Thursday, 27 April 2017

Key Stage 1 - Church visit - LH, JC and AB

On Wednesday afternoon, year 1 and year 2 (LH, JC and AB)  visited St Michael’s Church, Framlingham  to share and conclude our topic of ‘The Great Prayer and Worship adventure’.  There were five areas of prayer which we have been learning about: praise, worship, thanks, sorry and help.  We discovered what they meant to us as Christians.  

When we arrived at the church, the children were put into 5 mixed class groups and each group took turns on the carousel of activities; each activity related to each type of prayer. 

Praise –  we rejoiced in the praise psalms and shared our praise psalms that we had written.

Thanks – studied the ‘Grace’ as we shared our afternoon snack and gave thanks to God for all our food and all the good things that we have.

Worship – we prayed about how we worshipped God and rejoiced by singing and dancing to celebrate.

Forgiveness – we thought about times when we had done something we weren’t pleased with and that we were sorry about. We wrote our prayer down on a whiteboard and then wiped the boards clean representing God forgiving us and having a fresh start.

Help -  we shared prayers that had written asking God for help in times of need.  We made a candle as a symbol of this prayer.

We had an action-packed afternoon and it was great to share all the different types of prayers with each other from the other classes.
Grace - prayers for thanks 

Worship - singing and dancing to rejoice

Candle making - asking help for others 

Sorry - asking God for forgiveness

Praise - sharing psalms

Thank you to all the parents who kindly made this trip possible by walking to the church with us. The children enjoyed the experience of working with children from other classes.