Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Poems

Some of our Key Stage 2 children having been writing some Christmas poetry for a bit of fun.
Here are some of their poems.
You can listen to this one by Mark in year 5.

Santa woke up early

He got up out of bed

He went to visit Rudolph

But Rudolph, he had fled

Santa, he was worried

Thinking of his mate

He went to find poor Rudolph

But hoped he wasn't late

He found his mate, poor Rudolph

Skiing down a slope

He crashed into a tree. Oh no!

He's okay. I hope

Santa took poor Rudolph home

Rudolph's friends were pests

They were having a party

And there were carrot thefts

Rudolph and his friends

Got tied to the sleigh

They got there in the morning

He said, "Oh no. It's day"!

This poem is by Alfie from Class DB. It is in a limerick form.

There was a man called Santa

His reindeer set off at a canter

He jumped in his sleigh

He shouted "Hooray!"

Then he sat down to watch setanta

There was a man called Santa

Who liked to bathe in fanta

One day his taps broke

So then he used coke

And his friends gave him lots of banter

One day Santa jumped on his deer

In his hand was a nice glass of beer

He fell off on ice

It didn't feel nice

He cried as he damaged his ear.