Monday, 23 April 2018

"Budding" photographers

Today was the start of the photography club for a new group - Year 2.  The children examined the cameras and talked about the different functions of all the buttons.  They then had a practise with their partners using the zoom button - in and out and getting used to holding the camera without it wobbling to take a photo.   

After this, the children set off in earnest to the trees on the front playground to photograph some of the buds and the flowers which were just developing.  The children were very proud of their close up photos as it was quite tricky in the gentle breeze.  They used the zoom function to get a real close up of their chosen buds or flowers.  

Some of the children also took photos of the daisies and dandelions on the ground, and the bark on the trees with all the undulating textures.  

We then all chose our favourite close up photo that we had taken and had a "walking gallery" where we looked at our best photos.  We talked about why and how they made a good close up photo.  

A great start to the budding photographers!