Thursday, 17 January 2008

Chess matches

Robert Hitchams chess club is now putting out 3 chess teams to play against other schools.
Last week the B Team went to the other side of Ipswich to Holbrook primary as part of the Woodbridge chess tournament. Our team had 6 players (5 from year five : Alfie, Harry, Luke, Charlie and Duncan and 1 from year 6: Jake).
Robert Hitchams got off to a good start when Duncan captured Holbrook's number 5 with a quick checkmate. Straight after that Holbrook bounced back when capturing Jake with a misunderstanding in the pieces. Then disaster struck, a 5 minute checkmate from Holbrook's number 2 against Harry. From then on things just went further downhill for Robert Hitchams as one by one players fell to Holbrook,s.
In the end Holbrook won by 5 to 1 with Duncan being our only winner. After the match we all had a large snack including drinks, mini pizzas and sandwiches. "It was worth coming just for the food", said Alfie and Charlie.

by Alfie and Duncan