Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Calves Close Up!

On Wednesday,  Roger and Emma from ‘Farm2Form’, Iken caused great excitement in the playground at Sir Robert Hitcham’s School in Framlingham when they arrived with three six month old Lincoln Red calves in the outdoor ‘learning zone’.    
The focus of the day was to support the current Geography topic of farming and the year 3 and year 4 children were able to spend time with the calves finding out about their welfare and asking questions to find out more about other livestock on the farm. 

Alongside this hands-on practical experience, three other class-based activities were used providing agriculture as a resource.  
The children were able to explore the seasonal crop rotation discovering what products are made from which crops; to examine the stages of milk being produced from a dairy herd addressing the vital processes needed and what other farm animals provide, and finally, to consider “A day in the life of a farmer” in which many children were amazed at the 4am start for most farmers finishing mid-evening!