Friday, 11 May 2018

Class LH "wriggle and crawl" in Robin Wood!

Class LH visited Robin Wood this morning as part of the introduction to the new topic “Wriggle and Crawl” to find mini-beasts.   

First of all, we talked about the habitat and the environment that mini-beasts live in.  We looked under logs, in bushes and in trees and found a huge range of millipedes, centipedes, beetles, woodlouse, slugs, worms, and ants.  We used an identification chart to work out the name and type of the mini-beast – this was especially useful when we were identifying the millipedes and centipedes! 

We took photos of them in their habitats too and also of some of the bug pots which we had collected them in.   We thought about how many legs they had, how they moved, did they have eyes or feelers, the size, how many body segments there were.  We clearly identified the beetle having an exoskeleton and talked about the fact that mini-beasts are invertebrates. 

Searching in the undergrowth.

Heads down - great teamwork!

A small collection of worms, millipedes and centipedes. 

Working well in pairs finding beetle and millipedes.

Using the identification cards to record our findings.