Thursday, 8 February 2018

Amazing Stargazing

Today, Year 5 were lucky to receive a visit from Mr. Gwynn,  STEM ambassador. 
The children were absolutely fascinated by the knowledge he shared about Space, and asked a range of detailed questions- here a small selection of them:
  • Jacques- What will happen if two black holes collide?
  • Maisie- How did the Milky Way come to be in existence?
  • Elizabeth- Why can’t the Moon be classed as a planet?
  • James- If humans had first been on another planet, could they have adapted to breathe other gases in order to survive there?
  • Henry- When 2 galaxies collide, will they form a new galaxy?
  • Rory- What will happen when the Moon slowly drifts away?
  • Lucy- Could Earth have another Moon?

Mr. Gwynn shared his extensive knowledge with us; we learnt that Jupiter acts like a huge vacuum cleaner due to its size and the strength of gravitational forces pulling in debris. We found out about our ‘neighbour’ galaxy, Andromeda, and heard about stars being recycled to form new stars. A fascinating morning enjoyed by all!