Thursday, 22 March 2018

Road Safety -

As part of our work on Street Detectives, we have been around Framlingham looking at the road signs, markings and how to cross a road safely. We learnt how to cross via the Zebra Crossing looking and listening all the while, we know how to find a safe place to cross.  We talked about what the bumps on the pavement mean at various places to cross, we looked at various different signs and found several signs around the school indicating it was a school and that "Twenty is plenty."

The Junior Road Safety officers also came to talk to the children about the importance of Road Safety. 

Following on from this, class JC and class LH interviewed our school crossing patrol person as we had lots of questions we wanted to ask her about her job and how she keeps us safe crossing the road.  Does she have training?  Why does she wear fluorescent clothing? Do you like your job?