Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bressingham Day

The children in Foundation - classes CH, KM and Nursery enjoyed a wonderful trip to Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens on Wednesday.
They were thrilled by the huge engines, wowed by the royal train and excited by the rides on the trains and the carousel. They spent time looking at the old vehicles in the Exhibition Hall and talking about how things had changed, particularly enthralled by the fire engine and postal train. The miniature railway was a huge hit, especially when the children recognised the characters from Thomas the Tank Engine coming round the track, and the children even got the chance to visit an old signal box and to see a steam roller caravan.
The beautiful gardens were a joy to explore and a wonderful place for lunch. We had a fabulous day together, huge thanks to everyone concerned.

Mrs Mawson, says “Our children were wonderful ambassadors for our school and I had an amazing day with them all. We wanted to see how many of our class it took to hug a tree – all of us, in fact!... and we discovered a tiny little frog underneath the bridge in the stunning gardens.”