Monday, 7 June 2021

Wow - what a great day Year 2 had in London!

To launch our new topic 'Bright Lights, Big City', Year 2 have enjoyed a trip to London (albeit a virtual trip!).  

The children came dressed in red, white and blue and have completed a variety of activities based in and around London throughout the day.  

Both classes enjoyed finding out how to do a cockney dance, the 'Lambeth Walk'.  Learning the routine, slapping our legs and shouting the 'Oy' at the end of each section was great fun.   (See the video posted earlier in the day).   There was some great strutting going on as we all enjoyed the dance routine.  

Both classes were given their own 'Oyster' card for the day and so had to scan into the computer suite to be allowed on the underground to go to the London Eye.  From here, the children enjoyed panoramic views of London, both day and night views, but were also able to visit a wealth of famous landmarks and find out more about the insides of some of these beautiful buildings looking at their ceilings, furniture and other exciting things such as the artefacts in some of the museums. The "wow" when the children found the night views was magical and they really enjoyed seeing the night lights and the panorama.

Scanning in to the suite using the Oyster cards.

The children used the tablets and computers to find their way around London using a virtual London website.  Maps were used to help give the children an idea of where things were in relation to the London Eye. 

The children have all made models of one of the London landmarks.  True resilience was needed and all the children persevered and were able to finish, or nearly finish, their models.  They proved a little trickier than originally planned but great teamwork was shown and those that finished went to help their friends.  

              Preparing London Eye and Big Ben                                  Buckingham Palace

The Tower Bridge

After such a busy day in London, I think we'll all sleep well tonight!!  It was great fun and a fantastic way to start our new topic for this term.