Monday, 20 July 2015

‘Introduction to New Class and Teacher’ Session Dates for Parents

·         Each session will be held in the NEW CLASSROOM LOCATION (see map) and should only last 15 minutes
·         For all 2:40pm sessions the children will be in the hall for assembly or in another classroom
·         For sessions at 3:10 parents should collect their children from the playground, and take them to the room detailed where they will watch a DVD while you go to the new class for the meeting.

Date                                 Time                      Class      Year                  Take your children to wait here:
Monday 14 Sept           2:40-3:00pm       JC            (year 2)                               
                                        3:10-3:30pm       LC           (year 1/2)                classroom KM
Tuesday 15 Sept           2:40-3:00pm       JA           (year 4/5)
                                        3:10-3:30pm       PL           (year 4)                   classroom VW
Wednesday 16 Sept    2:40-3:00pm       PA/SB   (year 6) 
                                        3:10-3:30pm       DB          (year 6)                  classroom PA/SB
Thursday 17 Sept         2:40-3:00pm       PS           (year 3)                               
                                        3:10-3:30pm       AB          (year 1)                  classroom JC
Friday 18 Sept              2:40-3:00pm       SC           (year 3/4)           
                                       3:10-3:30pm       VW         (year 5)                   classroom PL