break into song!

Thursday 15 February 2024

Love is in the air!

With great excitement, our poetry competition took place this morning.  

The theme for Key stage 2 was “Love”.  The standard was incredibly high and every class had listened to previous judges’ comments.  Mrs Cann had the really tough job of judging today but was really impressed with by the high standard across all classes.  The range of genres within the KS2 poetry recital included a sonnet, a verse from the bible, a prayer, a comedic poem and other meaningful poems.  The Key Stage 2 winners were Class VW who recited 43 sonnet “How do I love thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Mrs Cann praised their clear expression and dynamics.

The theme for Key Stage 1 was “Seasons” and once again Mrs Cann found it incredibly hard choosing the winner as they all recited their poems together, used great rhythm and every word could be heard.  The winners in Key Stage 1 were Class MB and Mrs Cann loved their actions, they were in unison and she reminded everyone watching them, that some of them are only 4 years old!!!

We also had a treat as some of nursery joined us and enjoyed watching too.

The Spring half term winning class in Foundation and Key Stage 1 is Class MB (Reception). Listen to their poem here: Class MB's poem 

The Spring half term winning class in KS2 is Class VW

Listen to their poem here: Class VW's poem

Crêpes for MS

To help us with our French conversation skills, and because it was Shrove Tuesday, Miss Dineen created a French patisserie in our key stage 2 kitchen. We had to ask for a crêpe in French; selecting sugar (sucre), lemon (citron) or both.

"It was really yummy and Miss Dineen is a great chef." Lucas

"We had to say 'Je voudrais une crêpe Avec des sucre et citron' in order to be given a pancake." Alex and Ella-Rose.

Catering Team - Chinese New Year

Vertas Eats Catering gave a shout out to our school catering team for their Chinese New Year Menu from last week:

Headteacher appointment

Top of the League

After the success of MS, VW got the bit between their teeth to secure 1st and 2nd place on the world Maths Shed league! Well done to the children for their hard work. 

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Tractor in School!

Year 3 & 4 had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Over, Farm Manager at Westrope Farm, and his amazing tractor!

We had prepared questions for him which he kindly answered and we found out many facts about farming life.

Thomas brought many products with him that he grows on his farm including carrots, parsnips and potatoes.

The best part was working out which seeds matched the end product especially the sweetcorn!

‘I never knew carrot seeds were green and how big sugarbeet grew!’ Walter 

‘Thomas has eight acres of land to farm’ Arthur

‘Thomas said it was his smallest tractor but it was huge!’ Bea

Many thanks to Thomas for inspiring us to find out about farming life and where our food comes from.

Cyber Safety information sessions

Year 5 and Year 6 listened to a talk from Suffolk Police about Cyber Safety and how to stay safe online.
It was a very informative and interesting presentation - both children and staff learnt a lot!
The children learnt about passwords and what phishing is. They were told how personal data is gathered from the environment around us, even from 'smart' technology at home, and also how some people can benefit from this in a malicious way. The children also found out about digital footprints, social engineering and digital hygiene.
In the evening, Suffolk Police shared a similar message with our parents and also included a lot of other information about cyber security, uses of social media and how information, photos and data can be harvested and used.
Thank you to Chris for such an informative, interesting and eye-opening evening.

Book Sale - 8 March 2024

Monday 12 February 2024

Disco Fun

Thank you to the brilliant Friends and all the volunteers who put on two fantastic Discos for the children on Friday. 

It looked like so much fun was had by all the children attending!

Bubble machines, tuck shop, pop corn, tattoos, and a glitter station all proved to be big hits.  New this year was a fabulous fun photo booth for KS2 which was really popular!

We hope all the children had a great time!

Maths Shed- MS gets into the World League!

On Friday, Miss. Whipps announced the winners of the weekly Maths Shed class certificate. 

We also celebrate all the children across the school who have been logging on and accessing Maths Shed to improve their number and fluency skills. 

Very excitedly, Class MS not only achieved the weekly school certificate for the greatest number of log- ons but came a fantastic 54th in the World league, competing against children from all over the globe. 

We are incredibly proud of the class for all their hard work! 

MathShed enables children to practise critical maths skills that they are coming across. 

The low-stakes games and quizzes ensure that children enable the learning of core skills to be fun and engaging and are vital for improving confidence within the subject.  

Friday 9 February 2024

Class JT - Chinese New Year celebrations


This week, class JT have been celebrating Chinese New Year. Writing and saying numbers to 10 in Chinese has been quite a challenge! As 2024 is the year of the dragon, we have completed lots of activities incorporating dragons. Today in PE, Class DR joined us to perform a dragon dance. We learnt that the longer the dragon the more luck it will bring. Also, we enjoyed some fortune cookies and were pleased when they revealed we would have success in whatever we adopt.

A 'venerable' treat for the school!

Reverend Chris Davey introduced The Venerable Rich Henderson, Archdeacon of Suffolk,  Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich to the school in assembly this morning.  It was a privilege to welcome him to the school community and he talked about this role overseeing 212 churches across East Anglia.  He also spoke fondly about the interesting work that he undertakes including supporting and advising the churches, visiting schools and other groups. 

Angus then was invited up to try on the robes that he wears.  Angus said they were very heavy so imagine wearing them all day!


Thursday 8 February 2024

Chinese New Year Lunch

Delicious aromas were coming from the dining hall today as Mrs Aldred & her team created a special menu to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The children were tucking into Sweet & Sour Chicken (or Quorn) with noodles & egg fried rice, followed by a yummy Banana & Sticky Toffee pudding.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Inspiring change?

Class HHMBr have been working really hard on all their safer internet day tasks.

We understand what to do when there is a problem with something we have seen online and  know the ‘report  save  block’ approach if there is an issue.

We also watched the BBC live programme all about staying safe online.

Friday 2 February 2024

Habitat Hunting!

Today, HHMBR were lucky enough to spend some time in the sunshine and experience some super Science learning. 

We ventured off to Robin Wood to further explore our Science topic. 

We were seeing if we could locate, identify and name organisms in their natural habitats at this time of year.  We immediately were able to hear the birdsong and see birds in the hedges and trees.  Under every log we were able to find something: a spider, woodlouse, ant, worm and may more. 

Everyone was beautifully behaved and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Even the ladybirds were enjoying it out there!