Friday, 24 June 2016

European Union Referendem

Earlier this week, children in JA and VW  had the opportunity to go through a dry run of yesterday's landmark vote that will affect the country’s electorate.
We watched a presentation about this subject.  We looked at both sides of the debate as to whether or not we should remain in Europe. It was extremely interesting when we considered the impact of leaving or staying in the E.U.

The children had the chance to cast a ‘stay’, ‘out’ or 'abstain' vote marked on pieces of paper and then counted when the voting closed. 
The  referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. 
The majority voted for the country to stay in Europe. 
The results were:  
   LEAVE: 17
   STAY: 38

Our mock referendum was both a serious and fun way of raising awareness on a historic decision that will have far reaching consequences for all citizens, especially young people.  It was a very interesting lesson and everybody learned a great deal.

Today, it seems our views and the result do not reflect the feelings of the real life voters.