Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Classes DB &GM do Rocket Science!

Our two year 5/6 classes were invited to Thomas Mills High school for a whole day of activities called: "Rocket Day". The children had to make a rocket (in the Science lab with a teache called Mr Einstein) which was able to go at least 40 feet in the air. The rocket had to be able to get over a force field around Thomas Mills High School in order to send a message to the outside world. Some children are being trapped in the school and forced to become teachers! The children had to make an angle measurer (in the technology room with Bob The Builder) in order to calculate how high the rocket travelled. They also worked with an English teacher (Shakespeare's sister) to write articles about the scadal for a newspaper.

Watch the film below to see the children making a rocket flight measurer in the technology room.

Watch this film to see the children's rockets in action.