Friday, 7 January 2022

Class LH had a puzzling afternoon!

Class LH have had a most enjoyable afternoon solving a variety of different jigsaw puzzles of various size, shape and numbers of pieces.   Without exception, everybody was showing great teamwork and resilience and most groups found the strategy of finding the outside edge pieces first really helped.  The class were split into mixed random groups and worked so well together, listening carefully and liaising about all the pieces and persevering if the piece they had did not fit first time!  Once they had finished one, they changed groups and puzzles and just kept going.  It was such a lovely afternoon and so lovely to see the whole class engaged in a great activity.

Evie said that it felt so good when she had finished it.  Oliver commented that he had really enjoyed the afternoon and Viviana shared how she had really loved doing it and working through even the tricky bits.

I’ve got to say that all the adults in the class were really getting into it too!! 

Well done everyone from a very proud Mrs Hall!