Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Farm Fair report

On the 20th of April the year 3 and 4 children went to Trinity Park in Ipswich to go to a Farm Fair just for schools.
When we got there we were split into groups to go off together and do some different activities. Some of the activities were: honey tasting, milking a fake cow, holding rabbits and guinea pigs and even watching gun dogs and Suffolk Punch horses. Some people even held dead animals such as: ducks, rabbits, pheasants and even squirrels! But they had to wear gloves. That was organised by the wild meat company.
At the show there was a deer which was a very rare breed and her name was Molly. There was also a little stand which was called soil my pants! The most popular activity was probably the tractor ride because you got to sit in the back of a tractor and watch the animals out of the window. There were more sheep than any other animal. In fact we think it was the only animal that you could see out of the window!
We all really enjoyed our day at the Farm Fair.

By Georgie and James, the class reporters for class PL/KV