Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bin Raiders

On the 1st of February 2010 the whole school watched the Quantum theatre production, The Bin Raider. It was about saving energy to help stop pollution around the world.
It started with a program talking to two space aliens The Bin Raider and spick and spam, The Bin Raider was sent to Earth to help a school on Earth to recycle more. The spaceship crashed at the school and met a girl called Courtney who wanted to help bin raider get the message around to recycle, reuse and reduce their rubbish. Bin raider sang us a song about recycling.
Then the play developed into a frenzy about recycling. When the headmaster found out about the alien (Bin Raider) in the school he went mad, he sent out a search party and was singing with the crazy caretaker Biggins.
Then they told us about global warming and needed some volunteers from the audience. Isabella B as the sun, Zac W as the earth and Millie G as the clouds of gas. The play was very enjoyable due to the humour we all had a really fun afternoon and learnt a lot.

By Hollie and Olivia (class DB)


Watch this video - it has a song we learnt from the play.