Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Egg investigation

Yesterday we did an activity in Nursery comparing hen eggs and duck eggs. We looked closely and touched the shells, talking about what was the same and what was different and thinking about the size and colour. The children then made a prediction of what might be inside the eggs. 
We then cracked open the eggs and looked at the yolk and the white. Two of the eggs had been cooked in boiling water so they were hard boiled and we talked about the changes from a runny liquid to solid and a clear white to a white white. We also felt the hard boiled eggs and the children were excited to see the yolk inside when I cut them in half. We used the language comparisons soft and hard, rough and smooth, hot and cold, liquid and solid and also used the language slippery, runny, yolk and white. 
At the end of the day we cooked the eggs in the microwave to make scrambled eggs and enjoyed tasting them!