Thursday, 19 January 2017

Land ahoy!

Good day me hearties!  Captain Greybeard left a message for class LH this morning that he had hidden a box of treasure and jewels for us to find.  He’s asked us to look after it whilst he searches for his parrot – which if you happen to see it has a long, black, curled beak! 

Captain Greybeard left the cryptic poem with clues about where the treasure would be hidden.  Once we found it hidden under the Jolly Roger flag, there was a letter written on parchment to ask us to look after it.  He told us about how he had been marooned and that some of our ‘messages in bottles’ had helped him. 

We then took the treasure box back to class where we opened it to find out what the loot was that he had left.  There were some gold doubloons and some fancy jewels in earrings and rings!

We used this experience to begin to plan our pirate stories and think about the characteristics and appearance of many pirates.  We’ll keep you updated but in the meantime if you see his parrot, it only says one thing – “Captain Goldfinger.”