Thursday, 8 February 2018

Online safety parents session

The NSPCC presented an online safety workshop for parents this morning.  It was an informative session which gave parents advice and tips in empowering themselves on how to help their children stay safe online.  

During the session, the top 'apps' which are used regularly by children were shared  - many surprises as to the variety of apps and how some had changed their icons too!  A discussion about where to go to source advice and help for parental settings and how to start off conversations with children were also shared.   Advice was given on showing and talking to the children about how to block or report an issue.  There is a link to the CEOP report icon on our school website.

Within our school, staff and support staff are trained and kept up to date regularly and all the children are reminded about being share aware.   We are committed to keeping our children safe online.  As mentioned this morning,  the children are taught how to behave on the playground, they know the boundaries and they know what to do if they are not happy and so this ethos should apply online.  The children are taught how to behave appropriately on line; they are told about the boundaries of staying safe online and this should be an area the children can discuss openly with carers and parents who listen to their concerns.  Finally, the children should know what to do if they have a problem. 

The NSPCC are coming to do some workshops and assemblies in the summer term with the children to reinforce this message too.  

Thank you to those that came and received the information and also for your continued support in working with the school to ensure your children are kept safe online.