Thursday, 26 January 2017

Marooned pirates make kebabs!

Ahoy there, me hearties!! I've marooned my crew on a desert island!! Well - they weren't following rules so they've had to work hard to find food! They were feeling hungry and so have decided to examine a variety of fruit to work out which ones they would put on a kebab.

Firstly, Class LH looked at the journey the fruit travelled on and why the historic pirates would have chosen local foods from around the world to eat.

The children learnt how to hold the fruit using the 'claw' and the 'arch' method for cutting safely. Once the fruit was cut up:- the stones were removed from the plums; the kiwi, the orange, the melon and the pineapple had their skins removed; the apple and the pears had their cores removed; the banana was peeled and chopped and the grapes were cut into quarters. The children then all tried the different fruits and decided which ones they wanted to put on their kebabs. There was a great list of adjectives used to describe the fruits such as tangy, tasty, juicy, squidgy, bitter, sweet, sour, fleshy and crunchy.

After that, the pirates made their fruit kebabs and evaluated them using detailed and well-thought out ideas. They really thought carefuly about how they would improve them next time and this was a valuable lesson for them all.

Luckily, the pirates were all able to find some fruits for their kebabs so on this occasion none of the marooned pirates starved!!!

Captain Longbeard