Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Year 5 Pharaoh Topic

To conclude our ‘Pharaoh’ topic, year 5 completed a carousel of activities on Friday morning. 
The children made flat bread with dips, experimenting with different flavours. 
They conducted some research on Cleopatra VII, finding out about her life and different stories about her death. 
Finally, the children got into small groups and were posed with the following question: animals with long life expectancies have longer gestation periods. They had to hypothesise as to whether they thought this was true or not, giving reasons and supporting their statements with known examples. They were then given a set of data and asked to draw comparative bar charts. We talked about how the life expectancy may differ for a wild animal compared to a captive/ domesticated animal, and evaluated the investigation design. We concluded that using the data we had in front of us, the statement was quite generalised and that it would have been helpful to compare specific breeds of a certain animal.